Ideas for finding answers for living room interiors that fit your style and layout Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Ideas for finding answers for living room interiors that fit your style and layout

If you look at the city broadly, there are public areas that are shared by everyone, but there are also private areas such as residential areas. The interesting thing is that even when you enter a residence, there is a public area and a private area, and when you enter each house, there is a public area and a private area.

Where is the space used as a public space in our house? In general, the central space of the public domain in a house is the living room. It is a space that all family members use together, and the living room is often the center of the space where guests spend time together. Therefore, the living room is also the space subject to redesign at the highest rate when considering the interior of the house.

So, today, when the seasons change or when the movement line needs to be reorganized, we have collected living room interior ideas that may be helpful to many people who are rethinking the living room interior for various reasons. 6 living room redecoration ideas, check them out right now.

1. Style: Adding industrial style to the Nordic sensibility, Arrangement: A space with a straight line connected to the dining room

The first living room to look at is impressive. Interior architecture company, and was painted based on a cute and warm atmosphere in Scandinavian style. What makes this living room interesting above all is that it did not focus on just the Scandinavian-style warm feeling, but wanted to create an industrial-style bouncing charm at the same time.

The layout of the dining room and living room under the exposed concrete ceiling is ideal. There is no wall, but the two spaces are separated, and the feeling of being different can be found in the interior and materials of the wall. However, pay attention to the fact that even though the materials and designs are different, the colors are unified.

2. Style: Nordic (Scandinavian) style, Arrangement: Combine the dining room in the living room to create a relaxing space

A domestic interior decoration & interior design company  , and it is the house of the newlyweds. She focused on creating a cozy and warm atmosphere even when she’s alone for her husband, who has a lot of time to be alone because her husband often travels abroad.

A sofa was placed to secure a seat, and a dining table was placed in the space in front of the veranda glass door to form a dining room in the living room. Thanks to this, it was created as a cozy space where you can sit in front of the window and read a book or relax while the sun is warmly coming in. It is also a good idea to put a tall flowerpot at the end of the space to create a lively atmosphere.

3. Style: Eclectic style, layout: organic movement between the dining room and living room, atmosphere like a cafe or bar

The third living room to look at is very impressive, as if you were in a lounge of a cafe or bar with a good atmosphere. I tried to break the kind of prejudice that a living room should look like this. She was in charge of interior design at NU, a Japanese repair and remodeling company, and she exquisitely blended a variety of interior styles from modern to Scandinavian and industrial styles.

Like the other living rooms we looked at earlier, this living room also shares a space with the dining room, but it is interesting to feel that the spaces do not overlap by changing the direction of the gaze when seated in each space.

4. Style: Brooklyn style, Arrangement: Space arrangement with doors and windows

The fourth living room we will look at has a characteristic that somehow exudes a vintage atmosphere. It is a space directed by packinghouse, a general construction company in Japan, and is based on the Brooklyn style that started in New York.

The Brooklyn style is characterized by adding a variety of feelings to the space while combining other design elements with a vintage design. In this living room, elements of a variety of feelings, from dark brown leather sofas and striped carpets, to a table with a result pattern, black iron elements, and exotic plants were gathered in the space to create an unusual atmosphere.

5. Style: Natural atmosphere in modern style, Arrangement: Home library and sofa

It was designed based on a modern style and wanted to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere by combining it with nature. The view was opened through the many windows and glass doors opened toward the garden , and a rug resembling a lawn was laid in front of the living room sofa to harmonize naturally. In one wall, a depth was made to store books, etc., and an additional seat was provided to create an atmosphere like a small library.

6. Style: Modern style with pop elements, Arrangement: Irregular storage cabinets and seating arrangement

Finally, the living room to be considered is impressive with a bright and lively atmosphere in pop colors. All the furniture filling the space above was designed. Several sofas are arranged irregularly, creating a very free and unique atmosphere.

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