Interior Designer in Sector 42 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer in Sector 42 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Gorgeous minimalist house with the principle of easy and abstaining

Today is our date with the most mysterious design, where we will visit  a house  with high walls in black and there are many points worth standing in front of, despite its simplistic style and its use of colors that do not have any decorations in the main facade, but the house from the inside had many pleasant things such as The presence of outdoor sessions and places for entertainment and free spaces for exercise and fun with the family without restrictions, although the house at first glance suggests the exact opposite.

We will accompany us on that tour, in which the beginning will be completely opposite to the end, and the most important practical lesson that we can get out of this tour is not to judge any design at first sight or from its front end only.

Mysterious interface

The main facade of the house enjoys an extraordinary brilliance thanks to the strong presence of the glass surfaces represented in the large windows, as well as painting all the walls from the outside without exception in a black color that is completely different from the transparency in the glass and thus we have from the first sight a strong fusion between two opposite elements that will attract our attention more to know the rest of the details interesting

A backyard where there is life

The house in its back yard enjoys a good space and has been exploited by the designer to be divided between a main corridor for the courtyard and a free space of landscaping suitable for walking, walking and having fun with the family, and an outdoor seating is designed with privacy in a great place near the back entrance of the house.

Surprise pool

The more we went inside, the more chance we had to be surprised. After the only black color we saw in the front facade, we could not imagine that we would see the combination of green and water color inside all these black walls, but the surprise was present where there is a swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful parquet floor, and a rectangular pool The shape is perfectly sized in the back space and the dazzling garden that the house overlooks from behind, as if the vibrancy and beauty were all stored in the backyard.

Indoor floor garden

By getting a little closer to the house and in order to see it clearly from the inside, we do not need to enter it. Everything from the outside seems clear, as the design was single on two floors, equal in all the details, but the upper floors were used for rooms and the lower areas were used for the kitchen, the main bathroom, the living room and the dining room with the integration of external spaces to appear connected to the inside Through the exquisite transparent windows, integrated design in fact.

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