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Dressing room interior in style

Recently, in a funny way , it is often said that the completion of a style is the face . However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the style starts from the closet where the clothes are stored. The interior of the dressing room, which not only keeps clothes clean, but also heightens the mood of the wearer from the moment of choosing clothes, is also considered a fashion item for fashionistas who value their own style.

Today, let’s take a look at the beautiful dressing room interior where you want to show off your fashion to the fullest, and find ideas for choosing a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.

Glass box where fashion comes alive

This is a studio type apartment with both a bedroom and a bathroom in one space. At a glance, a man in a stylish suit and sunglasses will pop out of nowhere. There is no doubt that this space is inhabited by someone with his own lifestyle and fashion sense. In general, white is the basic color, but the ceiling is decorated with dark gray and only a few soft lights are used to create a sensuous space. Standing boldly in the center of this space, this dressing room surrounded by glass on all sides catches the eye of the beholder at once. The shimmer of the glass makes any clothes hang splendidly. If you are a clothes lover, this is the dressing room interior you should try at least once.

The glass mirror that reflects me

Another dressing room made of glass is waiting for us here. However, you can quickly notice that this mirror is different from the transparent glass introduced earlier. In front of this glass wall that has been lightly coated to give it a mirror-like feel, I can choose my clothes to my heart’s content while illuminating my whole body. In the dressing room, the exterior of the wall or wardrobe is often used as a full glass mirror, but it can give a feeling of suffocation because you cannot see through the mirror, or it can give a complicated feeling with too many things being reflected. Rather, it would be a good interior tip to take advantage of both mirror and glass through translucent glass.

My own space reminiscent of a Broadway dressing room

The round lights shining brightly around the mirror are reminiscent of the dressing room of the main character in a Broadway musical. The confidence shown on the faces of noble women printed on the walls of the dressing room makes us imagine that the owner of this wardrobe would be similar. Furniture in beige tones with low saturation adds subtle beauty, and several bags decorated to face the front stand upright as if boasting each other’s beauty.

Stylish dressing room that looks like a famous select shop

It is a dressing room where you can feel a strong personality that needs no further explanation with just the red color that fills the entire space. At first glance, this place creates the illusion of visiting a famous select shop, and thanks to the vivid colors of the walls and furniture, it has the advantage that it does not look too messy even when clothes of various colors are hung frantically. It is the hidden charm of this dressing room that the mood is heightened no matter what clothes you wear with a gorgeous space design.

New Yorker dressing room with a sensational night view

The night view of the Brooklyn Bridge that fills the front of the wardrobe gives the feeling of being in New York. It is a simple black and white room, but this night view photo creates a sensuous space. In addition, the glass-shaped lighting hanging from the ceiling seems to depict a drinking glass hanging in a pub in New York. If you are a person who is burdened with the design of a dressing room in which clothes appear outside, try using a large print interior that hides the space but doubles the aesthetic effect.

An old-fashioned closet with a wide range of Korean paintings

Here is a Spanish front-print wardrobe that is quite different from the dressing room introduced earlier. A Korean painting with beautiful red autumn leaves filled the space on white drawing paper, and a flowerpot with red flowers was placed in front of it, adding a three-dimensional feeling. In order not to interfere with the painting, the width of the sliding door was designed to be large, and the molding part was also made of dark wood to enhance the work ability. it may be dismissed as an interior that older people will like, but considering the fact that you can often see European interiors that maximize oriental feel recently, it is expected that this will be a dressing room with the sense of a homeowner who is more sensitive to fashion than anyone else. you can guess

Space-saving storage cabinet using hexagonal wall

The most important function of the dressing room is storage . If this part is not satisfied, it becomes a space that loses its basics. In the case of a residential type like Korea where it is difficult to have a separate dressing room, it is common to fill one wall with a wardrobe. The bright emerald light in the middle of the door divided by the wooden frame gives a slightly old-fashioned feel, but it blends well with the color of the bedding and gives a sense of safety overall. If you are considering a built-in wardrobe instead of using ready-made furniture, it would be good to choose a place with an unusual design on the wall to create a wardrobe with such a distinctive character.

A home in a house, your own dress house

This dressing room with a fresh, pointed roof-shaped space design gives the impression of creating another house within the house, and that the space itself is an independent structure. If it hadn’t heightened the atmosphere of the space by shooting bright lights on the ceiling, it might have given the feeling of a warehouse in a factory. A hanger is installed in the lower part of the wide area to organize long clothes, and the space that gets narrower as it goes up can be used to store folded clothes one by one. And in the deepest part of the dressing room, a small mirror, a shelf, and a stool were placed to become a simple dressing table. If you are a fashion person who wants to organize a lot of clothes neatly, this is a design worth considering.

Lettering with simplicity

Recently , it is often seen that young people put up signs in various parts of the room, such as toilets and conference rooms, playfully stating the purpose of the room. The moment I first saw this dressing room, I burst into laughter and it must have been because I looked around this room as an extension of that image. Like the several dressing rooms introduced earlier, a separate space was created in which a narrow bedroom was divided by a wardrobe, and a small sense was added by using the lettering on the wall called DRESSING . For some reason, it feels like the owner of the room in jeans and a plain plain T-shirt is walking out.

Self Dressing Room Ideas

Recently, as more and more people want to have a dressing room, it is often seen that the first thing to start with is to purchase a wardrobe that fills the wall. However, bulky wardrobes hinder the use of space and can become a hindrance to interior changes in the future.

Self Dressing Room Ideas | his chic wardrobe

The light gray wall gives a sophisticated feel, and this wall is a chic business man’s wardrobe. This storage space, equipped with a shelf wide enough to hold a suitcase, has the advantage of being able to expand laterally as the clothes stretch. This is a simple yet stylish dressing room that office workers, who mainly wear suits, can dream of.

Self Dressing Room Ideas | her dark wardrobe

Although the above products were used, the color of the wall and the light blue color cabinet placed below create a cool and neat atmosphere overall. Using a basket of the same color as the shelf, you can maintain a unified interior with small items unique to women. If you use point wallpaper or picture frames to decorate the wall colorfully, it will be an idea enough to express your personal taste.