Your bedroom is bright after these tips Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Your bedroom is bright after these tips Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Your bedroom is bright after these tips

The sun sets for some reason, and we’re not trying to get into a scientific dialogue here. But imagine having to fall asleep with bright, fresh sunlight pouring in through your bedroom window and it’s  not perfect, is it? Thus, for optimal eye shut-eye, the darker the bedroom, the better, as light has been shown to disrupt the production of melanin in the brain, the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep cycle.

But what if your bedroom is too dark, or doesn’t even get a glint of sunlight during the day? Don’t worry, because a dark bedroom doesn’t have to be a permanent problem in your life any longer!

Let’s focus on some simple tricks and some tricky renovation tips to help remove the gloom from a darkened bedroom and let in some light..

Use more lighting

Your bedroom is bright after these tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The first option is the most obvious: If there isn’t enough light in your darkened bedroom, see if you can’t add more! But do not add one small lamp to the table and consider the problem solved. Having a single light source creates a lot of shadows, which can add a creepy ambiance to the space.

Layered lighting is the answer, so brighten your bedroom with at least two—three better light sources. The lamp on your nightstand is a lighted or wall-mounted lamp, at least, and if you share a bed with someone, you’ll need a lamp on each side. If possible, add to this a ceiling lamp – here we recommend a ceiling fan for twice the benefit: a cool breeze for hot summer nights and a brighter bedroom.

For an extra touch of ambiance, place another lamp across the room, preferably on a diagonal, from the bedside light. For extra interest, make this a floor lamp.

Does your ceiling profile allow for a skylight? Then get it! A roof that faces east, west or south will welcome in some extra sunlight.

2- Be smart when choosing colors

Do you think snow white walls are the best choice for a dark bedroom? Think again. While light colors can help a small room appear, they are not great at making a dark room appear brighter. Whites and other tones look soft and cheerful when they reflect light, but there should be enough light for meditation. Otherwise, the white walls will take on a gray undertone, leaving the color muted and boring.

We recommend going for a rich, saturated color paint color for these two walls. You can even go a little bright. In a dark bedroom, this light color will lose some of its brilliance and not show that intensity. Compared to lighter tones, deeper colors do not rely on reflected light to look their best; Thus, strong walls will add color and warmth to the bedroom.

For a relaxed look, enjoy bright, warm shades of green, blue, gray or purple.

3- Flooring has a role

Your bedroom is bright after these tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

And since bedrooms receive much less traffic than, say, living rooms or kitchens, you can consider going for a lighter colored floor. Paint and fins are both great options for wood panelingGentle colors, such as duck egg blue and soft pink, can help reflect light beautifully. And laying a pale rug will beautifully enhance the softness and warmth.

If you’re considering rugs for your dark bedroom, choose a light shade of gray for visual warmth, but keep the color of your walls in mind.

4- Mirrors

Of course a wall mirror is vital to bedrooms, but have you thought about mirroring your wardrobe doors, too? A wardrobe with large panes of glass will give a modern touch and increase the sense of visual space as well as help reflect light.

What about curtains?

When it comes to a darkened bedroom, the last thing you should buy is heavy curtains or window coverings that block out the little allowed sunlight. Alternatively, use sheer blinds on a blind that you can lower for privacy at night. Glue them to light-colored window coverings in white, cream, soft grey, etc. to add some contrast to strong walls.

Beam tip: A simple blackout blind is your other option when fully folded, it allows a maximum amount of light to flood the room. But if you feel your singular blind is too strict, add some softness by hanging sheer curtains as well—it will give your window treatment tangible form and volume.


Your guide to designing your home classic | Gurgaon NCR

Do you like classics? We know that it may seem expensive and cumbersome to design your home on the exact foundations of classicism, but today we offer you a special and simplified guide to designing your home on classic foundations and leaving special soft touches on every corner to turn your home into an art museum full of ideas and beautiful basic features of classicism without cost..

1. Appropriate furniture

It is a common mistake that many believe and make, is that classics are huge and annoying details, which is the exact opposite of reality.

2. Cornices and ornaments..

The most important characteristic of classical ceilings is the cornices and ornaments decorated with the most accurate and most beautiful inscriptions, some prefer them in one color and others choose to inlay them with gold..

3. Use what is old..

Eclecticism is one of the classic features. You can use what is old and renovate it or keep it in good condition and suitable for use, as a great attempt to decorate your home with its contents and elements.

4. Traditional designs..

The classics are characterized by a kind of traditionalism that is dear to our hearts, including the seats, storage units and table legs, all of which are typical and traditional, but they retain their beauty and luster.

5. Curtains

There is no requirement to choose heavy burkas and curtains in classic decor, but it is possible to choose simplicity as a feature of your home and design..

6. Warm fabrics..

The classic decor is warm with its special details and materials, so the choices of fabrics in it are dominated by softness and heaviness, woolen, velour, chamois and patterned silk..

7. Frames..

Frames in classicism are an essential, rather a major and important element in the completion of the design.

8. Crystal chandeliers..

Crystal chandeliers are certainly one of the most important features of classicism, and without them the design loses an important element.

Wrong Furniture Choices That Turn Any Room Ugly | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The ideal home décor consists of several basic elements, from architectural elements to the colors of the space to the accessories. We find that each factor has an influence that is not insignificant, but the most influential of them on the impact of the void is the furniture, if it is harmonious and tasteful, the room becomes elegant. Unsuccessful, the result will be disastrous. Therefore, when choosing furniture, several factors must be taken into account, including proportions and dimensions that are consistent with the application of the ideal style, but many fall into the trap of being deceived by luxury or practicality while ignoring other factors.

If you aspire to a harmonious and luxurious home, you should avoid some furniture choices, and we have brought you a set of common pieces of furniture that many people resort to, thinking that they are distinguished and practical, but in fact it is one of the unsuccessful choices, let’s get to know them together.

1- Seating with huge armrests

Furniture experts have reached this comfortable form for watching TV fun, and it is undoubtedly a practical piece of furniture, but its choice in  the living room should be limited and not move towards unifying all the furniture in this way, because its proportions take up a large space of space.

2- Matching bedroom

The principle that the bedroom is a top in consistency has become outdated and does not keep pace with modern trends. If you drift behind this thought, you will end up with a boring and gloomy bedroom, but you have to be bold and coordinate different pieces in the same style, and combine different calm colors to make the room more Fresh and cheerful.

3- Cup storage unit

Serving drinks and appetizers was done through a mobile unit, and this old method of storing cups was considered a manifestation of luxury, but it is outdated, and we are looking for more practical solutions, so this unit, which takes up a good space unnecessarily, must be disposed of.

4- TV unit with unfashionable shelves

These geometric shapes are suitable for rooms with large areas, and the trend is more towards minimalism in design and dispensing with any units or shelves that you do not need, and streamlined angles are no longer one of the preferred shapes in modernist styles.

5- Unifying the shape and type of furniture

This option may seem safer for those looking for consistency, but with various experiments, this method proved to be a well-deserved failure, because it leaves with stereotypical repetition, which leads to a boring result undoubtedly. Different for each type to suit the existing style.

6- Children’s furniture

Sometimes we make the mistake of choosing the children’s room furniture more than it should be, so we face the need to change all the furniture over a few years, because the child does not feel like belonging in this childish room.

7- Classic exaggerated furniture

Classic style has its weight and value in the world of decoration, but if you use it in an exaggerated way in small spaces, the result will be an empty space with annoying details.

8- Huge furniture on the void

You should always take into account that the proportions of the furniture are consistent with the space.

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