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Interior Designer in Sector 71 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Dressing room interior design ideas

Everyone wants their house to look clean and beautiful and the guests and relatives to come and see the sophistication and charm of our house with admiring eyes. For this purpose, it is important that the items used in our house are not scattered randomly and everything is kept in its proper place. For the cleanliness and beauty of our bedroom, it is important that the clothes and make-up we use are neatly arranged in the dressing room.

Today this article is about dressing room in which we will consider useful and useful tips for decorating and maintaining the dressing room. What should our dressing room look like? What accessories must be in it? How to arrange clothes? And what should the dressing table look like? We will give you the best advice on all these things.

These interesting tips without a break

  1. Also use drawers with open shelves to store clothes, shoes and purses in the dressing room.
  2. Charming style of drawers with wardrobe for hanging clothes
  3. Use open closets and shelves for the dressing room due to lack of space.
  4. Simple and rustic style of dressing table for dressing room
  5. Exquisite corridor-style dressing room
  6. Charming and modern style for dressing table mirror
  7. Stunning design with unique drawers and interesting shelves for the dressing room
  8. Functional dressing room design in which you can organize everything you need.
  9. Modern style dressing room with charming mirror style.

10 Use large cupboards with doors for the dressing room in which more items can be stored.

  1. Unique dressing room style with open shelf without doors

12 Choose a charming design for the mirror in the dressing room.


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Interior design ideas and tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where things tend to overflow. Its usability also depends on how well you put together what you need. That’s why I want to stick to storage. This time, let’s think about how to do it by looking at some examples with the theme of kitchen storage. If you are thinking about new construction or renovation around the water, or if you are thinking about new styles such as shelves, please refer to it.

How do you make kitchen storage?

If you have decided on a space that can be used as a kitchen, you will need to devise ways to store what you need for cooking. However, if there are many shelves here and there, it will not look beautiful and work efficiency will be reduced. In this house, a drawer-type storage is installed below the waist, and a two-tiered fishing rack is installed from the ceiling to secure space. It’s a wonderful idea that doesn’t block your eyesight.

Reserve space for cookware

If you are aiming for a kitchen with a minimalist impression, you want to avoid using worktops as a storage place for cooking utensils. This kitchen has a spacious U-shaped design with a counter with storage installed in the L-shaped kitchen. You can see small items such as seasonings and cutlery, but everything else is clean. One of the reasons is that there is enough space for cooking utensils. The size is easy to take out and put in, so it seems to be very easy to use.

Make good use of shelf space

If you try to put a shelf in a compact kitchen, there are restrictions on the size. Even if you choose it considering the design, it may happen that things do not fit when you actually use it. In this house, the space is fully utilized by incorporating a shelf that serves as a partition inside the shelf. By doing this, not only is it easy to take out, but it also looks neat.

Ease of use and design

Recently, it has become common to customize the LDK space as one large space, but when you can see the state of the kitchen from the living room, there is an increasing concern that you have to clean it up properly when you visit. It’s easy to end up. Isn’t the ease of cooking and the large storage capacity the kitchen conditions that many people demand? In this house, there are plenty of built-in shelves behind the open kitchen, and it is possible to blindfold with three sliding doors. It’s a great design that’s easy to use and looks neat.

Creating the perfect furniture

In order to fit what you need in a compact kitchen, the design of the storage space is essential. The lower part of the shelf installed on the wall seems to have been designed according to the existing storage box, and it is a mechanism that you can see at a glance what is where by labeling. The open shelf at the top does not give a feeling of oppression to the space, so the design has a relaxed impression.

The choice of pantry

In recent years, natural disasters have occurred frequently, and many people are paying attention to food stock. Also, I think there are people who usually want to store some ingredients, but the problem is the storage space. If space is available for renovation or new construction, for example, securing pantry space is an idea to solve these storage problems. If you have a spacious space like this, you can easily stock daily necessities.