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Interesting tips to light a dark house

Our goal is to light up a dark house, when we are talking about a dark room that cannot get natural light from outside, it is to get light. To illuminate it we use electric lamps and decorative elements that produce light. In addition, the amount or lack of light in a room depends on the color of the walls, the color of the floor, the style and color of the window curtains, the leather color of the furniture or the layout of the furniture. These and other similar elements make our bedroom or  living room gloomy and dark or make them full and bright with life.

In today’s article, we will learn more about the elements and resources that can make our home environment brighter and happier. So let’s take a look at these interesting tips without a break.

Room with charming view

Your bedroom may be  located in the middle of the house and a window may not be created there, but this is not a big problem. Can raise Why not create your favorite Paris view in an open window here as you can see in this picture. Thanks to the services of special companies who have carved this piece of vinyl in a charming way, such as a masterpiece of chips in Barcelona and pasted them on a white wall. This has turned the darkness of the room into light, with the red and white cushions on the bed making the atmosphere of the room brighter and more attractive.

The color of the walls

Take a look at this picture. What did you see immediately? Big wall  on a bright blue color pigments, a pair of black end white photos on the wall surface of the room wall. This applied alone seen through the window in the room but only a few electric lamps Still, this room is very bright. It’s all the beauty of this blue wall and white ceiling. It has a light wood floor, leather chair and table and sofa set at a certain angle to the wall. Has been given. With this excellent overall setup, black color has also been invited with the help of animal carpets. How to describe the charm of this room? It is not only a beautiful area but also a bright room in every way. ۔

With furniture distribution

If we look at this room in the picture, the arrangement of its furniture gives the impression that it is being used as a warehouse. So if we change the arrangement of its furniture, it will completely change its status. It will turn the dark warehouse into a bright room. Without any construction in this room, only the choice of furniture and its layout has completely changed the layout of this room. Attaching the sofa set to the wall not only creates space in the room but also helps in the flow of light. Similarly, white and silver colored bricks have created light and spaciousness in the room. Similarly, a painting has been used throughout the room and this picture combined with the furniture is creating light and openness in the room.

With a window and electric lamp

Shown here is a dining room without a window for natural light  . In fact, skylights have been installed on top of this kitchen through which natural light enters and not only illuminates the dining room but also radiates light towards the rest of the rooms. With the help of a large window has been created in the wall, which directly connects the kitchen and dining room in terms of visual and lighting. But it protects against kitchen fumes and heat. A simple and traditional addition to illuminate a room is a mobile electric lamp that can be hooked to a wall when needed and placed on a table while eating. Use glossy paper on the walls that will reflect light and spread throughout the room.

With Japanese panel

The size and brightness of a room depends largely on its size. The size of the  door and the source by which natural light enters the room, such as the size of the windows or balcony, causes the room to be bright or dark. Sometimes small lights are installed in the room which is the courtyard. They also guide the path towards. Where this light is not enough. So we can use different means for the flow of light here. Here we offer you interesting tips for choosing curtains. Select the Japanese panel. A large wall with a small window is a good place to install Japanese panels. We recommend light colors for this Japanese panel that reflect the light of the lights and help to spread throughout the room.

Attach light fixtures to furniture

One way to brighten a room is to attach the lights to its furniture  . Especially large size furniture that occupies a special place in the whole room. Arranging small lights around it and in dark places will make your room look bright and beautiful.

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Great ideas to decorate the corridors of the house

As usual, We care about everything small and large related to home decoration, to be with you always in every step you take, guide and support you to apply your unique taste to the interior spaces of the home in a professional way.

Today, we shed light on a neglected place in many homes that does not receive proper care, and this place is the corridors of the house! Despite it being the link between the parts of the house and its different rooms, and despite the fact that we pass through it more than once during the day, only It is very important…

And the time has come to change this situation, and the tendency to take care of these corridors and decorate them in the right ways that suit the modern family home.

Restaurant Design | Best Interior Designer near me

The restaurant is an important area for everyone to gather together and enjoy delicious food. Modern people are usually used to dining in front of the TV, so this area is gradually being ignored. However, if three meals a day can be enjoyed in a restaurant, the feeling is very warm. It is a very worthwhile investment to create a restaurant where the whole family can enjoy food happily. If you don’t have any inspiration, you can chat with professionals and have an excellent dining space.

What are the elements of a perfect restaurant?

The word perfect is actually very misleading, because everyone has very different needs and tastes. If you have a big family and often entertain guests, the restaurant will definitely be a very important area. However, if your home is relatively small and you just want to create a more informal restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere, then you can combine this area with the kitchen. Whether you like fashion, modern, or traditional classic style, you can find a restaurant design that suits you on our platform. You can filter according to the style you like, find a variety of different restaurant pictures, and while browsing, you can also store your favorite pictures.

Inspiration and ideas for the restaurant?

If you are just imagining it, it’s absolutely difficult to tell at once what you want your restaurant to look like, right? Especially now there are a variety of different designs and styles to choose from, so it is really difficult to decide what kind of restaurant to build. You should start with functionality and choose the style and furniture you want according to your needs. When choosing a style, it is recommended that you can browse the pictures on our platform, a variety of modern and fashionable, classical and sophisticated, mixed-and-matched restaurant pictures, presumably they can bring you different inspirations!

How do I design my restaurant?

When designing a restaurant, you must first consider your layout. Do you want to create an open restaurant that connects with other spaces? Or is it a completely independent, more formal restaurant? In any case, it is recommended that you measure the area of ​​the restaurant first, so that you can further consider what kind of furniture you want to choose.

Furniture that is too large will look too cumbersome, while furniture that is too small will make the space feel too open, so it is absolutely necessary to strike a balance. You also have to consider what color to choose; for example, larger rooms can use bolder or darker colors, while small restaurants are more suitable for neutral tones. In addition to color, lighting is also a key element you need to consider. Also, the shape of the dining table is also one of your considerations. Choosing a square table or a round table will actually affect the movement of your restaurant!

What should I pay attention to when designing my restaurant?

It’s easy to lose your original focus when designing and decorating a restaurant, but remember: less is more! Avoid squeezing furniture and decorations in the room, and avoid using too many bold colors. Unless you just want to create a space with a weird taste and distinctiveness, the restaurant is basically clean and tidy. Since the main function of the restaurant is to allow friends and family to gather here, enjoy delicious food, or drink a glass of wine, you have to turn this place into a warm and comfortable space, and between beauty and functionality Strike a balance. Make the restaurant look beautiful, but also make users feel comfortable!

Which colors should I use in my restaurant?

As mentioned above, it is best to avoid mixing too many bold colors in the restaurant. You can get some inspiration for mixing and matching colors by browsing the pictures on our platform. If you want to use different colors, you can first use a larger wall as the main wall, paint it in a matching white or cream color, and then paint the small wall in bright red or yellow. , Or even dark blue or black. The decoration of the restaurant should be based on creating a warm and homely space. You can choose wooden dining tables and chairs to let the restaurant be surrounded by natural atmosphere, and the texture of wood will also make people uncomfortable.

The top of the dining table can be decorated with colored or patterned tablecloths to inject some personality into your space. When you want to change your style and mood, you can change the tablecloth, which is very convenient. Carpets are also an important role in making restaurants have different colors. You can choose monochrome or patterned carpets.

What should I pay attention to when buying restaurant furniture?

When choosing dining furniture, the overall design of the restaurant should be considered. The style of each piece of furniture you buy should not be too conflicting, and then the size of the furniture should be based on leaving space for walking. The dining table is the most important piece of furniture in the restaurant, but don’t occupy the entire room. Regarding the material of the dining table, it is recommended that you choose a better quality dining table. After all, most people don’t change the dining table often, so a good dining table can last a long time.

How to set up a small restaurant?

Although you may think that the small restaurant has nothing to play, but it is not the case. With some creativity, your small restaurant can also become unique. For example, you can choose folding dining tables and chairs, or multi functional furniture. In addition, you can also choose a light color or a simple style to make the room feel lighter and brighter. Small restaurants must avoid complicated designs and heavy materials so as not to compress the space.

What is the style of the restaurant?

How to create a rustic style restaurant

Country-style restaurants usually use traditional furniture, such as dining tables and chairs made of oak or stronger wood, as well as traditional white cabinets and wooden floors. The walls are usually white or cream, and the overall color scheme is mostly neutral. Avoid bright or dark colors. You can use softer textures, such as curtains or other fabric accessories, such as flowers or retro-printed fabrics, etc., which can help you create a rustic restaurant!

How to build a modern restaurant

A modern restaurant usually adopts a minimalist design, that is, using single-piece but very focused furniture. In a modern restaurant, you can mix and match furniture of different materials. For example, you can choose a glass dining table with colorful chairs. But remember, don’t mix too many different design elements. Try to use white or beige as the wall color, and then put modern art works.

How to create a mash up style restaurant

There is no limit to mix and match style restaurants! You can use your imagination and creativity, whether you mix and match home accessories with floral patterns, animal patterns, or retro furniture that doesn’t fit in, combined with ultra-modern elements, you can create conflicts and create Create a bold space.

How to create a Nordic style restaurant

The Nordic style restaurant emphasizes a fresh and natural appearance, so natural solid wood and white walls, as well as simple but stylish furniture are essential items. You should let the restaurant have a soft touch and a warm atmosphere.

How to create a simple restaurant

The simple style restaurant should avoid too many bold colors, and everything should be clean and tidy. Try to avoid complicated patterns or retro-style prints. A simple restaurant must have an excellent storage design, so that all items can be placed well and the screen will not be too complicated. In addition, white and glass furniture can help you create a perfect minimalist restaurant.

If you want to ask professionals to create the perfect space for you, then remember to fill out our free online consultation form and let the experts help you!

The perfect dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What makes the perfect dressing room?

If it has a small boudoir and a large closet, it can be said to be the perfect dressing room form. A space where you can display your precious dresses or shoes in a bright and well-organized space is a bonus. The dressing room is perfect for those who value themselves and their clothes. But the dressing room’s function isn’t all there is to it.

This space also serves as a great hideaway from other noisy areas of the house. For example, the dressing room becomes a space where you can have a private phone call or enjoy a moment just for ‘me’. Furthermore, it can be used as a space to share a cocktail or a glass of champagne with friends before going out in the evening. If you use the leftover space in your bedroom, you can dream of the dressing room of your dreams.

Where can I find dressing room ideas and inspiration?

With over 55,000 interior design professionals, Interior A to Z functions as an online portal service that provides attractive dressing room ideas. From timeless classic designs to cutting-edge decor, we offer all ideas. Membership is free, and once you become a member, you can collect images and notes in a scrapbook. Interior A to Z has a variety of styles, so it meets the needs of anyone planning a dressing room. Use your personal scrapbook to gather ideas for your dressing room.

What exactly can you do for a dressing room?

When it comes time to think about what to wear, the dressing room provides an environment that stimulates the eyes and imagination. The dressing room can be a space where homeowners can show off their decor skills to the fullest, so they are free to use and decorate. For example, pink, lavender, or gold leaf to capture the eyes and hearts of a girl can be implemented in the dressing room. But prior to these decorative elements, it must not be forgotten that the primary purpose of the dressing room is to provide storage space.

Therefore, the most important design point is to plan a cabinet or shelf suitable for storage. If you want to come up with coordination ideas from the clothes and accessories gathered here, a form that can open the cabinet as much as possible is helpful.

Which wall color should I choose for my dressing room?

There are two basic approaches to dressing room coloration. One is to use a palette in nature. For example, you can try adjusting the dynamics only with white, or try using a wood tone. These colors provide a discreet backdrop to avoid being distracted by colliding with the colors of your clothes and shoes.

The other is to use accentuated colors and patterns. This helps to create a fantastic and quaint atmosphere. For example, you can use colorful striped wallpaper to style a baroque or vintage dressing room. In the dressing room, the choice of wall color depends on whether the focus is on clothing, space for relaxation or creating a sociable atmosphere. Therefore, it is better to review the purpose of my dressing room thoroughly first.

What type of floor should be laid in the dressing room?

Soft carpets are an ideal choice for dressing room floors. This adds to the cozy feeling when you walk around the space barefoot before getting dressed. Bright pastel tones or natural tones can give the effect of shining light upwards. These bright colors make the dressing room bright and refreshing. Soft wood floors also create a rich feel, where thick rugs make you want to stay longer in the dressing room when choosing and trying on clothes.

Which dressing room design is right for me?

Dressing room design varies according to personal preferences and tastes. For example, if it is a unisex wardrobe, you should avoid any design that is too feminine. In other words, a style that both people can feel comfortable with is appropriate.

If you are a fashion lover who enjoys showing off designer collections, it is best to avoid decorations such as frills, and a large amount of storage space can increase satisfaction. If you have a special love for shoes, having shelves of different sizes for different types of shoes, such as high heels and long boots, can be a key point.

Also, if you are a sociable person who enjoys going out, you may want to try bold decorations reminiscent of clubs or parties. If you decorate it with neon light and decorate the wallpaper in a jazz style, it is a design suitable for this case.

Any specific tips for dressing rooms?

There are various big and small ways to plan a dressing room that can please the user. For example, let’s put a light on a shelf. In a small space, you can increase the satisfaction by adjusting the angle of the light to emphasize the handbag or shoes. As a side note, placing a table or compact chair is also a good idea.

You can sit comfortably or use it as a shoe display. A full-face mirror is a suitable interior method in a narrow dressing room. In addition, a small sofa, matrix, or bench can be placed so that guests can rest when they visit. Or you can use it to turn your small dressing room into a wine bar.

A very spacious dressing room is more likely to be versatile as the centerpiece of the house. Make full use of the dressing room, whether it’s to display drinks or liquor glasses spread out, or display a selection of recently purchased handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

What decorations can you use for your dressing room?

Decorations are a great way to introduce an element of fun and fantasy to your dressing room. For example, let’s mix and match some antique items and modern decorations.

By forming a unique style, you can make your dressing room stand out as a special private space in your home. To give a more detailed example, a vintage chandelier provides soft lighting, and by adding a modern table to it, it can be used as a practical item, such as sitting freely or used as a tea table.

If you have a study/dressing room with a bookshelf, it would be nice to add a sensual ladder as an interior accessory to reach a high shelf. If you use the long coat hanger in a fun way, it can be used as an interior by displaying your hat or your favorite suit. Don’t forget that you can keep your clothes neat by hanging up a pad to remove moisture or insect repellent.

What if my dressing room is too small?

Even a small dressing room can create a very creative space. If there’s one trick for a limited floor space, it’s to opt for extravagant decor. For example, colorful wallpaper or gold leaf furniture, attractive printed fabrics, and expensive carpets help make a narrow dressing room look open and feel less stuffy.

In a more practical aspect, it is recommended to use the shelf to use the upper and lower space as leftover storage space. These compartments make a valuable place for out-of-season clothes wrapped in neutral paper and stored in breathable boxes. A tip is to make good use of the leftover space under the shelf to safely store the bag.

Do you have a style guide for the design or decoration of your dressing room?

Interior A to Z helps you quickly and conveniently access thousands of seasoned experts and their advice. Explore styles for your own dressing room with high-resolution images from these home decor experts.

Country style dressing room

If you are dreaming of a country-style dressing room, you need to create a refreshing and bright space where you want to relax. For walls, cream or neutral tones are suitable. It is recommended to match these walls with wooden floors or beige carpets. By arranging items such as white-painted furniture and arched wardrobes, you can create a French-inspired vintage feel. This helps to create a neat, neutral dressing room atmosphere without being overly feminine or masculine. Country style is a good style to use when you want to create a natural space atmosphere when the cabinet or shelf is large.

Minimalist dressing room

The basics of a minimalist dressing room are simple and functional. These include the largest and most diverse storage space, and a convenient structure that allows you to browse the entire wardrobe at a glance. Clear and concise lines and shades of white, gray and black are suitable for creating a minimalist style. In addition, it can be one of the ways to decorate an atmospheric space relatively inexpensively without fancy furniture or decorations.

If you want to create a more sophisticated minimalist style, keep clean lines monotonous without change, but let’s put strength and weakness in color. An arrangement of contrasting colors also helps. For example, a combination of white shelves and a black background, strong or vivid furniture, and a floor with a lot of blank space is a color combination for a minimalist style.

Classic dressing room

The classic dressing room is reminiscent of a luxury high-rise hotel. Both men and women have access to classic styles. Examples of classic styles include dark wooden cabinets or shelves, pale blue or dark brown coverings, and softly ornate walls that seem to time out. This is a style that has built up a fan base for a long time over a broad period of time.

The perfect dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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