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Dressing room ideas

As our circle of friends and invitations grows, so does our desire to beautify ourselves. It is also important to have a dressing room. But how to make a dressing room is a big issue. It is very important to know what items are necessary and what are unnecessary, so today we will talk on the topic of how we can make a beautiful high dressing room. If so, let’s get started


Glass is one of the basic elements of a dressing room. It is very important to have glass in the dressing room as it not only gives a good impression but also increases the volume of the room.


The use of light and good lighting in a good dressing room is very important as it plays a great role in decorating as well as keeping the room bright. Changing your clothes, putting on make-up is almost impossible without light. ۔ Lights not only help in these tasks but also create a state of comfort.


The dressing room is usually in a small room or attached to your room so it is very important that the dressing room does not look cramped and dark so choose its furniture very carefully. Use furniture that is multi-functional, which is a separate dressing room in itself, with plenty of storage space where you can put your make-up or jewelry.

Use of natural light

Decorative lights do their job well, but no one else can do the job of natural light, so it’s important to have natural light in the room. So make sure you have a window in it that will help you get ready in the morning


The basic elements of the dressing room include the wardrobe. When designing a wardrobe, keep in mind that it should have enough storage space as well as styling. As shown in this proposal, there is a closet in which the storage space has been increased considerably by installing different railings, the other thing is that if everything is in place then half of your time will be saved.

Shoe storage

If you are also a big fan of shoes, it is important to use a separate storage for them. This furniture piece is presented which can be mounted on the wall so it will not use your space, it is a great idea that will keep the dressing room clean.

Color is color

If the dressing room belongs to a young person, it is very important for him to be enthusiastic. To brighten up the dressing room, they are painted in the same proportions as shown in the design above. The entire closet is painted orange, the wardrobe is made of walnut wood and has storage at different levels. Boxes have been created. A clear, transparent and passionate style

A little dim

Sometimes we don’t like very vibrant colors so this style is presented with a little dim colors, it also has storage at different levels which makes it more beautiful.


The layout of the room is very important when creating a dressing room. Because space in the dressing room is very important because you have to keep your clothes, shoes and other items in order. For example, look at the picture above in such a way that it is decorated in such a way that it saves all your clothes, shoes as well as seating. It is made active by the lights, the color and arrangement of the walls.

What is the best layout for my kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

When you imagine the house of your dreams, a beautiful kitchen imposes itself on your mind. You have pinned the images of the kitchens you covet and sketched out your ideas on scraps of paper. You are on the good road. Designing a beautiful and functional kitchen begins with careful planning. Interior A to Z tells you everything you need to know.What is the best layout for my kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR


What is the best layout for my kitchen?

While every home is different, the first rule is to make the best use of the available space. For a long time, we talked about the triangle of activity, namely: the hob, the sink, and the refrigerator. These are, at the beginning, the three zones between which you move the most. To facilitate this accessibility, we generally recommend placing them at an equivalent distance from each other, but not too far apart to facilitate your movements.

This concept has evolved somewhat in recent years for a more efficient layout: today, we focus the distribution according to what you do in your kitchen, the tools you use. List your tasks (chopping, baking, frying, cleaning, jams, cakes …) then the utensils needed for these activities.

The I- shaped kitchen: also called straight kitchen, linear kitchen or wall kitchen. This is the one for you if you have little space. Its design is not the most aesthetic, but you will gain in square meters if everything is veneered on a single wall.

The walk-through kitchen: like the previous kitchen, it makes the most of the small available space. It is characterized by its parallel planes, like two I-shaped kitchens facing each other.

The L-shaped kitchen: this is the most common layout plan. It is a perfect compromise between space and flexibility of workstations. Its advantage is that it is just as effective for small as it is for large rooms. In addition, it occupies only two walls, ideal for an open or closed kitchen. You can even juxtapose a dining area.

The U-shaped kitchen: modern, this implementation is recommended if you need a lot of storage. Its three sides will create a lot of storage space. However, remember to make the angles profitable so as not to waste volumes. The best part is that your activity triangle will be respected, your movements will be easier, and your work plan will seem almost infinite. You can even make 2-in-1 in a pan, if it is not glued to a wall, a bar table or an extension meal. Be careful, however. The U-shaped kitchen has one major drawback: for fluid circulation, consider having at least 1.50m wingspan for the central space.

Islands: Kitchen islands are incredibly practical and versatile. An island allows you to transform your basic kitchen into an L or U kitchen. It also brings a warm and friendly touch. However, it requires a fairly large space: we generally recommend a space of 100 to 120cm for a pleasant movement.

What improvements increase the value of my home?

If you doubt the weight of the kitchen in a sale, know that in France, 90 kitchens are sold every hour. And on average, a French person spends 1h10 per day in his kitchen.

In other words, you have to love it! Which leads us by inference to the next point: cooking is very clearly a sales trigger. According to a survey, the kitchen is the room the French think of second, tied with the dining room and just behind the living room. As for what interests them, in the first place, it is about the price, then of the quality, and in third place… of the style!

So if you want to resell at the best price, focus on these three points. Usually, some elbow grease and a few brush strokes cost less than buying out a full kitchen. It is advisable to invest up to 2% of the expected sale price in a renovation or, on a smaller scale, in a home staging.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to call a kitchen designer, of course!

How to get more space and more storage in a small kitchen?

Cooking is fun and a cluttered kitchen is repellent. The first thing to keep in mind in the case of a small kitchen is that its main function is to prepare a meal in it. An open plan works wonders for tight spaces. Neutral colors, mirrors, and the combination of functional and decorative light fixtures are other features that this space needs to bring together.

There are plenty of smart solutions to help you maximize storage in your kitchen. Use stack able, open shelving, a rail above the hobs, don’t neglect the corners, and consider a movable island for a larger counter top. And if it has cupboards, you’re done.

Go to our “Boutique” section to find everything you need for your dream kitchen!

What is the best flooring for a kitchen?

As explained above, the kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time. It is therefore necessary that the room please you in terms of decoration, but also, that it is adapted in a practical way to its main function: food and its preparation. The point is that a carpet, for example, would not be suitable for this busy space, especially because of the residues and waste that we produce when cooking. Throw the first stone at us if you’ve never dropped peelings on the floor or spilled a glass of wine. The resistance of the material that will dress your floor as well as its ease of maintenance must therefore appear to you to be essential.

Tiles: this is the most common material in kitchens. Resistant and easy to sweep, it is also available to infinity, in terms of style, shape, color, finish.

Plastic flooring: vinyl, PVC, linoleum: like tiling, they are just as easy to clean, and you will find them in all aspects. On the other hand, and this is a weighty argument, they are often much cheaper, especially vinyl, and you can install it yourself, which will save you the services of a tiller.

Wood: both noble and warm, this is the most expensive solution. But moreover, depending on the quality of the wood, it is the one that will last the longest. It’s up to you to do the pros and cons by asking yourself whether it is better to invest in quality for something that will not move, or if you prefer to have a good reason to change the coating regularly enough to modernize your kitchen over the years. Trends. Please note: the type of wood you choose must be suitable for the room and resistant to water!

Stone: its charm has no equal. On the other hand, in terms of maintenance, the stone is a little more capricious. More expensive to buy and install, this material is generally porous and will require an annual water repellent treatment.

Polished concrete: it’s the latest in fashion. Operated for over 25 years in the USA, it arrived here relatively recently and has everything to please. It is a mixture of water, sand, lime, clay… and resin, which gives it its resistance. Count around 120 € for installation per square meter for installation by a pro. For maintenance, does not use bleach! Instead, opt for a mild detergent and a clean water rinse.

As a reminder, you can post your project on Interior A to Z so that experts can contact you and advise you. It’s free, and it’s done by clicking here.

What is the best layout for my kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Room design ideas

Remember Who Lives There

Build decorating a no-brainier by selecting furnishings that are family-friendly. can youngsters use this house? can pets play here? Interior decorator, simply a Decorator, notes that whereas silk slipcovers would be a classy alternative for Associate in Nursing adults-only room, they wouldn’t make it through one season in an exceedingly space that habitually hosts children and pets.

Do Your prep

Most style rs wish to envision any photos you’ve earmarked from your favorite design magazines. In fact, one design company insists that each one purchasers compile and share their favorite appearance as a “homework” assignment. once you return and appearance them over, these pictures tell a story of what you wish and what your area ought to be.

Keep Size in Mind

One of the largest troubles going through owners nowadays is the ever-increasing scale of sofas. “When I’m known as in to rescue a room, it is frequently due to the fact the furnishings portions without a doubt do not suit the dimensions of the room,” stocks designer. The solution? Take out a measuring tape and a chunk of graph paper. Draw a ground plan of your room to scale (permit one rectangular identical one foot, for instance). Or if you could discover your blueprints, use them and make more copies. As you keep in mind shopping for extra portions, mark off their meant vicinity and ensure they will suit earlier than bringing them home. As a widespread rule, it is first-class to continually fit furnishings’s scale to the room’s common scale. An oversize couch in a small room will appearance out of location and make the gap experience cramped.

Create a Consistent Look

A stunning domestic must have continuity from room to room. You would not put on a yellow blouse with pink pants and inexperienced shoes, so why might you enhance every room in your property with a completely exceptional destination palette or style? “When you do one room, you need to reflect on consideration on the entirety that touches it, all the areas that connect.

Start With a Signature Piece

Designers say that on occasion an object you have already got and love can turn out to be their thought for the relaxation of the room. “It may be one tile, one chair or one pillow; it relies upon on who it is, what they prefer and what they have got and we move from there,” explains. What seems do your favored matters inspire? Maybe Grandpa’s good-looking table might be greater at domestic in a ’40s-themed domestic office. Perhaps the country seascape you picked up in your honeymoon should turn out to be the center-piece of a beach-cottage bedroom. Or a vase of your prize roses would possibly appearance simply proper in an English united states dwelling room surrounded through masses of floral upholstery.

Formulate a Plan

Be positive to create your personal room-layout file. You’ll need to consist of key measurements and provoking images. You’ll additionally need to hold a buying listing primarily based totally on matters you’ve got visible in stores, on web sites and in catalogs which might be a great healthy in your dimensions, topic and budget (you could discover some thing even higher down the road, however it is accurate to have a factor of comparison). Designer indicates retaining plastic baggies of the material swatches, floors samples and paint chips you need to use (label their reason clearly, she notes, however write in pencil due to the fact you could extrude your mind). Clearly the entirety is flexible, however having this plan at your fingertips will assist you are making selections and hold the momentum going.

Shop Around to Create A Look That’s All Your Own

“Sometimes human beings purchase the furnishings showroom. They get a bed room suite wherein the nightstands suit the headboard and the headboard suits the dresser,” says designer. “Instead we need it to appear to be we placed a few idea into it, so it is now no longer some thing you will see on your neighbor’s domestic.” The nice manner to perform your very own precise appearance is to keep away from shopping for matching furniture from one shop and instead, save from lots of retailers, auctions and flea markets. You do not want to shop for the entirety at once. Establish a primary appearance and sense and allow your fashion and decor evolve over the years. Also, while they are shopping, the professionals recognize that shape and characteristic are similarly important. You’ll by no means loosen up on a rock-difficult couch regardless of how a good deal you like the cloth and running from domestic might not sense proper in case your table is not large sufficient to maintain the entirety organized.

Limit Trendy Pieces to Accessories

Do you propose on decorating each years? Can you manage to pay for to extrude matters often? If not, you could need to keep away from ultra-modern styles on steeply-priced pieces. The professionals recommend selecting impartial coloring for massive upholstered pieces (like your sofa) and the usage of extra of-the-second accents (like pillows in a warm new hue) that you could without problems update while developments extrude. If you need to make a larger splash, there is continually paint. “Just portray a room could make it sense completely different,” notes.

Light It Up

“Lighting is a number of the first-class re adorning you may do,” , so make sure to have a lot of lights set up in each room. Include mission lights centered on what you will be doing with inside the room, whether or not it is analyzing or checking your e-mail, in addition to ambient lights to set the suitable mood. Designers endorse changing your mild switches to dimmers and inclusive of some exclusive lamps to offer some of lights options. “You can in no way have too many lamps,”.

Make It Personal

Your room ought to be a mirrored image of your style. In fact, designers bear in mind their paintings a achievement while customers say a room seems like their own, explains. Blow up a stunning image taken on a current vacation. Devote a shelf to favorite books or a seashell collection. Designer additionally observes that shopping for unique paintings is extra available than ever. At artwork suggests and on line galleries, an unique portray or specific print can price the identical or much less than heavily produced artwork from the nearby furnishings store. And there is no manner your neighbor may have the identical thing.

Mistakes you make unconsciously while furnishing your home | Gurgaon

Let’s face the problems that we encounter while planning home decor, to avoid them later and get a house with a wonderful and very functional furnishing, and because furnishing an apartment is not an easy thing.. However, some important elements that you read in this article will definitely help you to overcome this problem completely and discover it And avoid them later, and we offer you 7 mistakes that you are already making without even realizing that they negatively affect your home decor.

1. Extra large sofa insert

The sofa is undoubtedly one of the cutest elements in a room, it is the undisputed star for relaxing with family members or pleasant chats with close friends. But sometimes we make the mistake of placing a sofa that is too large for the actual size of the room, which contributes to making it appear cramped.

If the room is small, we prefer using a slimmer sofa with a group of chairs much better than one large sofa that looks easy to move depending on the appropriate needs of the room.

2. Fill in the blanks too

We all love to customize our home according to our choices, and are looking for furnishing, decor and solutions that meet our needs. But sometimes, in an effort to make our mark, we run the risk of filling rooms with furniture and accessories that create confusion and make it seem smaller.

We suggest eliminating too much furniture, just to make the rooms less visually complicated, choosing white for the paints and here the space seems much larger.

  • Mistakes you make unconsciously while furnishing your home | Gurgaon

3. A little attention to the bathroom

Sometimes we take very little to design the bathroom and do not pay attention to its decor, although it needs a lot of attention.. For example, combining textiles, colors and shower  curtain  with contrasting patterns compared to tiles can actually generate an unpleasant effect for the eye.

The solution is to choose the dominant color to use for all bathroom accessories and textiles and towels from shower curtain to mat, in this way, the environment looks nice and comfortable.

4. Choose finishes with furniture

Sometimes furniture is the most valuable combination that comes with shades of paint that are out of fashion, as we can see in this example, and things look mismatched.

The solution is to enhance the look of the room simply by playing with fabrics and colors to make the look bright and the colors vibrant.

5. Not enough storage shelves

If possible, let’s not forget the most important pieces of furniture, which are the storage shelves, especially in an area such as the kitchen. The lack of storage units gives a feeling of neglect, which spreads chaos and makes the place neglected and very bad.

And the solution again is that it is not necessary to change the entire decor, but perhaps just repaint the important items and pieces of furniture with the choice of unique and bright colors that give a wonderful harmony between things.

6. Arrange the items in the room

It can often happen that we have furniture items without taking into account their arrangement in the room correctly, it is a common mistake that can make the room look smaller or even make it less comfortable.

The solution is to make multiple furniture shapes and try to use the various alternatives available, taking into account the different sizes and space for passage.

7. Inserting a table in the kitchen causes crowding

Being able to have lunch in the kitchen is a relief to be reckoned with. But sometimes having a table too big makes the kitchen too cramped.

And the solution is to rely on a folding table with extension: this way the table will appear only when needed and in the kitchen there will be more space for cooking.

Mistakes you make unconsciously while furnishing your home | Gurgaon