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Distinct types of kitchen wall cladding

Kitchen design is no longer just a sink, stove, and a place for the refrigerator and cabinets. It is enough. Kitchen design has skipped finding a suitable place for marble or microwave, or even finding an innovative place for a washing machine. Kitchen design has become a creativity that combines practicality and aesthetics, so we will present you today with 7 distinct types of kitchen wall cladding, varying in its elements of manufacture between plastic, acrylic, wood, ceramic and others. Which will enrich your outlook and choices while designing your new kitchen or the modernization plan that you intend to make for your current kitchen?

Plastic and acrylic paints

Plastic coated with an acrylic layer is considered one of the most wonderful solutions for covering the main walls in your kitchen, especially for its great ability to resist water and not interact with it or be affected by it.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic is one of the most widespread wall coverings in the world due to its low price, ease of installation and cleaning, its ability to resist water and heat, and its diversity in many shapes and types that meet the tastes of many people.

Ceramic also has a glossy finish suitable for the kitchen and softness in texture as well as it helps you to use less detergents and tools in cleaning it if water is not an effective way to return its luster again, but it is one of the most things that is considered one of the negative factors of ceramics or any shiny surface And softness in general is the accumulation of fumes and cooking fats, and the solution to this is simple, it is limited to installing a powerful hood in the kitchen or cleaning it first, with an outlet for all those fumes to exit outside.


Wood is one of the most wonderful natural materials that can be used in decoration in general, and using it to cover the kitchen wall is one of the wonderful options that can be taken, especially in a general design of the house. Wood is also used as a means of decoration.

If you decide to use wood, you should pay attention to the way it is installed, as no technician can deal with wood walls in terms of cleaning, polishing and installing it in the right way so that he does not need another work and other expenses to treat it.

Wood needs periodic maintenance and its wonderful appearance will last if you do this maintenance period after period without neglect. The obvious defect in wood may be that it is highly susceptible to water and steams, but thanks to the industry, many types that are resistant to all these influences have been invented.


Vinyl is one of the least expensive materials and is used in a wonderful way in modern designs to clad kitchen walls in a very satisfactory way. Vinyl covers the wall by gluing in the first place, so it is not recommended to direct water directly towards it in the case of cleaning, and it is enough to wipe with wet pieces.

Vinyl helps your kitchen shine because it has any shape or phrase printed on it that you want to have, so you will have a wide list of possible options if you are looking for the perfect shape that your kitchen wall vinyl will look like.

Natural stone

Stone is one of the natural materials that has found its way to design kitchens recently in the well-known form in wall coverings, especially fine stones, overlapping colors and of similar textures. They are wonderful in the kitchen and are very suitable for all surrounding conditions such as water, steam and high temperature, and they can be cleaned easily, in short. It is the most practical material on your kitchen walls and ceiling as well.

Wall paper

Wallpaper is one of the most beautiful remnants of the fashion of the eighties of the last century in home decor to this day, paper is ideal in the event that you want to have quiet walls and illustrated views as you wish, as it has many shapes and enables you to easily change later for easy removal.

Stainless steel

Among the latest uses for wall cladding, stainless steel and the effect of water, heat and fumes are among the uses that are popular in kitchen design at the present time because it is easy to clean and are compatible with more than other coverings for the walls adjacent to it. And the black and yellow surrounding it.

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