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Practical ideas for lighting your home

Whether it is natural or artificial light is a major aspect of your daily life in your home, starting with the architecture, locating and planning the building is the most important part, then comes the location and size of the windows, and finally we think about artificial lighting, and this matter if it is not well thought out will cause There are many problems, including the constant feeling of discomfort in your home, and another health problem, which is that your eyesight will weaken.

Today we present to you 6 ideas that we must take into account to improve the lighting of a home, whether natural or artificial, in this matter.


Let’s start by showing 3 examples to maximize the entry of natural light into all spaces, a skylight in the kitchen ceiling will allow sunlight to enter and at the same time ensure that you maintain the privacy of your home, and add a touch of charm to your home.


The architecture of your home may allow you to have a modern outdoors even if it is very small, a symbolic tree and some stones are enough to allow natural light to enter your home.

Transparent block or perforated interfaces

Another thing that ensures bright lighting in our home is these transparent blocks on the walls that allow natural light in and at the same time preserve the privacy of your home.

Interior lighting: mirrors

Already in the interior we have other strategies, and mirrors make the spaces brighter and wider, due to the reflection of light in all directions and its increased distribution.

Modern lighting: indirect light

There are many modern options for lighting your home, now lamps have evolved a lot and can illuminate a large area without the need for huge lamps, especially hiding behind mirrors or interior lighting in the ceiling.

Lighting according to space and usage

Two of the main factors when choosing your interior lighting are the size of the space you want to light, what you want to light and why?, so that the size of the lighting is appropriate for what you want to light, for example, in the bedroom in addition to the main lighting we need to add small lamps on The commode, so that you do not need to light the entire room at night, it is enough to light this lamp to read something before bed, for example.


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