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What is the perfect space for a child?

There are various children’s room interiors with many concepts and stories, but above all, it is the most important point of interior decoration to reflect the personality and taste of the child who is the owner of the space and will live the longest. Children will feel more comfortable and attached to the room if they have wallpaper in the color they want and have their favorite fairy tale character props. Safety should be considered first when selecting furniture and decorative items so that not only the interior, but also the fragile and energetic children will run around and not get hurt if they fall.

Let’s collect interior ideas

If you are wondering how to decorate your children’s room, refer to the children’s room category on the Interior A to Z website. You can get tips from interior photos tailored to various tastes and functions, from soft and colorful interiors to interiors with simple designs. You can create your own idea book with a simple click, and you can classify/store by selecting a topic. If you come up with an idea suitable for your child’s space while looking at the photo, you can immediately take a note and save it, and adding and deleting photos is easy, so you can easily complete an interior collection that suits your taste.

Kids Room Interior Tips

Is there anything more exciting and happier than decorating a child’s room while waiting for a newborn baby? It is more elaborate than any other space in the house, and even the smallest details are carefully prepared. One of the most important pieces of furniture in such a children’s room is a bed. A comfortable bed for a child makes the body and mind comfortable for both parents.

It is recommended that the children’s bed, which offers various designs and functions, has the advantage of being able to shake back and forth and feel a sense of stability when the child is a newborn, and that the bed structure can be changed and expanded as the child grows. Of course, it would be even better if the material of the furniture was made of natural materials so as not to harm the child.

Decorating a room for a preschool age child

There is a big difference between a room for a newborn baby and a room for a kinder gardener. For infants, care should be taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness while maintaining an indoor atmosphere that prioritizes comfort and stability. Little by little, children at this age who talk about their opinions are starting to find things that they like and are interested in. Parents listen intently to the opinions of children at this time, and if you put pictures or props expressed by the child together, it will be completed as a space that is more attached to the child.

Tips for decorating a teen’s room

Avoid teddy bears or childishly colored curtains or decorations, as they can make children who believe they have grown up treat them like little ones. Of course, it is best to ask children’s tastes through many conversations and decorate them with the colors and concepts they want, and you can also create a calm atmosphere with a monotone that feels a little more mature. Also, for adolescent children who want their own space, a room is more than a simple bedroom, so adding the functions they want will make the interior more effective.

How to organize a child’s room

From toddlers to early teens, children’s spaces are always overflowing with toys, picture books, school supplies, and clothes for each season.

It would be more convenient if the storage space was created in a location where children could easily take it out and organize it, and if it was properly classified according to the purpose of use. It is recommended to move and store convenient items such as storage baskets and boxes, and functional furniture with a bed and a storage cabinet make the space more efficient.

What kind of space is suitable for my child?

Forget the interior that divides the color into blue for boys and pink for girls. There are countless colors in the world, and there is a more colorful world in the minds of children. If you give children a choice so they can choose the wallpaper or furniture in the color and design they want, they will come up with various ideas such as soccer, fairy tale characters, favorite animals, etc. This interior is a great opportunity for parents to recognize their child’s tendencies well.

Kids Room Decoration Tips

Unlike the space for adults who maintain a single concept for a long time, the interior design needs to be changed in accordance with the frequently changing speed of children. However, changing the furniture or interior structure frequently is economical and time-consuming, so small items can be used to change the atmosphere. Children are quickly agitated by what they see and hear. You can go back and forth between dreams and reality, crossing the universe and future cities, or you can become the protagonist of a fairy tale and fly.

One of the appropriate interior methods to foster such imagination is to select wallpapers of various designs. Art wall sheet paper, which is gaining popularity again these days, has the advantage that it can be easily installed without burdening you financially. It can be replaced more easily than normal wallpaper or paint, so it is possible to create various designs according to the emotions and growth of children.

Find the right furniture for your child’s room

The color and material of the wallpaper or floor, which determines the overall atmosphere of the children’s room, is important, but it also takes a lot of time and money to decide what kind of furniture to put.

In particular, furniture that can be used for a long period of time from infants to kindergarten children is effective because furniture such as beds, children’s desks and chairs often need to be changed frequently in accordance with the physique of rapidly growing children. It would be even better if the height of the desk could be adjusted to match the height of the child or the frame of the bed could be adjusted.

Safe and comfortable kids room

In the space where the crawling child lives, the floor and corners of furniture are treated with soft materials, so care must be taken not to injure them even if they bump into them. Carpets or cushions made of safe and soft materials can create a lovelier interior if they have soft pastel colors or cute characters.

A place where children grow up to spend time with friends and read books together serves as a bedroom and a playroom, and it would be a much more economical and meaningful space if you make your own accessories such as a low and wide sofa bed or cushion to match it.

Choosing the right wall decoration for your child

Various methods and ideas are emerging these days when wall interiors are in the spotlight. The wall decoration, which has the advantage of being able to choose from a wide range, can be felt as a real space for children if they can decorate it as they want.

You can use art wall sheets filled with paintings as if the interior is a scene from a fairy tale, or you can collect children’s drawings one by one and display them like a gallery, or you can attach point wallpaper with your favorite characters.

Interior tips that can reflect your child’s tendencies well

Since it’s a child’s room, why not give the children the perfect choice and trust them, leaving behind their parents’ greed for interior design? You can also learn from the process of decorating the room that there is more freedom and responsibility as you get older by one or two years. Parents will also be able to express themselves more confidently, even if they are small children, if they listen carefully to what they want and show respect.

How to use the room efficiently

When you start decorating or remodeling your child’s room, you need to decide how to divide the space before choosing which furniture or color to choose. This is because, as mentioned above, the children’s room is a bedroom, a playroom, and a place where all functional elements, such as reading, come together. It would be even more helpful for children’s emotions if they could visually distinguish clearly where the desk is and where the toys are.

Room for boys

Parents with both sons and daughters say there are clear differences in parenting. Basically, boys who are full of energy are more active. If you understand these characteristics well and install a mini soccer goal or basketball hoop that requires a lot of activity, you will feel less bored in the room. In addition, the flag of a favorite sports team or a picture of an athlete that children want to emulate can create a livelier atmosphere.

Room for a girl

Sensitive girls deeply sympathize with fairy tale stories and want their space to be decorated with props and decorations similar to fairy tale stories. The colorful and lovely pastel colors create a romantic atmosphere so that girls can equate reality with fairy tales, and props with cute characters will be the perfect space.

As time goes by, children grow and become more and more interested in idol groups and become more sensitive to various fashions and trends than Barbie dolls. If this is the time, it is the time to get out of the romantic princess’ room and get a new interior that reflects a little more mature taste.

Children’s room with various concepts

– Rustic children’s room

The country style concept, which feels like being in a small house full of nature, is the  interior that emphasizes comfort the most. Furniture and accessories made of solid wood are essential to create a rustic feel.

If you decorate the bed with checkered cushions and fabrics on a sturdy wooden bed, it will be a lovely bedroom that looks like Anne of Redhead. The warm cream-colored walls and soft lighting create a warm and emotionally stable interior.

– Minimalistic kids room

If you are concerned about the child’s distraction, we recommend minimalism with a simple design for space. Fill the room with your child’s favorite color and choose furniture with minimal design that goes well with it. In particular, if you install a built-in wall or a cabinet with a neatly designed door, you can organize a lot of toys and books beautifully, and you will not get tired of using it for a long time.

-Children’s room where creativity grows rapidly

If you are an active and easily bored child, you can arouse their interest with furniture and decorations designed with various concepts throughout the interior. Furniture for children, such as unique designs such as boats and tents, and beds connected to desks, are presented with many products that have no boundaries because they have multiple functions. Of course, it was made considering both convenient functions and safety, and uniquely designed props and furniture will help children build their own world from a new perspective.

– Nordic style kids room

The Nordic interior, featuring brightly colored solid wood materials, exotic geometric pattern decoration, and luxurious mix and match diversity, will create an interior that will satisfy both children and parents.

In particular, as it focuses on practicality that can be used frequently as much as beautiful design, it has the advantage of allowing children to live comfortably. The Nordic interior, which uses nature-friendly wood materials to give a simple yet unique point to every corner, has already received a lot of love and will continue to do so in the future.

Small children’s room

Size does not matter to the conditions of the room in which the child feels comfortable and attached. However, it is important to be effective in structural aspects such as whether there are windows through which light enters well or whether a convenient movement line is drawn for children to live in. Regardless of the size of the room, finished as a child wants, it will be filled with attachment and become the background of childhood memories.

The perfect space for a child | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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