The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

The perfect dressing room combines elements of the dressing table and the “walking closet”. It is a room where accessories, shoes and brand clothes can be presented in an orderly way in the same space. The dressing room is the place where both men and women can take care of their style by planning their looks. But not only that: the changing rooms are a refuge, a private place to make phone calls and enjoy that personal moment. It is also a space that we can share with friends enjoying a cocktail or a glass of champagne before going out for the night. Without a doubt, more and more homeowners are beginning to incorporate a dressing room in those extra rooms of the house.


Where can I find ideas and inspiration for a dressing room?

With access to more than 55,000 interior design experts, Interior A to Z is an online platform where you can be inspired by various dressing room ideas. From the most classic designs, to the spaces with the most modern accessories. Subscription is completely free, and members can have their own book of ideas and notes, which is an invaluable tool for anyone planning their dressing room at home.


What exactly can I do in my dressing room?

When deciding what to wear, it helps a lot to be in an environment that stimulates the eye and imagination. For this reason, the dressing room is the part of the house where the owners can decorate by giving free rein to their decorative tastes. Whatever the theme, it is important that you keep in mind the primary purpose of this space, which is to provide storage for your accessories, so the starting point will be to design the dressing room. Create a plan that includes shelves, cabinets, and closets without doors (if possible), as you will create a more creative space when the items are on display. With just the right point of symmetry and repetition, this structure will help your dressing room have a theatrical and orderly air.


What color should I choose for my dressing room?

There are two basic approaches to dressing color. One is the neutral color palette – for example, white and wood tones – which creates a discreet background that shows off clothing and shoes without distraction. On the other hand, there are the strong colors and patterns on the walls, which create a fanciful atmosphere. For example, the striped wallpapers that gives a baroque effect and a very vintage look. You can choose the approach that you like the most, everything will depend on the primary purpose of your dressing room: whether it is exclusively for clothing or a space to socialize with friends.


What type of flooring should I choose for my dressing room?

Carpeting is an ideal option for the floor of your dressing room, which needs to be super comfortable for when you enter it without shoes. Rugs in pale or pastel colors, as well as neutral tones, are perfect for the lighting to reflect off them and the space to shine, providing a fresh atmosphere. Sturdy wooden floors are very opulent and glamorous. Placing some rugs in key places in the dressing room (such as in front of the mirrors) the space will have a very elegant look.


What is the most suitable dressing room design for me?

It goes without saying that different dressing styles are perfect for different types of people and their respective priorities. For example, a couple planning their shared dressing room will likely avoid a look that is extremely feminine and seek to create an atmosphere that makes both of them feel equally comfortable. For a person who is always in the latest fashion, most likely a lot of storage is required for all his accessories, so his priority will be organization. If the owner has a wide collection of footwear, then this will be the most prominent aspect of his dressing room, in which there will be several shelves of different sizes depending on the type of shoe (heels, ballerinas, slippers, etc.). Alternatively,


Are there any specific decorating tips to decorate my dressing room?

There are many details that you can incorporate into your dressing room to make this a very pleasant corner, such as dark shelves or slanted shelves for shoes and pockets for purses. Also, keep in mind to include a counter table, a full-size mirror and some versatile and compact seats to sit comfortably and try on which shoes are best with your look. If there is enough space, it is always a good idea to add a small sofa where your friends can relax with a glass of wine. A very large dressing room can be very beneficial if we place an island in the center, which will serve as the focus of the space. This high table will be perfect for drinks, for example.


How can I add accessories to my dressing room?

Accessories are great for adding an element of fun and fantasy to your dressing room. By mixing some new and old pieces, you can create a very particular eclectic style that will mark your dressing room as a very special private place in the home. For example, a vintage chandelier will provide the space with soft lighting while a Victorian stool can make a perfect coffee table. Other accessories that can be added to the dressing room are the bookcase ladders, which are ideal to reach those coats that are hung so high above our heads. Always bear in mind that accessories can be decorative but at the same time very helpful, such as vintage-style coat racks.


What can I do if I have a small walk-in closet?

Even with a small walk-in closet you can be very creative. One way to compensate for your limited space is to opt for extravagant décor, such as patterned wallpapers, gilt furniture, and flashy rugs, which can help you open up the space more and make your dressing room look less oppressive. In practical terms, it will be essential to ensure that every square meter of space is used by adding shelves and taking advantage of the space under the seats for more storage. These corners can be occupied by garments from other seasons, which can be properly wrapped with paper and breathable boxes that will keep them perfect until next year when they will be hung up again.


Is there a style guide for designing and decorating my dressing room?

As a Interior A to Z user, you have access to thousands of decorating ideas from different interior design professionals. In turn, you can enjoy the many high-resolution photo galleries, which will inspire you with their many varied styles.


Country style walk-in closets


Country -style walk-in closets are cool, peaceful, and bright. The walls are usually in neutral and pastel colors, such as pale gray or green. The wooden floors in beige, camel or similar tones are the most remarkable. Among the accessories we find the furniture painted in white and the cabinets with many compartments. The country style has an old-fashioned French atmosphere that can be very pleasant without being too picky or picky. This makes the country style best suited for his and hers dressing rooms. It is also common in more spacious places where adding many shelves and cabinets creates a very luxurious atmosphere.


Minimalist style dressing rooms


The minimalist style walk-in closet is simple and functional, designed to maximize storage space. It is characterized by its order and by the ease it offers when choosing a garment. The most used colors are white, gray and black. It’s a style that looks great in modern properties of all sizes and is relatively inexpensive. A more elaborate minimalist style will have clean lines but very often with a juxtaposition of colors that contrast with the furniture; for example, many bookshelves set against a black background or a vibrant wall with a very sober floor.


Classic style walk-in wardrobes


The classic dressing room offers a smart and cosmopolitan decor, just as one expects to see in the most luxurious hotels. Very appropriate for both a male and female dressing room, this style is characterized by very dark wood cabinets and shelves, and its walls usually have shades of gray, blue or dark brown, which provides a timeless and luxurious look. In short, it is an appropriate style for all types of properties and attracts many people (this is something to consider if you are renovating your home for resale).


The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

  • The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

  • The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

  • | The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida

  • The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

  • The perfect dressing room combines elements | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi