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It is impossible to deny the warmth and charm that rustic kitchens exude. This old style brings with it a tone of inviting relaxation and an appeal of life in times much simpler that we love, and that always looks good in any environment, whether in the city or in the countryside, in large houses or in small apartments.

When it comes to recreating this cozy look at the heart of our home, there is no shortage of ideas for decorating. From worn wooden beams, painted cabinets and stone floors to tables with little polished finishes, it is a vast world that opens in front of us. However, sometimes we find ourselves not knowing where to start and the questions are many… Did we change the cabinets first? Will changing the floor be enough? With some accessories can you transform a modern kitchen into a rustic kitchen?

To help you have selected 6 ideas that will inspire you. Discover these simple suggestions that will surely help you add a little rustic beauty to your kitchen and inspire your next renovation.

  • Interior design ideas and tips for rustic style

    | Gurgaon | Gurugram

  1. The essence of rustic style

The essence of rustic style in a kitchen is natural materials and poorly refined finishes.

The natural materials are usually wood and stone, but old tiles and handmade ceramics also fit together. The rustic style always has something country and old-fashioned, correlated with a simpler life. Thus, wood and stones should not be polished, and it is preferable that they have a slightly rough texture. Metals, if used, must be copper and iron, but it is also possible to find mostly rustic environments where stainless steel also finds a place in decoration.

Interior design ideas and tips for rustic style

  1. The pavement

In the purest style, the flooring in rustic kitchens is usually made of wooden, stone or cement beams.

If you are planning a rustic kitchen in a house under construction, or a deep remodeling in a space of generous dimensions, you can consider one of these options, as they are very beautiful coverings, but they are also long lasting. In an adaptation, in an apartment or in a smaller house it is better to opt for a lighter coating for your floor. Currently, there are spectacular solutions for tiles, vinyl or laminate floors that imitate natural materials in a lighter but equally effective version.

Interior design ideas and tips for rustic style | Gurgaon

  1. The cabinets

Cabinets for rustic kitchens don’t have to be old-fashioned or impractical! In fact, having a rustic style kitchen has nothing to do with having little functional or inadequate cabinets today. The idea is to achieve the same look as before, or at least with a finish that seems rudimentary on the outside, but that offers the most current amenities on the inside.

To achieve this you can and must turn to a kitchen designer. These professionals are experts in getting the look you want with today’s best design technologies.

  1. Coatings

For the walls the coverings are not far from those used on the floor, with an aesthetic emphasis on stone and wood. For more modest versions, the tile works wonders at a less frightening price.

Still, stone or wood counter tops are a must have. Micro cement with a rudimentary appearance is an excellent material that serves not only to coat the floor, but also the walls and even to make sinks and counter tops.

If you don’t want such a heavy aesthetic, which can happen if you follow the idea of ​​having all the materials and rustic finishes to the letter, the solution is to combine a bit of modernity, polished surfaces and current materials, with purely rustic materials. Want an example? Install cabinets with a rough finish and place a polished stone counter top. It will be just fine.

You can achieve a rustic style using modern materials with coatings to imitate the rustic, but be careful with this option. It may be cheaper, but if you don’t add anything naturally rustic to give it credibility you will have a bad taste.

  1. the accessories, equipment and appliances

To complement your rustic kitchen, avoid decorative and functional accessories with very modern designs. Choose glass over plastic and cotton.

If you can, hide the appliances inside the cabinets, as this equipment will hardly be considered rustic. Tables and chairs should not be made of modern plastic, although there are interesting pieces with retro designs on the market that may include this material. The best solution will be to include a table made by you in a DIY project, but if you are not good at carpentry you will find good furniture with this style on the market.

The decorative accessories must have a natural tone, such as tree trunks, dried flowers and lanterns, or with an old-fashioned aesthetic, such as candy jars covered with cloths and ribbons, for example.

  1. How can I transform a modern kitchen into a rustic kitchen?

– If you can, add one or two open shelves with hooks to hang utensils. Place glass jars with simple aesthetics with the ingredients for cooking there, hang clay mugs and one or two copper casseroles. If you have space, also place a dry ornamental pumpkin, an old crock pot. You can find super interesting things at very affordable prices at craft fairs.

– Also change the lighting. Choose a rustic chandelier, with wood or wicker.

– Kitchen textiles must also be changed. Opt for kitchen towels and a lace tablecloth, for example. – Be careful when looking for a coherent image, as you run the risk of having a random space, without any style. Be inspired by these and other images that you find on our website, and there you go, you have your modern kitchen with a rustic touch.

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