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We have created extraordinary houses for affluent clients throughout India and abroad as recognized leaders in the field of luxury residential interiors in Gurgaon. We count celebrities, NRIs, and HNIs among our distinguished clients.


It can be difficult to find residential interior designers in Gurgaon who share your creative vision and your needs for design. The client and the designer’s chemistry can occasionally take some time to develop. We have a tried-and-true procedure that makes dealing with us simple and helps us create satisfying client relationships and stunning houses for our clients.


We love the first phase of any project since it allows us to get to know the client. We have a meeting with you to learn about your requirements for interior design and your aesthetic preferences. What style do you desire for your future house? What aspects of aesthetics are you drawn to? Do you need to tear down and rebuild particular structures or do you enjoy the way the current place looks? These inquiries enable us to develop a creative vision that is compatible with yours.

In our capacity as home interior designers in Gurgaon, we also spend time learning about your way of life. We want to design a space for you that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional. After all, enhancing our clients’ quality of life is the ultimate objective of residential interior design.


We always make sure to check in with you to see how you feel about the project during the entire process. Your input is highly valued by us, and it helps us refine our designs to better suit your preferences in terms of personality, way of life, and price range. When you are satisfied with the drawings, we get to work on realizing your idea.

In addition to other cities and nations, Interior A to Z has worked on home interior design projects in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi NCR. In every city, we have a network of construction workers, plumbers, electricians, artisans, and laborers. We are experts of organization and coordination and one of Gurgaon’s top home interior designers. We take care to work with the top partners and employees in the business. The project is then managed as a whole to ensure that everything runs well and that it is finished on schedule.


We take into account your budget after receiving a preliminary brief on your concepts and project goals. A house interior design job involves many intricate aspects. We work with you to develop an accurate, practical budget that takes into account your needs and priorities. Our Gurgaon-based team of residential interior designers tries their hardest to provide top-notch services within your price range.

The idea that employing a luxury home interior designer in Gurgaon may help you save money does seem paradoxical. But give us a chance. We have years of knowledge and experience behind us. By assisting you every step of the way, we ensure that you receive the most value for your money. We ensure that all of the goods, resources, and services you use are within your budget by sourcing high-quality materials. We also assist you in avoiding expensive errors by doing things correctly the first time.

Also, as authorities in luxury residential interior design in Gurgaon, we can significantly raise the value of your property when you decide to sell it. We can assist you in making investments in your home now if you want to sell it in the future. A professionally planned and tastefully furnished luxury home will undoubtedly increase its appeal to potential purchasers.


Your home’s designs will be created by our team of opulent residential interior designers in Gurgaon. We collaborate to develop ideas and components that are most effective for you. Whether we’re renovating a room or building a luxury apartment from scratch, we have a smooth, efficient approach that produces top-notch designs on schedule.

Creating a practical house is our top priority when designing the inside of luxury homes in Gurgaon. In order to create an organic flow of movement around the house, we build 2D and 3D interior layouts. In order for the house to operate safely, we plan the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. To protect your health and wellbeing, these must be in compliance with the numerous construction and health and safety laws. The aesthetic comes in second. As domestic interior designers, we select various components for your home, including lighting, panels, furniture, and décor, based on your aesthetic preferences. Then, we put them together in a way that is both aesthetically beautiful and holistic.

Some people might believe that a space’s appearance should come last and its functioning should come first. But we are at odds. Whether choosing the shape and purpose of a room, a space, or even a piece of furniture, we prefer to keep aesthetics in mind. We can make something that both functions well and looks great if we keep those two concepts in mind!

Residential Services in Gurgaon

One of Gurgaon’s leading residential interior designers is Interior A to Z. We provide a comprehensive selection of domestic interior design services to satisfy all of your requirements.


It’s a thrilling adventure to design a new home or remodel an existing one. One that is fraught with difficulties and obstacles. Yet like any worthwhile experience, it will pay off in the end. You need the correct company as you set out on this quest. We are seasoned residential interior designers in Gurgaon, thus we are aware of the various worries that people have when they construct their ideal home. We can assist you whether you are moving into your very first house or designing your forever family home.

We have a varied job as home interior designers in Gurgaon. It covers everything, from choosing the smallest details to creating an apartment on a grand scale. The provision of accurate design guidance to produce a gorgeous and practical residential home runs through all of their tasks. In essence, we are building a house that suits the needs of the inhabitants. Some of the many things covered in our residential design services include designing the layout of a space, choosing the furniture that will go in it, and selecting the lighting fixtures in the room.


Do you ever wish your house would “refresh”? You might need to renovate your kitchen or update the decor of your home as times change. You could also need to build a nursery or have an office as your family grows. You have a wide range of home remodeling projects to pick from depending on the scale, design, and budget. An outdated building could benefit from a makeover to make it more useful. Or replacing outdated furniture with more contemporary pieces in an older home. Alternatively you may completely renovate your house. Our team of knowledgeable residential interior designers in Gurgaon can offer advice whether you only need a few minor changes made or something more significant.

To assist you in creating a better house, Interior A to Z provides interior design and renovation services for homes in Gurgaon. For the greatest home renovation, we combine technological and human components. Our gifted interior designers collaborate closely with you to understand your needs and help you set a budget that works for you. To produce accurate 3D visualizations of their plans, they also utilize cutting-edge technology and home remodeling software.


Uncertain of your interior design requirements? Your demands and concerns can be identified, and solutions can be suggested, with the aid of our design experts and home interior designers in Gurgaon. We collaborate with you to determine what changes you need made to your home and offer residential interior design guidance.

What’s best? A two-way roadway exists. We can explain our own design philosophy and approach to you. We can discuss where we get our supplies from and how much it would cost to design the interior of a home. Any topic you want can be discussed during the first meeting with a team member. If all goes well, it may be the beginning of a committed relationship for us.

We create fees and pricing plans specifically to fit your budget. Whatever your requirements are for domestic interior design in Gurgaon, we can come up with a price strategy that is completely in line with them.


Every step of the interior design process is covered by our all-inclusive solutions. We manage every aspect of the design process in-house, from conceptual design and 3D to construction documentation and on-site technical support, allowing us to provide you with a dependable, comprehensive, and adaptable interior design solution for your home in Gurgaon.

Furniture Layout Optimization

Detailed Construction documents

Concept Design

Construction Review

3D Rendering (in-house)

Vendor Coordination

Material Selection

Assistance with sourcing

Our offerings for a hassle-free experience

Interior A to Z offers you a true “one point contact” service solution for all your interior design needs with our optional turnkey contracting, custom furniture manufacture, and décor and styling offerings.

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Minimalist Luxury Home Interior | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR


Simple Minimalist Luxury Home Interior Inspirations

Generally, luxury homes are synonymous with ornaments and shiny expensive furniture that adorn the interior and exterior of the house. Luxury homes are also synonymous with large and spacious sizes. Is that true? Not really. You can create a simple minimalist luxury house with a beautiful and charming interior appearance even though it has a house size that is not too big.

Here are simple minimalist luxury home interior inspirations that you can apply to build your dream home. Come on, let’s see the review below.

The first inspiration for a minimalist home design, you can create a simple but luxurious home design by choosing a neutral color combination for the interior. For example, for the living room, you can choose a combination of various neutral color tones . Install the blinds to the ceiling to get the impression of a wider space. Of course this will also create a luxurious and charming impression in the room.

For seating, do not have to choose a sofa or a conventional table and chairs. For example, you can choose this wooden bench. The unfinished impression gives a unique touch but still supports its main function as the main part of the social space.

You can apply the concept of open space or open space to realize a luxurious but still simple dream house. For example, between the family room and dining room is only limited by a small table with displays. If you apply this concept, the room will look more spacious and relieved. As for adding to the impression of luxury at home, you can choose a combination of gold , beige, white, gray and black colors.

You can choose soft colors in the bedroom to create a sense of comfort while resting. Not only comfortable and soothing, the dominance of soft colors, such as pastel brown, cream, and white will also make the bedroom look luxurious and charming. You don’t need a lot of ornaments, just a simple interior that fits the portion.

Even though you want a simple minimalist luxury home, it never hurts to create a focal point that attracts the rooms. For example, by installing a black and white painting on one side of the bathroom wall as an attraction.

The selection of ceramics as a floor and wall material can make the interior of the house look more luxurious and elegant. Ceramics are also suitable for use as kitchen walls and floors. The luxurious feel can be reinforced with a chandelier with a golden color. Eating at home feels like eating in a restaurant!

The European luxury home design concept can be one of your references in building a simple minimalist luxury house. This European-style interior combines traditional images with modern nuances. This design applies the concept of open space so that there is no partition between the kitchen and the dining room.

This European luxury home design also looks classic with the combination of the use of white color and high quality wooden furniture. Classic but still modern. Uniquely, the wood used is typical of Indonesia, namely teak.

Not always large and spacious, you can create a minimalist luxury house even though the size is not so big. The choice of the dominance of gray and white in the house will give the impression of being spacious, minimalist, and elegant. Applying an open concept will also make the room look more spacious.

Even though the kitchen and living room are side by side, the kitchen looks elegant with hanging lights. The dominance of gray and white also makes the kitchen and dining room look luxurious even though it is small.

Adding elements of chandeliers above the dining table can make the room look more luxurious and elegant. Choose a chandelier that is simple but in accordance with the decor and concept of the room.

To realize your dream luxury house, you can design a 2-story luxury house with a swimming pool. You and your family can use this swimming pool for sports and entertainment, both on weekdays and weekends. Pleasant!

Creating a space that adds personality with interior accessories | Gurgaon

If you feel tired of the same interior all the time, let’s breathe a new atmosphere into the space with interior accessories. Since changing the structure of the house consumes a lot of time and economic energy, you can create a different space with interior accessories that pop out in the right place according to the change of season or mood. The atmosphere of a space is sometimes influenced by one cute and impact accessory. Let’s give each space its own unique personality with interior accessories that radiate unique charm.

Bedding and fabrics are light materials and can be created in various ways, so they can be changed from time to time as interior accessories. In addition, when choosing everyday objects such as watches or mirrors, it is also noteworthy to use them as interior points that emphasize individuality in consideration of the surrounding environment and style. Plants are also easy-to-use props, and they can become a natural interior element to color the house with freshness. Today, let’s meet the examples of domestic and foreign designers who brought individuality to a space by using various interior accessories through.

Creating a cozy space using fabric accessories

Fabrics with various textures and colors can be created in a variety of ways depending on the design, making them a staple item to energize the interior of the house. The range of use is diverse, such as bedding and curtain sofas, so you can change the atmosphere of a space with different fabrics depending on the season or atmosphere. How about creating a Zen-style space with bedding, curtains, cushions, and cushions designed with an oriental style in mind, a domestic company that reinterprets formative elements such as lines, colors, and patterns unique to Korea from a creative perspective and uses them as interior elements with a modern perspective. You can create a more stylish atmosphere of the space with bedding and cushions with natural colors and luxurious and elegant materials.

Kitchen wall space decorated with cork board

A cork board placed casually on a desk or shelf can become a focal point of the space. A cork board that can easily decorate multiple photos by fixing it with pins or fixing photos or notes with fabric tape, functions as a bulletin board in any space and is used as an excellent interior accessory for space creation, uses genuine cork to create a high-quality, long-life cork board in the  kitchen  space, which brings out the beauty of a cute space. The color cork board that blends naturally with wooden shelves, sinks, and small kitchen accessories adds a warm feeling to the space and completes a natural interior with food recipes, photos, and notes containing stories. Using a cork board to create a small wall decoration with your own personality is another interior tip worth noting.

Bed head with a modern feel using graphic stickers

Usually the bed itself has a headboard, but these days you can often see designs without a bed head. In a bedroom, the bed is an interior element that determines the first impression as it occupies a large area. If the headboard of your bed is too old or outdated, you can use graphic stickers to give your bed a new feel. Graphic stickers are economical and easy to attach and detach, so they are interior accessories that can be completed by you. Let’s use various graphic stickers to give a different feeling to the space.

Wall decoration with clock

A watch goes beyond the meaning of an interior accessory that decorates a house, and it can be said that it is a necessity that is always kept with us for its functional reasons. Depending on the user’s environment, the shape and shape vary depending on the use, such as hanging on the wall or placed on the side table next to the bed. Create a natural and stylish space by arranging watches of various designs and sizes according to your desired style to match the surrounding environment. A clock of the same design, only different in size, was created on the white wall space to create a space with a popping atmosphere. You can create a unique space by using a watch with high functionality and excellent design.

Children’s room with sensual color rugs

Let’s give a point to the child’s room with cute illustrations and sensual color  rugs. Pastel colors and patterns filled with stories are enough to stimulate the imagination of children. Let’s present a square fairy tale world that only children can dream of as an interior element that becomes a point in the space. The amount of time you spend on the floor space can have a positive effect on your child’s emotional and behavioral development.

A beautiful space decorated with mirrors

If you place a mirror on the wall, you can add an attractive feeling to the overall space while giving an expansion effect by reflecting the space on the opposite side of the frame. Depending on the shape of the mirror and the shape or material of the frame, it is possible to produce a variety of feelings, completed a unique presentation by matching an antique mirror with a feminine yet classic shape with a shelving style shelf and an interior ladder. In the form of open storage, the sense of using the tableware and kitchen tools you have as it is as an interior object is outstanding, and the idea of ​​giving a point with a gold-colored mirror frame to the interior finished in white color is impressive.

Design products using lettering

Lettering using letters can often be found in our daily lives. With a combination of various letters, you can use lettering to decorate the interior from small items in the house to wall decorations. Instead of complex images or colorful patterns, the clarity of black and white’s plain and simple lines makes the space simple and modern, presents a unique space with a unique design using lettering. The wall and floor space decorated with lettering on ceramics, flowerpots, and plates is enough to attract attention. The alphabets printed on randomly hung plates seem to contain their own stories, adding a natural feeling by arranging houseplants in black and white neat plates and pots. Let’s breathe new vitality into the space with this design using lettering.

Expression of a lively space using plants

Let’s create a lively expression in the space using plants. Plants can decorate a space more naturally than any other interior accessories, and complete a colorful atmosphere depending on the color and arrangement method. Instead of placing it on a table by placing it in a vase or flowerpot, you can hang it on the wall in a different way to emphasize the feeling of a unique space, created an eye-catching wall space by using wooden cubes to create a small vase that can be hung on the wall. Let’s create a plant with an object that emphasizes this unique design to give a natural and unique look to the space.

A stylish bedroom space created with a frame

You can hang a picture frame that matches the feeling of the interior you want and hang it on the wall to give the room a different vibe. A unique charm was added to the space by using a picture frame made with an old frame suitable for a bedroom with a feminine and vintage feel. The idea of ​​using a frame of various sizes and colors as an interior point stands out in the wall space that is toned down with a more sophisticated and elegant feeling using gray color. It is an interior with a sense of balance by matching pastel-toned pillows with bedding emphasizing a simple feeling with gray and white stripes, white bracket lighting on both walls and directing vases. Various interior accessories are used in the right place to create harmony The directing done is impressive.

Space with lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a space interior. Therefore, it is better to choose the lighting carefully considering the individuality of the space. One of the most important aspects of interior design is lighting. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, but the interior, designed with lighting in mind, gives a special charm to an ordinary space, emphasized individuality in the space by installing pendant lights emphasizing cute knitted rabbit objects on the ceiling of the children’s room. The knit material gives it a warmer and more cozy feel, and the rabbit sitting on a round light bulb has a cute feeling as if it is sitting on the moon as in the title Rabbit on the moon. Give your child’s room a warm and comfortable feeling with this unique type of lighting.


Minimalist Office Design Ideas | Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Minimalist home office design is the perfect style for a home office where focus and organisation are key. An inherent feature of the minimalist design is that it is streamlined and backless, which is very conducive to working. In a minimalist home office, you will find everything you need for a typical home office: desk space, storage space, and a comfortable chair for afternoon work. What you won’t find is extra clutter, useless space, or walls full of decorations. A minimalist home office is by no means boring or unattractive, however.

You will notice a trend in minimalist home office ideas, one of which is the colour palette. The colours used in a home office can vary depending on the tastes of the user, but are mostly neutral colours with touches of texture and pattern. Patterns and textures come from stripes in wood tones, the elegant shape of desks, or the uniqueness of an office chair.

The warmth and contrast can come from the addition of rugs, the type of wood you choose, or even the metallic finish of the fixtures. As with all home offices, the minimal layout and design of a home office should be practical and functional depending on how you are going to use the space. If you need a large area for your work, a large desk is ideal. A smaller office space in an urban studio can simply be a foldable wall desk in a sleek, minimalist style. Wherever your home office is located, the key is to keep it clutter-free and to focus on the lines and shapes of the space.

The real protagonist of a minimalist home office design is the space between furniture and lines; negative space is as important toas the space it occupies. Many home offices require additional storage space. Whether it’s a collection of books or a large number of documents and files, not all of them have to be visible in a minimalist home office design. It’s okay to pick a few more decorative and attractive books to display, but hidden storage is at the heart of this design style.

A wall-mounted bookshelf is one of the minimalist home office ideas, but the main focus should be on streamlining and organising your home office to make it efficient and as distraction-free as possible. not only makes the project successful but also makes the space more effective for you. We’ve put together a library of minimalist home office design inspiration that we hope will inspire you!


Minimalist kitchens that inspire contemporary homes | Gurgaon | Gurugram

The simple kitchen is straightforward to wash and maintain. It’s elegant and harmonious with the fashionable interior. Minimalism helps dilute the remnants of a little also as spacious home. The subsequent simple kitchens will provide you excellent ideas for decorating your kitchen a la mode.

1- With a glossy finish

This adorable little kitchen isn’t only a really stylish space to spend time in, but it’s also a really functional kitchen. See how well the kitchen planner layout the kitchen maintains a triangle between the sink, oven and refrigerator.

2- His coffers are parallel

This minimalist kitchen design is a superb choice for those narrow and long spaces. It’s designed with a mixture of built-in cabinets, ceramic tile walls, wood worktop and board. It’s well lit to make sure a secure working environment.

3- L-shaped

The efficient design makes this kitchen a pleasing everyday experience. it’s decorated during a classic style building. But the inside decoration is decorated during a modern contemporary style. The patchwork design tiled floor injects a touch of color into a white space.

4- Wooden beams on the ceiling

This minimalist style kitchen has received a shocking sophistication because of exposed stone walls and wooden beams. It’s decorated with modern bar stools. Built-in cabinets keep the inside clean and straightforward to manage.

5- Bright and spacious

Kitchens do not have to possess an excellent view. But if you’re located during a beautiful place, cash in of it. Install large windows to not only allow a bird’s eye view of the environment but also to let the daylight into the space. It’ll look more fun.

6- Embellished to the utmost degree

If you’re concerned about how small an area is, then take a glance at this small kitchen. The designer made the simplest use of each sq in of space. Floor to ceiling cabinets help optimize storage. Tiled and plastic floors add some contrast. Consider investing in stylish lighting like those installed within the area.

7- Its lacquered floor is that the most beautiful in it

The U-shaped kitchen may be a very useful design. This U-shaped kitchen is meant during a small space. Glazed windows help to flood the space with natural light. The mixture of tiled flooring and wall decor gives you a cool look.

Minimalist Design Ideas | Interior Design firm Gurgaon

Minimalist design isn’t about what’s in the design; it’s about what’s not. It’s clutter, excess, and decorative details. What there is is peace, order, and pure aesthetics. In aminimalist design, the furniture and architecture they create are decoration and art in themselves, which makes this style really beautiful and unique. While it might seem easy to organise your space, pick a few pieces, and keep everything else, it’s not really a minimalist design.The key to a successful minimalistinterior is to create a calm, simple, and vibrant space while limiting distractions.

The minimalist design benefits from a calm achieved through a few key principles. One of the most important is the colour. Monochromatic colour palettes are a common choice for minimalist designs. It allows for a subtle contrast that creates a calmer energy in the home and can appear more aesthetically pleasing and timeless.Colour is not completely forgotten butused quite consciously as an accent colour or to accentuate a room accent. There is amisconception that minimalist spaces lack comfort.

Comfort is obviously subjective to the person occupying the environment, but minimalist-style furniture is not inherently uncomfortable. Smooth lines, comfort, simplicity, and functionality go hand in hand when choosing furniture for a minimalist interior. Creating an openlayout with a natural walkway and allowing as much natural light into the space as possible is just as important as the decor itself.If simplicity is your thing, then this is definitely the design style for you. Instead of focusing on the decoration and furnishings of the room, sometimes the goal of minimalist design is to focuson the architecture of the house, the view from the window, or the people in the room.

Adding furniture to the project should be functional, constraining in size, colour, and shape, and beautiful. However, they should not dominate. The minimalist design of theis by no means boring, even if it is very sparsely decorated.The materials and shapes usedin the space make up the beauty of the project. Noble wood tones, natural and artificial materials, and patternsplay an important role. Particular attention should be paid to the complementarity of materialsand their presentation throughout the room. The minimalist design, while a bit complex, is satisfying, beautiful, and undeniably durable.