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  • Very comfortable country style rooms | Gurgaon and Gurugram


The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house, where most of the social activities of the house converge, and also events and situations of a more private nature take place. This dual mode, makes  the living room  in the house to be aesthetically pleasing, very comfortable and also a more than welcoming space. To comply with the latter, a bet on a country room can serve as a guarantee.

  1. Rustic and very bright

Most experts agree in noting that, if there’s something rustic, it’s for being particularly welcoming. That is why it is a perfect pattern to put up a decorative suggestion for your home living room. To achieve the expected effect, without a doubt, the best thing is that the architecture itself has a rustic feel. That’s what happens in this first room, which is located in a bright, renovated and modernized country house.

  1. The perfect rustic space

Sometimes architecture responds with perfection to what is expected of rustic style and some elements need to be added to decorate the living room of the house. This is what happens in a picture room where, with hardly any furniture, the room really does make sense. The space is so amazing that it would be enough to choose simple and comfortable armchairs, so as not to compete with the fireplace, the impressive sideboard and the amazing architecture of the house.

Very comfortable country style rooms | Gurgaon

  1. A modern lounge with rustic touches

Other times, a room decor isn’t in itself a rustic space. This should not make us give up decorating the living room in this relaxed style. Furniture and accessories that incorporate a rustic air, like the chairs in this living room, can help us create environments with a rustic touch. With simple gestures you can achieve a relaxing atmosphere that conveys stability and tranquility in the rustic halls.

  1. Small gestures that transform

Enjoy living areas and spaces designed to soften antique furniture, rustic air and natural elements that can be a hit as we can see. Decorative accessories, general items, textiles, good pillows, etc. They help us create an atmosphere with romantic rustic interior, ideal for enjoying relaxing moments doing the activities we love most.

  1. Rural spaces and modern environments

And as we see how we add a rustic feel to  a  modern living room , we can see examples of the opposite. The most important thing when decorating is finding the perfect balance and not overburdening the environments. In this case, we show you a centenary country house, renovated without changing the composition or character of the architecture, where we find a living room furnished with modern and contemporary sofas and accessories.

  1. Rustic and white

Sometimes the way to combine a rustic space with a modern interior design proposal is by using the right color palette. If the tones in the original elements of the house do not match the decoration of your health, why not paint the walls white? In this way, the character of the house and its constructive characteristics will still be present, but the whole will be in perfect harmony.

  1. The halls are in perfect harmony

When we choose to use a one-color wall or ceiling paint supplier to harmonize the room’s image, experts recommend applying preferably matte paint, so that it doesn’t stand out and doesn’t produce a glossy finish. We can also choose to reduce the color of the original material by bleaching, it will help us create a perfect dialogue between the old and the new, which makes the material’s texture value important.

  1. White and wood

But if we do not want to take a lot of risks when decorating the living room in a country house, with a characteristic wooden structure, then it will undoubtedly be a wise move to leave the wood visible and bet on white decorations. This is the formula applied in the living room in the photo where the white walls and the light colors of the furniture and other coverings create the perfect combination.

  1. Stone, another great ally

Another material that helps us create the perfect atmosphere in a room decorated in a rustic style is stone. This natural material, as we know well, also perfectly combines with wood and white colors. Correct design of lighting and careful selection of accessories, will complete the perfect decor.

In short, everyone has their own idea of ​​what their ideal room should be, but a well-decorated rustic room cannot fail!

  • Very comfortable country style rooms | Gurgaon and Gurugram

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Vastu Science: 6 Tips to Boost Positive Energy in Your Home! | Gurgaon

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that describes the ideal factors for choosing a home design, and it is one of the Vedic sciences that studies spiritual frequencies and energy of all kinds in space. Vastu shustra aims to promote positive energy in the home, by following a number of guidelines and advice regarding the placement of rooms or general features of the house.

Today, we brought to us 6 tips to enhance the positive energy of your home from Vastu science, which are suitable for modern homes and help bring wealth and increase growth and joy at home, we will review them with you in a simple and easy to apply way.

Various styles of living room interior pleasing to the eye

The living room is the center of the house and is the passageway to all spaces. It is also a place for families to gather and spend time, and sometimes to entertain guests. So, what is the most perfect living room interior? Trendy style and sophisticated decoration are essential for a comfortable living room interior, but the first factor to consider is functionality. In today’s article, we take a look at 14 living room interiors created by designers from around the world. Let’s take a look at the living room interiors with reasonable budget, practicality, and sensuous design.

1. Abundant Mining

If there is a large window in the living room, you can also boldly remove blinds or curtains to enjoy abundant light and views. This idea is suitable for high-rise apartments where there is no risk of invasion of privacy.

2. Harmony of modernity and tradition

The luxurious living room pictured perfectly combines traditional elements with modern interiors. The wooden structure of the exposed ceiling reveals the texture of the wooden house well. In addition, the furniture with traditional patterns has been reinterpreted in a luxurious way with the help of traditional craftsmen. As a result of combining the traditional characteristics of the region with the modern style, a luxurious and unique living room was born.

3. Minimalism and industrial style

Excluding decorations and creating a simple interior, this living room is modern and absolutely trendy. The exposed concrete wall adds a rough texture to the space, and the yellow point color accentuates the space with a calm gray color.

4. Aristocratic Mansion

This luxuriously decorated mansion doubles its value with its sparkling pure white walls and beautiful curves. This living room, where light and air flow freely, opens up to the second floor, creating a sense of spaciousness. This spacious space is filled with high-quality furniture with a heavy presence to complete the luxurious living room interior.

5. Stylish minimalist style

This small and cozy living room has an interior that fits the space well at a low cost. With furnishings that make the most of the space, cutting-edge appliances and trendy design furniture, this living room is ideal for newlyweds or single people.

6. Futuristic interior

This picture is the interior of the living room that realized all the imagination of the client. This space, planned as an open plan that connects from the kitchen to the living room, completes an innovative atmosphere by combining retro patterns with a futuristic feel.

7. Gray tone interior

Neutral colors that are not irritating and go well with all colors are consistently loved in the modern design world. The living room in the photo is produced in gray tones of various shades, and rich textures and a few point colors add to the colorful atmosphere.

8. High rise apartment living room

This stylish modern style living room is a high-rise apartment of less than about 80 square meters. The design pursued a simple yet practical minimalist style, and the black color and soft lighting maximized the urban atmosphere. If you use black properly like this, it is good to create a trendy yet cozy atmosphere. An iron fan installed on the ceiling helps to circulate air in the room.

9. Cozy and sensual living room

Creating this industrial-style living room is easier than you think. Decorate walls and floors with exposed concrete and raw wood finishes, and place naturally flowing plants to complete the casual atmosphere.

10. Living room with various emotions

This living room has clean furnishings and a few points. The monotonous tone of the walls, the rugs with eye-catching patterns, and the uniquely interpreted Korean sensibility paintings combine to create a unique sensibility.

11. Connection between indoor and outdoor

If possible, try to make the outdoor space more friendly and comfortable by making the balcony and living room have a similar atmosphere. The balcony in the photo is decorated without lacking compared to the living room, giving the occupants a perfect rest.

12. Light and refreshing interior

If you decorate the space without using many colors, you can have a fresh and clear image. Decorated with pure white walls and low-chrome furniture, this living room interior has a sophisticated yet noble sensibility.

13. Trendy Nordic Style

The Nordic style is gaining popularity all over the world. The youthful color and stylish decoration unique to Northern Europe will satisfy all your needs.

14. Perfectly Ideal Living Room

This living room has a clean, unobtrusive interior design. The atmosphere created by the harmony of white walls, soft pastel tones and colorful textures is elegant and cozy.

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