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Simple tips to make your bathroom always clean

The task of keeping the bathroom always clean is not easy, but it is not impossible either, and because cleanliness is a very important thing in every home, and with the frequent use of the bathroom on a daily basis more than once by all family members, care must be taken in that place to be clean at all times, and there are some tips that provide a lot Of the time, effort, as well as money, to take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom first and foremost.

1- Continuous ventilation

The bathroom is one of the places that need constant ventilation by opening windows and doors to allow the air to circulate constantly inside the bathroom due to the nature of the bathroom environment, which has intense humidity and some unpleasant odors, so good ventilation must be taken care of first.

2- Organizing and arranging

The constant organization and arrangement of the bathroom always makes its appearance clean, so this advice must be taken care of, when using the bathroom, be sure to arrange all things again in their designated places, as well as alert the family members to do so after using the bathroom to remain clean and organized without wasting much time and effort To clean and arrange it.

3- Allocate storage spaces

The idea of ​​allocating a storage space is a very good idea to keep the tools that are used inside the bathroom, such as shampoo bottles, cleaning tools, etc., but there are those who use this advice in reverse, there are some people who resort to storing wrongly, which causes keeping some unnecessary things Which causes a lot of chaos in the bathroom.

4- Keep surfaces and mirrors shiny

Maintaining the surfaces in the bathroom, such as mirrors, etc., shiny and without stains, gives an initial impression of the cleanliness of the bathroom, so care must be taken for those surfaces to be clean and shiny constantly through the use of some detergents or natural materials such as vinegar and others.

5- Pay attention to some decorative touches

Taking care of some decorative touches inside the bathroom is also important, and this is through some simple touches due to the nature of the bathroom that does not need to spend in the use of decorations, and this is by replacing traditional shampoo bottles with some beautiful decorative bottles as it is in the picture, as well as replacing soap Wash your hands with a nice-smelling liquid soap to keep the bathroom looking clean and tidy.

6- Use a piece of cloth to clean it

Put a piece of cleaning cloth in a hidden place in the bathroom to be used to clean the bathroom and dry it after use in order to leave the bathroom clean and not wet first, in order to reduce the humidity inside the bathroom and keep it clean and shiny after each use.

7- Pay attention to lighting

Natural lighting is one of the best lighting methods used, so you must make sure to use transparent curtains that allow the bathroom to be lit up enough to allow you to always see unclean surfaces and stains to get rid of them and clean them constantly, but there are some bathrooms that suffer from lack of natural lighting due to the location of the bathroom At home, therefore, care must be taken to use adequate lighting by installing light bulbs inside the bathroom.

8- Clean the pipes first

Attention to cleaning bathroom drain pipes is essential to reduce the occurrence of problems in them such as blockages and others, so after each bath the hair stuck to the bathtub pipes and sinks must be removed.


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