Interior decorated with plants suitable for each space Best Interior Design Firm Near Me

Interior decorated with plants suitable for each space | Best Interior Design Firm Near Me

Interior decorated with plants suitable for each space | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

We all know the benefits that nature gives us. For modern people living in stuffy cities, it is natural to long for nature. Just by looking at it, it provides health benefits by stabilizing the mind and body, and it is an indispensable item for interior space with fresh air. Besides the aesthetic function of interior effect, the   plant interior , which purifies the air and brightens the body and mind, is not a simple interior element.

However, there are different places in the house that are suitable for different types of plants. Let’s choose carefully considering the characteristics of each space, such as a good flowerpot for sleeping in the bedroom  and a flowerpot for concentration in the study. Also, choosing a vase that goes well with the plant is another fun thing. If you choose a vase that matches the plant to make the pretty flowers stand out more, the effect of the interior is doubled. As there are many different types of plants, vase designs vary from simple to splendid designs.


An important bedroom for a good night’s sleep  . Since a good night’s sleep has a huge impact on people, the interior of the bedroom directly affects our health. You can get a more comfortable and happy sleep by changing the bedroom environment, and you can create a bedroom with a different atmosphere by simply changing the fabric settings such as curtains and bedding according to the desired atmosphere of the bedroom. Also, in the bedroom, it is good to select and display accessories in a line that does not interfere with sleep. So, plants are good items for decorating bedroom interiors.

What plants are suitable for the bedroom?

Contrary to most plants, succulents release oxygen at night, so placing them in your bedroom will help you get a good night’s sleep. It is best to place the succulents near a window that gets sunlight during the day because the more light they receive during the day, the better the oxygen emission during the night.

What are the types of succulents? First of all, the okseon , which has flat cylindrical leaves that seem to have been cut horizontally, the five- story pagoda that grows black under strong light and grows well in semi-shade, the obtusha, which is characterized by its transparent leaves , and the leaves with white stripes on the back of the leaves. There are winterers characterized by drying inside .

Since it is not the type of cactus with large thorns as we know it, it is easy to grow and can be placed lightly in a small space.

Living room

A place where the whole family gathers Living Room The living room is spacious and can accommodate various accessories and furniture. Therefore, you need to carefully select accessories for the interior to create a natural and desired style of the living room. In particular, the living room is a space that connects to the large window and the veranda, so it is a suitable place to grow plants when the sun comes in.

Let’s take a look at the types of potted plants that not only have an interior effect in our house where ventilation is difficult by closing the windows tightly with an air purifying plant, but also clean the air throughout the house.

Goston bossari , famous as an air purifying plant, is often grown in pots or on a stand with legs. As a plant with excellent transpiration and formaldehyde removal ability, it is also effective in removing cigarette smoke. Another air purifying plant, Sansevieria , is an excellent plant for emitting negative ions among plants, and it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen even at night when we are sleeping, making it a good plant not only for living rooms but also for bedrooms. In addition, it purifies the harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toltuene in the air.

Dining Room & Kitchen

As it is a place where the whole family gathers to eat, what kind of plant should be placed in the dining room where clean and fresh air is essential?

You can put seasonal flowers just bought from the flower market on the dining table for decoration, or place the houseplants on the shelves in the dining room.

First of all, a houseplant is a term that refers to plants that have water leaves as objects of admiration. Recently, it refers to an exotic evergreen plant with beautiful leaves, petioles, and stems native to subtropical and tropical countries.

It is good feng shui to place houseplants, but in the kitchen, if you put them between the sink and the gas stove, the energy of the water in the sink and the energy of the fire in the gas stove are relieved by placing plants that give the energy of the wood. An example of a typical kitchen plant is a plant called spot film, which absorbs nitrogen dioxide generated when burning gas or heating fuel, so it is good to place it near the gas stove. Water should be given as often as once every 3 days.

Hallway & hallway

The hallway or hallway is even more important as it is the place that leads to the first impression of the house. For example, if you put yellow flowers on the west side of the house as a mood for the front door, it will increase your financial luck. So, it is better to focus on bright flowers in the entrance hall.

Placing a large flowerpot in the hallway or making a flowerpot hanger on the wall and decorating it with succulents or houseplants is effective not only for air purification but also for interior decoration. If you make a living room with seasonal flowers, you can make a good impression on the guests coming in and out. At this point, it is a space that moves a lot, so too large plants or plants with thorns that interfere with movement so that there is no inconvenience in movement is better to exclude.

Study & study room

Since the study is a place for concentration in the house, there are many semi-shady places where light does not come in well, but putting a small potted plant is a good item to purify the air as well as change the atmosphere. Due to the nature of the space, it is best to choose plants that grow well in semi-shade, and to grow plants that need light by placing them near the window.

Plants that grow well in semi-shade include Drasse, which likes high temperature and humidity, and Stooky, which is strong in drying but weak in over-humidity.

Pikira . is a good plant for study rooms that require concentration . It has excellent ability to remove carbon dioxide, emits a large amount of negative ions, and is good for air purification. Pachira promotes the generation of alpha waves that are generated in a psychologically stable state to increase concentration when reading or studying. Also, since it is a plant that needs a lot of sunlight, place it near a window to give it sunlight frequently, and water it abundantly once every 4 to 5 days.


Because the toilet is a damp and closed space, it is a place where harmful energy tends to gather, so cleanliness and tidying are basic. Humidity control and ventilation are important, but the bathroom is humid and hot and humid, so it is better to put dehumidifying plants such as Gwaneumjuk, Tillandsia, Sansevieria, and Lucky Tree. Alternatively, pine cones, which are easily available at flower markets or forests, also have a humidity control function. Let’s take a look at some plant characteristics.

First of all, fortune trees are usually poured with water in a bowl, but if you want to create an interior, you can also hang them from the ceiling. However, too much moisture can cause it to burn, so you need to change the water frequently when immersing it in water. In addition, fresh and clean water is important, so if you use tap water, it is better to keep it indoors for a day or so and use it when the chlorine content is removed and it is close to room temperature.

Gwaneumjuk, which is effective in removing bathroom odors, does not require much sunlight, grows slowly but is easy to manage, and is resistant to pests and diseases, making it one of the easiest plants to grow even for beginners.

Kids room

If your child yawns a lot while studying or frequently comes to the living room, the study room environment is not good. In addition, it is good to have a flowerpot suitable for all these environments and situations because the child who is about to take the exam is sensitive. So, it is good to choose plants that are good for air purification in the children’s room. Sansevieria is a kind of succulent plant with strong vitality.

As well as purifying the air, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen while the child sleeps, making it a perfect item for a child’s room plant. Sansevieria grows well even if the water supply is irregular, so you only need to water it once a month in summer or winter. Rosemary is a plant that needs a lot of sunlight. This plant strengthens nerves and calms the nerves, and the scent of rosemary helps to improve concentration because it activates brain cells and stimulates blood flow in the head to clear the mind. Putting it in a child’s room with a headache is great for restoring the condition.

Top 10 Plant Interior Ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

I dream of creating an interior that coexists with nature, but I am not sure how to start. Even if you bring in a flowerpot or buy a beautiful bouquet and put it in a vase, it only makes you feel bored. One of the barriers to entry into interiors using plants is that they are not easily challenged due to the need for continuous management. We need new ideas to create a fresh interior.

Humans come from nature, and we all know that the closer we are to nature, the more beneficial to humans. There are no accessories as good as ‘plants’ to make use of this natural feeling in the interior, so various experts at home and abroad are thinking deeply about this. Today, let’s take a look at various interior examples using plants and find ideas that can be applied in practice.

1. A bathroom where you can feel the freshness of nature

Let’s take a look at the bathroom presented by Russian architect  POST . The bathtub is covered with wood and the left wall is covered with plants that make your eyes cool just by looking at it along with the rough rock-like wall on the right. Taking advantage of the recent wet bathroom features, similar to the space in the photo, you can often find interiors using plants in bathrooms. Among them, this bathroom, which has the entire wall covered with plants, is the best piece of art that is bold and has a natural feel.

5. Daily interior using small vases with long necks

If you want a new feeling of plant interior every day, prepare a small vase. If you complete this vase with small leaves or short twigs and small wild flowers you can see on the roadside around the house, you will be able to spend the day with a new feeling every day. If you line up the same vases as shown in the photo, and choose the colors of these vases well and arrange them, they can become beautiful interior accessories even if there are no plants.

2. Flowerpot interior transformed into a picture frame

I would like to introduce a framed flowerpot that completely breaks the preconceived notion that the pot should always be placed on a flat floor with the lower part of the pan in a balanced way,  lives up to its name ‘Wall Flower’, with plants growing on the wall as the floor. Plants are fixed with hard soil that does not flow down to the floor, and the freshness of the leaves growing between the frames adorns the walls with freshness.

3. A small garden in a glass box

The fresh sunlight is shining through the glass space, and fresh plants are growing in the small garden in between. In one corner of the house, the ceiling was removed and glass doors were installed to create a small garden that could be seen from all sides. It is a wonderful interior where you can feel the vitality of nature without going outside and enjoy the bright natural light to your heart’s content.

4. Interior of small items using unique flowerpots

This flowerpot, a domestic interior company . It is a design differentiated from the flowerpots that are commonly seen, and created small items with a three-dimensional effect by using stairs or railings. It is an idea prop that allows you to feel the freshness of nature every day by planting succulents or moss that are difficult to work with.

6. Shelf Design with Small Flower Pots

Using the spelling of ‘EAT’, closely divided shelves are attached to the wall. As it is a decoration in the dining room, it gives fun with the sensible lettering ‘Eat’, and fills it with small flowerpots. This space, has a modern and neat interior, but it shows a lot of comfortable and fun elements, such as the flowerpot shelf shown in the picture, that makes the viewer smile.

7. Indoor garden using nooks and crannies

In front of the blue wall where butterflies fly, a small nature with a simple waterfall was created. The combination of a small overpass that allows you to go further inside and the lighting that illuminates the plants more green makes it a play area that children will love. Tables and armchairs woven from bamboo are arranged around this garden, and it seems like a good idea to use as an interior for a break room in a commercial space or office.

8. Beautiful shelves made of stone flowerpots

She created a shelf with hollow stones and planted plants in a small groove to create a nature-friendly interior. This planter shelf , is made of pottery with plants in it, with stones reminiscent of a rock climber’s handle. As shown in the picture, it can be easily installed on any wall, so it is an interior idea that can be used in various spaces.

9. Rest area surrounded by plants

Instead of bringing plants to the existing space, the plant was brought to the center of the garden with a bench and turned into a resting place. It’s a small idea, but it’s impressive that it created a friendly play space where both children and adults can comfortably climb up and down by creating a wide bench instead of the existing bench.

10. Commercial space sign design using plants

It has a unique signboard design that can be seen from afar. The interior, of course, uses plants to create a wonderful harmony with heavy machinery, but the entire store is covered with grass to attract customers’ attention. While exposing concrete to give an industrial feel, it is impressive that it uses a clean white logo to create a modern feel.

Interior decorated with plants suitable for each space | Best Interior Design Firm

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