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Home Decorating Ideas with Mirrors | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

In addition to reflecting, it turns out that the mirror also has other functions. You can use it to decorate your home. Choose a unique shape or you can order according to your wishes at a trusted handyman. In addition to bringing a new atmosphere, it is also beautiful for home decoration, you know! Here’s the inspiration from Interior A to Z:


If the decoration of the room is already festive, starting from the patterned walls and filled with displays and colorful sofas, you need a neutralizer, right? Leave part of the window painted plain white on the frame. And add a mirror with a dark color frame to give a neutral impression.

The mirror is the main decoration. There are four at once you know! They are like wall hangings, nets framed by carved wood. Even though it’s simple, it looks classic and different, right?

Want to change the atmosphere of the dining room? Why don’t you make this custom mirror? You can order according to the area of ​​​​the wall you want to decorate. Besides being unique, it is also useful. The room looks fresher and more spacious.

Now is the trend of ring light or mirror with lights around the sides. This turns out to be liked by women, because when using make up it becomes easier. The light obtained from the ring light makes the make-up process more visible and minimizes the wrong or incorrect color selection.

In the hands of a creative person, a mirror can be an interesting decoration like this. Formed a mosaic, it is enough to decorate a plain wall. Place it in the dining room, so that the atmosphere is more lively.

Sometimes, the mirror in the bathroom is often overlooked. Just buy a potluck, the most important thing is that it can be used. In fact, if you want to be careful, it can be used for decoration too. Like this example, even though it’s simple but fits the surrounding elements, right?

Do you have a room divider? How about replacing it with a mirror-coated one like this? Unique and able to reflect as well! Save space and of course more stylish.

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