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Ways to light dark rooms

A dark place can look gloomy and crowded. You can brighten the room with the help of direct and indirect lighting arrangements and carefully arranged furniture. Paint with bright shades of blue and yellow on the walls or furniture of this color can brighten any dark room. White colors with no glitter, curved shapes and lines and fine textiles make the atmosphere of the room romantic. Smooth, shiny surfaces, bright colors, clear shapes and patterns are not only signs of innovation but also help to brighten up any space. A bright room can be arranged in many ways. With the right use of colors and materials, any dark room can be brightened. Mirrors, mirrors and crystals are also helpful in this regard.

  1. Light up every corner

Dark rooms want to be bright. If the right light shines from every corner, the room immediately becomes bright and friendly. Even if the room is dark and small, there is no room for floor lamps. Therefore, proper use of lights and available space is very important. In this case, a simple light is provided for a basic integrated light in the room, such as a beautiful ceiling light or a hanging lamp. If you need a lot of light, you can effectively manage it by choosing a hanging lamp with several small lights or a chandelier with lots of lights. If the ceiling is low, hanging lamps can give the room a visual width. This is the most suitable arrangement for lighting in any part of the day, morning, evening, night.

A spotlight is required next to a ceiling light or a hanging lamp where direct light is required. It could be a reading area, a dining room, a play area or a favorite TV viewing area. Spotlights can be used for a variety of purposes if they are to be installed or moved from one place to another. For example, a large bright light on the ceiling with an interconnected screen lamp does two things; It emits a beautiful, indirect light that illuminates the room very easily. On the other hand, the lamp provides direct light where it is needed. A dark room is in dire need of bright or dim light. This allows you to create an atmosphere in a dark room according to your mood.

  1. Bright furniture for all tastes

Bright furniture reflects light and helps to dispel the darkness of the room. If there is white furniture in front of the bright yellow wall, it cannot be that the room does not look bright. This immediately makes the dark room look friendly. You can choose white wooden furniture with curved shapes and designs, or white double-sided furniture with straight lines and smooth smooth surfaces. Other light colors can also be used. The light blue color will give the feeling of fresh air of the sea while the light pink color will give the feeling of freshness like summer.

In addition, if there is a fear that light-colored furniture will not look dull and dull, it can be taken in different colors. For example, milky white is very similar to non-glossy white furniture. Similarly, you can place a light blue chair in front of a white-yellow desk. Similarly, someone lying with the same furniture The piece of furniture creates a great contrast. A similar impression can be created by placing dark colored wooden furniture in front of a bright wall.

  1. Create a contrast between the walls

There are other ways to light a dimly lit room. You can use darker room walls. Light-colored furniture should not be completely hidden in front of identical walls, so it is important to break the uniformity of colors on the walls. For example, the uniformity of light colors can be eliminated with the help of clear shapes and patterns such as placing a round or square mirror with a smooth surface on the wall.

Dark red paintings can be hung on a white wall or black and white paintings can be painted with a dark colored frame. Similarly, if one of the walls is painted separately and the furniture is light in color, it will make the room look colorful. However, to prevent the room from feeling cluttered, it is important that the wall is not the longest wall in the room and should not be painted dark. The same principle applies to two different colors on the walls. Similarly, the clear design of different patterns also creates the possibility of creating contradictions in the room. Especially if they are used in dark and vibrant colors.

  1. Bright ceilings

A dark room with a dark ceiling looks even more cramped. If the ceiling is dark then the whole room is dark. In contrast, a bright ceiling not only makes the room friendly but also makes it visually larger. The same thing happens with brightly colored walls. Traces of halogen compounds give extra shine in places. They look even better with a light gray or whitish yellow color. In the children’s room, they create the impression of a starry sky on the light blue ceiling, which creates a very special atmosphere. Another solution is suspended walls. Custom solutions can be found with plasterboard. An extra light can even be added to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Interior windows for more light

In dark rooms where natural light sources are scarce, interior windows can be installed. They also make the room a little more open and provide an additional source of light inside the wall. They also make it possible to connect two rooms and thus make the living space a little more open. Interior windows should be installed where these obstructions do not occur. For example, if your kitchen is small and dark, you can attach it to the living room or dining room. This is what glass doors or windows do when there is no way to install interior windows.

Choosing the right curtains

Curtains not only protect the tank from peeping from the outside, but they also help you stay calm. To light a dark room, thin curtains are needed. The choice of colors for dark rooms should be done very carefully. RPD-enabled screens help bring light in and are also available in a variety of colors. White curtains allow light to enter and create a great contrast with light colored walls. Instead of thick curtains that look heavy and dark, soft and delicate fabrics are soft and airy. In addition to curtains, blinds are now available that can be closed at night but can be left open to allow light to enter during the day.

  1. Great levels

Glass or shiny surfaces reflect light. In addition, their ability to illuminate a room is far greater than that of windows or any other source of light. Because glossy surfaces reflect not only light but also dark surfaces, they should be applied in the opposite direction of bright colors and decorated with shiny decorative items. They look even more beautiful if used with dimmer or dimmer lights. With such glossy surfaces in the kitchen, LED lights multiply the effect.

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Create a pleasing interior on a low budget | Gurgaon

Everyone has a desire to decorate a space with colorful and expensive accessories and decorations. However, there is a limit to decorating the desired interior in a space as much as you think with limited money in a fixed space. In this case, if you change a few point items with minimal cost and time, you can decorate the space with more sincerity than expensive interiors. For example, repainting or decorating an existing  living room table. Alternatively, door rings or sills that we often use are interior items that can be passed easily, but if you add points or make new changes to this small part, you can create a new feeling without much effort. Where and with what points can the interior be transformed? If you are curious about creating a satisfactory interior with such a low budget, pay attention to today’s article.

Vintage table made of waste wood

Waste wood, which is gaining popularity as a DIY interior material these days, is an item that many people use because it can create a creative table at a low cost as well as the atmosphere of the house. In the case of waste wood, you can easily find it around, and in particular, the pallet-type loading rack is an item that can be easily applied to the interior. Since the shelf-like shape is already finished, it is suitable as a mobile table by stacking it up to the desired height as well as heavy weight or attaching wheels. However, the rough surface can cause inconvenience in daily life, so it is better to match the space with a stable finish while keeping the unique scratches and vintage traces of the waste wood. If you want to use the natural texture of wood as it is, you can use it immediately after smoothing out the surface treatment. A good way. If it is difficult to repaint every time, try using a method of lightly draping fabric with colorful patterns to match the season or mood.

Self wall painting

Just by changing the color of the walls, the atmosphere in the house can be changed significantly. In particular, if you want to give a point to the wall, you can add brilliance to the space without giving a special wall interior by painting only one part. In particular, painting, which has the advantage of being able to choose the color you want, seems like you can just apply it at will, but there are some points to be aware of when choosing a paint. In particular, when choosing a color for the interior, it is better to choose a color considering natural light during the day and lighting at night. So, you need to know from which direction the space to be painted is exposed to natural light. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly treat the surface and cover it before applying the paint. This is because the result of painting is different with this operation. Once you have the color and material you want, after cleaning out the existing wallpaper, you need to attach a masking tape to the wall and molding to prevent the paint from smearing or splashing. Apply the covering tape to the floor mats and outlets and start painting. A roller is used for painting. When painting with a roller, if you paint in a W or M shape, it is applied evenly without clumping. Two coats of painting are the basics, but if you do one coat, make it white and dry for 30 minutes, and then dry it for 2~4 hours or more after repainting.

Molding change cycle

Like the interior in the photo, moldings these days are finished with white ready-made products, but sometimes old houses have houses finished with dark colored moldings. The molding is inconspicuous, so it may not be easy to notice the change, but changing the color of the molding can completely change the interior atmosphere. With the changing psychology and seasons, it is impossible to re-install the molding again. In this case, if you use an interior film, you can choose a variety of colors, and you can easily and quickly change it at a low cost. Alternatively, there is a method of painting on the molding, and there is a method of painting a color by selecting a desired color by painting on the wall as described above.

Replace doorknobs in each room

The doorknob needed to open and close water is often overlooked as an interior item in our daily life. Let’s create a different feeling in the space by replacing the doorknob, which is a small part but can give a strong point to the large area of ​​the door. Loosen the current doorknob screw. After loosening the screw and removing the door handle, unscrew the remaining latch. After removing the screws of the remaining latches, push the latches out by hand. Install a new latch in its place, aligning it with the hole, with the flat D-shaped side of the latch going inside the door and the curved part going outside the door. Insert the doorknob from the outside to the latch hole, and insert the other inner doorknob into the latch. It’s not as difficult as you think, so if you’re tired of old and plain doorknobs, how about buying a new item and replacing it?

Renovate existing furniture

If the existing furniture is still usable, but it is not worth throwing away, there is a way to reform the furniture. It’s cheaper than buying new furniture, and because it’s a piece of furniture you’ve owned for a long time, it matches well with other furniture, and can be transformed into a better interior item than a new one. There are ways to remodel furniture, such as applying paint to change the color, or using stickers to give points like the furniture in the photo. Alternatively, there is a method in which a pattern or a frame is made directly in the form of a stencil and a pattern is printed on the surface of the furniture. When you feel that furniture remodeling is not as easy as you think, it is better to simply finish it with white or soft pastel tones, which are safe colors, rather than trying various colors. In the case of children’s room furniture, if you remodel the furniture together with your child, you can present meaningful interior furniture to the child.

Make your own fabric props

If you want to do your own interior with the fabric of your choice, let’s make fabric accessories yourself. If you use it as an unused cloth at home, you can literally make it as a low-budget accessory, and if you want to give a special point with a trendy color or pattern, these days, you can see a variety of fabrics just by going to Market, so you can see a variety of fabrics directly instead of the existing finished fabrics. If you design and make it, you can create a more special place in the space. These days, the Nordic interior design method is preferred by many people, and fabric accessories are often used for this interior. So, in the past, fabrics were used simply to cover, but these days, it is one of the important interior accessories. How about layering various cushions that I made myself on the sofa or bed?

Window frame, sill, door frame reform

When we want to change the interior, we basically think of changing the color of interior wallpaper or putting in new furniture, but the first thing we should look at is small parts such as windows, door frames, and window frames that are indispensable. Changing the elements. In the case of windows, these days, there are many items that can change the window by you. For example, an adhesive lattice can change a window into a lattice, and it can be easily changed because the construction method is very simple. Also, there are ways to paint or attach sheet paper, so if you want to give it a bright look, change the color. In the case of door frames or sills, there is a method of reforming the existing door frames with interior film paper. You do not have to do the cumbersome work of replacing the door frame.

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