Single-family homes

Single-family homes Best Interior Designer near me

Single-family homes

Our home is the place where we feel at home. It is the basis of our existence, offers us protection and comfort, and you come together with family and friends. Single-family homes are perfect for several people and, as the name suggests, for families! This type of house can of course also be occupied by a single household, but the characteristics make the house so that you can easily live there with several people. Another feature is that the house is located on the ground floor.

One of the advantages of a single-family home is that you have several rooms, which gives you a larger living space. A disadvantage is that the (rental) price of a house is often higher than that of an apartment. That’s why a house is not for everyone

Detached house

A detached house is built in such a way that the outer walls do not touch the walls of the houses next to it. The size of your house does not matter; it is a detached house, as long as the walls are separated from the adjacent building.

Semidetached house

A semi-detached house, also known as a double house, is a type of dwelling in which two houses have a common dividing wall or dividing wall. The two connected houses have no connection to other houses.

Terraced house

In this housing type, several houses (more than 2) have a common dividing wall or partition. You basically share the wall with the neighbors. Terraced houses share an identical common design. A disadvantage of a terraced house and a semi-detached house is that you always have to discuss plans for a renovation or extension with the neighbors.

Home Styles

Modern home

A modern house has sleek and minimalistic features. You see few colors and decorative elements here. On the outside of the house you will find straight walls and corners with industrial elements such as concrete and metal sheets. This line is continued indoors. You see this reflected in the walls, design, interior and furniture. However, a cozy house is not unimportant. That is why more and more modern houses have a thatched roof.

Industrial house

In this type of housing you often see materials such as steel, metal, concrete, monolith and glass. Ok, here tight, straight surfaces form the basis of the house. The interior consists of coarsely finished elements so that they retain their original rough look.

The costs of single-family homes

To get an idea of ​​the rent and house prices, it is best to take a look online for yourself. The price of a single-family home depends on several factors, such as the location and size of the house. After you have an idea of ​​these prices, it is very important that you keep the maintenance costs of a home for sale in mind. Think, for example, of painting the outside work. Don’t forget about major maintenance, such as replacing a central heating boiler and replacing a fence or window frames. These costs are on average around 3000 rupees per month. In addition, you probably want to make some changes to the house in the future. Maybe you want to expand? It is entirely up to you what amount you want to spend and whether you want to set aside money for this.

The maintenance costs also depend on the type of home you have and the year of construction of the home.

Building a single-family home

If you’re considering building a single-family home yourself, ask the professionals at Interior A to Z for advice. You can do this if, for example, you have questions about which material is best to use when building a single-family home. This makes it very easy to reach your dream home.

Single-family homes Best Interior Designer near me

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Single Family home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

All about Single Family home

The phrase “Single family home” is not too new in India, but many people do not have an accurate concept to understand this type of housing.

What is a single family home?

What are the types of single family home?

What are the pros and cons of this type of house?

What is the cost and time to build?

This article will answer all of the above questions.

What is a single family home?

“Single family home” is a type of family house built separately, structured as a single independent of or linked to other designs. Or to put it more simply, the wall of the house along with all the systems and equipment in the house will not be shared with any other building. Usually, a single house will be built on a large area of ​​land in a suburban area with few residents, and within the house has its own garden and garage. Currently in the world, single family home is more popular in developed countries such as the US and the European region. For India, in recent years such houses have also become more and more popular to meet the needs of high-income households.

Categories Single family home

Based on the area, number of rooms as well as design and purpose of use, single family home is divided into 4 main types as follows:

– Cottage: A small house, usually built from 2 to 3 floors (rarely 3 floors) including 4 rooms located on either side of the 2nd floor corridor. The first floor is usually a cooking, laundry and storage area. .

–  Bungalow:  A type of medium-sized house, usually built in suburban areas. The rooms in a bungalow-style house often have interconnected doors. Bungalows can be built in the form of a straight roof and have 1-2 floors.

– Villa: A house of quite large size, with many rooms and usually built on spacious land in the suburbs or in tourist resorts.

– Mansion: Is the highest level of single family home, a spacious, luxurious house, also known as a castle with many bedrooms and other function rooms such as library, theater, swimming pool, and playground. With the characteristics, culture and traditions of the India’s people, if building a single house without business purposes, Cottage or Bungalow is a wise choice because it is both suitable for the economic ability and still meets the needs. Needs and ensure the privacy that the owner wants.

Advantages and disadvantages of single family home

However, for any type of house, there are advantages and disadvantages.


– The entire space used for the owner is completely private.

– The owner can repair and upgrade the house structure; replace the interior and exterior according to the purpose of use and financial ability (although still have to comply with the regulations of each locality on repair, construction, etc.). ) because there is no part in the whole house that is shared with other works.

– Be proactive in controlling maintenance and repair costs.

– Save management and service costs (different from apartments).


– Consume more energy because the energy needed to maintain a single-family home is more expensive than the energy required in other types of housing. In addition, individual houses are often built far from the city center, so it costs money and fuel to travel.

– The cost of building a house is quite high due to the small area and scale.

– Long construction time.

Construction cost and time:

Just like the cost of other constructions, the cost of building a single family home depends on the location, size and materials of the house. However, unlike other works, the cost of building a single house will be more expensive due to the separate and complex designs that show the personality of the owner.