What makes the perfect pool? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What makes the perfect pool? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There are no set rules when it comes to designing the perfect pool. Make the most of the outdoor space with built-in swimming pools, perfectly integrated into your surroundings; or opt for indoor pools to enjoy all year round. Whether it’s a luxury indoors or a built-in or above-ground outdoor pool – the shapes of the pools can be adapted to make the most of any space. Built-in indoor pools are easily integrated into a luxury lifestyle, with the comfort of a spa and design elements and finishes. A natural extension to the indoor living space, home pools can be designed to suit contemporary tastes or more traditional design ambitions. Choosing the correct shape and size of a home pool is essential. L-shapes and Greek pools work well in most spaces and are great for entertaining or relaxing. Perfect when kept simple and traditional or modernized with whirlpool jets, infinity edges and spa-quality finishes. The classic kidney shape remains an easy choice, while rectangular and oval models remain the typical standard for indoor and outdoor spaces around the world.

Ideas and inspiration for swimming pools

From simple outdoor pools to luxurious indoor spas – you’ll find plenty to inspire you in Interior A to Z’s pool section. Whatever the design project, Interior A to Z offers ideas to guide you – whether you want to remodel your old pool or carry out a dream project. Interior A to Z’s network and marketplace includes thousands of professionals with tons of great ideas and Interior A to Z’s “idea book” allows users to keep track of all the brilliant ideas, tips and tricks. From discreet contemporary pools and smartly designed outdoors to stylish spas for luxury living – it’s easy to save the ideas that make a good impression with just one click. Interior A to Z’s virtual “idea book” is easy to use, anytime.

How do I design the perfect pool?

Designing the perfect pool has never been easier. Once you’ve chosen a size, style and budget, use Interior A to Z to connect with the professionals you need to start a project and turn your dream design into reality. Consulting a specialist pool designer or installation technician is essential to ensure that all details are fully addressed and achieved, while longer term implications for more permanent structures must be addressed at the design stage. With enough space and no construction restrictions, pools can generally be ordered and installed at most scales. For larger, more permanent structures – always ensure that you consult experts during the planning, construction and ongoing maintenance of your project.

What do I need to consider when planning a pool?

When planning to install or renovate a swimming pool, always consider available space first. Integrate, rather than impose, with perfectly designed interiors and beautifully finished spa rooms to blend seamlessly with your living space.

When looking for premium accessories and finishes, always invest in a pool architect or designer who can help make your dream project a viable reality. For the outdoors, there is a wider range of permanent or temporary and above-ground embedded pool options available – ideal for anyone looking for seasonal solutions and a less elusive addition to their outdoor space.

Buying a pool can be a costly investment in the long run, so make sure all the foundations are well thought out, with an efficient, eco-friendly design that will save you money on long-term maintenance. The main question for those looking to design a new home pool should be – what is its primary purpose? To receive friends and relax, “Rim” shapes and water decorative elements make the perfect combination. Larger indoor pools provide year-round use and access for those on a strict swimming regimen or looking for a workout spot at home.

What do I need to consider when building a pool?

Building a pool can turn into an expansive construction project if it is not handled correctly and not well planned. Almost all built-in pool structures will be classified as permanent or semi-permanent structures, requiring planning and permitting before construction begins. Planning errors at this most basic stage of production can cause significant delays and setbacks to a project. When incorporating the installation of a swimming pool or swimming pool model in an interior space, special care must be given to all aspects of the construction, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship for an elegant and resistant finish, for maximum years of enjoyment of your new aquatic space.

Any good pool designer will maintain constant solid connections with the construction of any project. Smaller projects can be managed by yourself, but for all larger constructions, as they certainly involve permanent above-ground architecture, a dedicated builder and foreman is a worthwhile and worthwhile investment. Basic drainage, filtration and support systems should last the lifetime of the pool – so proper advice from experienced pool design and installation professionals is a must.

How much does a pool cost?

Whether you want to install, remodel or consult a designer – a home pool project can be expensive. Above-ground pools and temporary structures can provide a more affordable option, with the added benefit of storage and seasonal use. Indoor and built-in construction can be expensive, especially when it involves architecture.

It’s easy to reduce project expenses by doing the simplest tasks manually, but for expert advice in any area, Interior A to Z is at your disposal to connect you with the professional your project needs. You may be able to save money, but for larger projects and constructions, you should have designers and architects on hand for unforeseen emergencies, while an effective foreman should oversee the construction to ensure a streamlined and controlled design.

How do you maintain a home pool?

All pools require a degree of upkeep and maintenance. Pool water must be maintained, analyzed and treated regularly to ensure safe swimming conditions. Daily cleaning and maintenance is essential, and the occasional service of professional pool cleaners will ensure the waters are completely safe for swimming.

Drainage and filtration systems must be closely monitored – maintained and replaced when necessary throughout the life of the pool. Heating and lighting systems require additional maintenance and replacement. Some simple tasks can be completed easily, but for those specialized tasks where you need a pro – Interior A to Z gives you access to thousands of specialists perfect for your project.

Built-in swimming pools

When space is available, built-in pools can be the ideal design choice for outdoor swimming. More naturally integrated into their surroundings, outdoor pools are perfectly blended with the environment, with greater depths and advanced design features to make the most of outdoor living. In-ground pools are more permanent equipment, so they must be professionally designed and built to ensure the least impact on the environment. Permanent pools need to be seriously considered when it comes to completing a project, especially one that you will have to live with for years to come.

Built-in pools require more maintenance than temporary above-ground pools. As a permanent structure, constant maintenance of the pool and its contents requires a significant long-term investment. You may be able to save a lot of money in the early stages of the design, giving you an eco-friendly and efficient solution. Look for an expert to help you with the finishing touches to your project.

Above ground pools

Although visually more imposing, an above ground pool offers a more flexible solution for customers looking for a temporary solution rather than a more permanent one. Above ground pools tend to have less impact on the environment, with systems and contingencies more easily managed in case you have a problem with your home pool. Furthermore, these options are easily installed, without the need for specific planning authorizations, with very fast delivery and installation times.

An ideal choice for customers looking for a seasonal swimming solution, temporary above ground options can be transported outdoors during the summer months and easily disassembled for storage until next year, while not in use. Made of reinforced wood, steel and other durable materials – above ground pools offer premium craftsmanship and a stable finish for years of summer fun. More permanent above-ground designs are another option, allowing for easy modernization and maintenance of additional heating, lighting and systems.

More pool styles

When it comes to swimming pools, there is plenty of choice. There are timeless Roman, Monegasque and Greek styles, with traditional steps and finishes; and contemporary, stylish swimming spaces that fit seamlessly into your living space.

Modern pools

Contemporary architecture and design can easily be complemented by matching pools. Beautiful built-in pools can be landscaped and discreetly adapted to the surrounding environment, while infinity pools leave an instant imprint and efficiently utilize the outdoor space.

Modern swimming pools are best complemented by modern decks and tiles, with integrated lighting and heating for optimal use, day and night and at any time of year. More advanced designs bring autonomous cleaning and maintenance systems.

Classic pools

There are plenty of classic styles and traditional pool shapes to choose from when you’re not feeling particularly inspired. The classic L or kidney shape is ideal for year-round enjoyment, resting and entertaining friends. Older styles such as Roman and Greek are ideal for easy access, with classic finishes and details for an authentic aesthetic. For those looking for function, swimming pools can be quickly and easily installed and are some of the easiest maintenance options available.

What makes the perfect pool? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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