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Bright and Fun Themed Living Room Ideas

In addition to decoration, another element that is no less important in the living room is color. Choosing the right color will increase the aesthetic value as well as comfort in the living room. One of them, bright colors that are warm and charming.

Well, for those of you who want to experiment with bright colors, here are 12 bright and fun themed living room ideas from our designers . Let’s see together.

  1. Color Game

Although small in size, this living room still looks attractive with its varied color play.

  1. Bright and Minimalist

With only a seat and a television unit, this living room still looks striking with its bright yellow color and attractive design.

  1. Pink Touch

The combination of warm wood elements with candy pink pillows makes for an interesting contrast.

  1. Soothing Green

In addition to providing relaxation and freshness, green can also give a spacious and comfortable impression to a small living room.

  1. Soft and Elegant

The selection of pastel colors on the walls and chairs creates a living room that looks soft and elegant.

  1. Beautiful Contrast

The neutral tones of a dark brick wall create a beautiful contrast when paired with a soft blue sofa.

  1. Center of Attention

To give a cheerful impression to a neutral living room, our professionals placed a beautiful pink chair.

  1. Refreshing Change

If you want to change the look of your living room to be fresher, applying pillows with different colors and motifs is the right step.

  1. Bright Colors

The combination of lamps with patterned shades, living plants, and pillows with bright colors makes the living room look brighter and more attractive.

  1. The Artistic Side

Express your artistic side with a wide selection of colors, abstract artwork, and unique and eclectic designs.

  1. Shade Blue

A touch of shady navy blue gives a more lively atmosphere in a predominantly white room.

  1. Liven up the Atmosphere

The living room, which is dominated by white, still looks attractive and not monotonous with the selection of sofas with bright colors.



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