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Tricks to keep bad luck out of your home

We read a lot about negative energy and its negative impact if it is present in our living space, and some may explain the bad psychological impact caused by negative energy, whether with bad luck or constant jinx so that he feels that when he enters the house he feels a constriction, but in fact there are other explanations and most of them talk about The secret lies in the way you distribute the ingredients inside the  house, or the so-called energy science, and we are pleased to inform you that will present you today with 8 tips that if you apply them, your home will be full of positive energy and expel everything negative from your life.

1- Salt

Salt is one of the ancient materials believed to be one of the materials that can expel evil spirits and negative energy completely outside the house, as it was always said that spraying salt on the entrance and threshold of the house is one of the reasons for expelling bad luck.

2- Fresh flowers

Flowers help to purify the atmosphere and create the atmosphere for a natural, calm and romantic décor.

3- White candles

It is said that the color of the candles expresses the energy they send. Negative energy and doomsday omens are extracted from black candles in some ancient cultures, so those cultures recommend using white candles to be a symbol of peace and positive energy in their entire surroundings.

4- Running water

You can design an integrated water purification system – a small fountain – that enables you to hear the sound of running water constantly, which increases you positive energy. It is known that water is the secret of life, so you cannot leave any negative energy next to it

5- Essential oils

There are some oils that are used during bathing and perfumes for the bathroom that help you feel some improvement in your healthy and practical life. According to old beliefs, there are some natural oils that using them and painting the body and walls with them can lead to a better material life and wealth.

6- Light the incense

Since time immemorial, it is believed that burning incense sticks expels any evil spirit, and on the other hand, it helps in a quick and perfect perfuming for the whole house in simple moments, and it is also inexpensive.

7- Bamboo

There are some Asian cultures who believe that amulets made of bamboo – reeds – in a certain shape can help you create the fortune of dreams and feel great every time you enter your home.

8- Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar, lemon and baking soda are among the mixtures that are used to polish floors and cleanse floors of accumulated fats, stains and fumes, so it is believed that they are among the most important natural mixtures that help create a healthy climate full of positive energy in your home.


From our side, we would like to clarify that all of these points to bring positive energy and get rid of bad luck or negative energy are summarized in the following:


– Cleanliness


– Smells good


– Calm natural touches such as roses and water flow


– Suitable light




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