Ideas for small gardens under the stairs

Ideas for small gardens under the stairs | Gurgaon and Gurugram

Green plants are able to control the psychological state of a person to a great extent. It is known that green plants and flowers are among the most beautiful landscapes that broadcast comfort, tranquility, calm, joy and relaxation within the place, but the small spaces of homes control the shape of the different designs inside the house, and many may resort to abandoning Some aspects or pieces of furniture inside the house due to lack of space or poor planning and exploitation of spaces as well, but with the constant development in the world of decoration, nothing is impossible, there are many ideas and designs that fit different spaces.

1- Distribution of plant pots at the entrance

You can put some pots of green plants in the interior entrance of the house and distribute them in separate and different corners with the use of some beautiful stones for decoration, it is very impressive and easy to maintain and able to grab the attention of the guests when entering the yard of the house.

2- Take into account the architectural style of the house

When choosing the quality and shape of green plants, we must also take into account the architectural style of the house as a whole. This helps greatly in choosing plants that are in line with the rest of the corners of the house in terms of shape and design, for example, in this picture, the use of stones and small white pebbles to decorate with the stairs The wooden sheds add to the atmosphere of a small garden.

3- The penetration of light controls the type of plant

Your choice of the type of plant that will be used in the small garden at home depends largely on whether this place has good natural light and ventilation or not.

4- Exploiting the spaces under the stairs

The idea of ​​exploiting the spaces below the stairs is an ideal idea for the use of plants, as this wasted space has a very imaginative aesthetic use, by exploiting that space by placing some beautiful green plants of varying lengths to cover that entire space.

5- Using plant pots of different shapes and sizes

The idea of ​​decorating the floor with some pots for plants is an amazing idea, you don’t have to choose similar pots, choosing some pots that are different in shape and size is a great aesthetic feature.

6- Create a natural green wall

The presence of stairs allows a lot of simple and beautiful decoration solutions and ideas at the same time. If you have a large wall next to the stairs, you can put some wooden frames on that wall and put some green plants to cover it with a beautiful green color.

7- Exploiting the spaces at the highest levels of the ladder

If there are some steps of the ladder as shown in the picture, these steps can be exploited by placing some plant pots gradually, but some precautions must be taken to increase the rate of safety, especially if there are children or the elderly in the house, these containers must be heavy in weight and large in size. Enough to prevent it from falling easily so as not to cause damage.

8- Exploiting the illumination to draw a wonderful aesthetic painting

In that house, the illumination was optimally exploited to give a wonderful aesthetic appearance, as if it was a painting drawn by a skilled artist, by building transparent glass walls and planting some green natural plants inside that space and taking advantage of natural sunlight to help those plants grow and thrive.