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What you need to know before building a house

What you need to know before building a house | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

I don’t know where to start building a house … If you are such a person, first look at many images of fashionable and copse-friendly houses on this page, clarify the housing design you want to build, and read the “Complete Guide to Building Houses” at the bottom of the page.

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A complete guide to building a house

1.3 Where should I start to actually build or buy a house?

First, choose from four ways how you want to get a house.

Built-for-sale (for-sale) housing A housing in which a

New house and land are sold as a set. A property with a clearly fixed price, quick loan consultation, and immediate occupancy. However, in order to realize a low price, cheap materials such as materials are often used, and many houses are designed to live in a short period of time. It is difficult to realize your favorite house design, and it is difficult to expand because it is a house with fixed standards.

For-sale housing

Land and housing are sold as a set, but at the time of purchase, there is only land. The freedom of house design is higher than that of a built-for-sale house, but the contractor is still decided, and you can choose the one you like from several standard houses. The price is decided in advance according to the standard.

Custom Homes

How to design and build a home from scratch with a major house maker or contractor. You can realize the house you want, you can specify the details such as materials, and you can realize the house you want. It takes a lot of time and effort for meetings.

Newly Designed Homes

Custom- built homes are a way to work with an architect to create a wonderful property that you can’t even imagine, as opposed to working with a house maker or a contractor to create the home you want. As with custom-built homes, you can check the details, and not only can you live with peace of mind, but you can also live with a kind of art. It also takes time for meetings, but it doesn’t take much time because the architect will manage the quality and direct the site. The cost is about the same as a custom-built house, and the contractor is offered by the architect.

1.4 What kind of company will actually build the house?

After choosing what kind of house you want to build, decide who you want to build. There are four types of companies that actually do the construction: design offices, power builders, construction shops, and house makers.

Design office an office

Run by an individual architect or a group of architects. They respond politely to each customer and think about their budget together. There is an image that the design fee is high, but it is possible to build a house together with confidence because it will come up with designs and materials that will fit within the budget.

Power builder

Contractor. It is possible to buy a built-for-sale house at a low price by having a standard house tailored to the local area.

Construction shop

There is always a housing contractor in each area. By knowing the local climate and local habits in detail, it is possible to build a more livable house together.

House maker

nationwide contractor. We are involved in many standard housing, and we are keeping prices down by mass-producing materials. However, the house maker itself does not build a house, but throws the work to a local construction shop, etc., and the introduction fee etc. adds about 30% to the total construction cost, so it is not recommended. If possible, find a small-scale architect or contractor who will be friendly to you and build a house.

1.5 What is the actual process of building / purchasing a house?

After choosing a home sales company or a construction contractor, the steps are different, so let’s introduce each one:

Tour of a model house for sale  → Find the house you want to live in → Apply for a mortgage → Pass the loan examination → Contract with a house for sale → Move in → Monthly payment to the loan company

Visit the model house for sale  → Find the house you want to live in → Visit the land where the model house is built → Find the place you want to live → Apply for a mortgage → Pass the loan examination → Select the function of the house you want to build from within the standard → Estimate → Contract with contractor (down payment) → Enforcement (first and second payment) → Completion (final payment) → Move in → Monthly payment to loan company

Find a place you want to live in a custom-built house  → Purchase land by deciding on a “payment” and future payment method → ​​Find a company (building office, construction shop, etc.) that undertakes custom-built housing → Ground survey → Design → Contractor Contract (down payment) → Enforcement (first and second payment) → Completion (final payment) → Move in → Monthly payment to loan company

Newly designed housing

Find a place you want to live in → Purchase land by deciding on a “payment” and future payment method → ​​Find a construction office → Ground survey → Design → Contract with a contractor (down payment) → Enforcement (1st, 1st, 2nd payment) → Completion (final payment) → Move-in → Monthly payment to loan company

1.6 Don’t be attracted to the low “main construction cost”, the difference between the main construction cost and the total cost

There are advertisements of house makers and construction shops that often claim the low construction cost of the main body, but the construction cost of the main body is about 70% of the total construction cost, and the construction cost of the interior is transferred from the construction cost of the main body separately. Some of them are just for you, so let’s check the breakdown of the main construction cost.

2. Breakdown of total new construction budget


of total budget when building a new house :  Total budget = “land” + “total cost (main construction cost + separate construction cost + miscellaneous costs)” + “maintenance cost”

2.1 Breakdown of total costs:

Total cost = Main unit construction cost (about 70% of total cost) + Separate construction cost (20% of total cost) + Various costs (10% of total cost)

2.2 Furthermore, the breakdown of the main construction cost:

Temporary house installation cost

Resting place for carpenters and craftsmen

Foundation construction costs

Flatten the land or build a solid foundation if the strength is low

This construction cost

of building the main body of the house Indoor infrastructure construction cost: The cost of passing gas and water after the frame of the entire house is completed.

Interior construction cost The cost of actually finishing the interior as designed.

Living equipment installation costs Costs for installing electronic devices such as kitchens, exhaust vents, and under floor heating

2.3 Breakdown of separate construction costs:

Demolition cost If the previous house remains after land purchase, the cost of demolishing it.

Ground Survey Expenses

After purchasing land, dig a hole to find out if the land is suitable for housing.

Ground improvement cost

After the ground survey, the cost to strengthen when the strength etc. is lower than the national regulation

Outdoor infrastructure maintenance

Cost of installing water services and power supplies outdoors

Exterior design / construction costs

Gardens and garden costs

2.4 Breakdown of expenses:

Ownership registration fee & registration license tax

Fee and registration fee to apply for the country when owning land

Loan Guarantee

loan insurance company that pays for a mortgage in the unlikely event that the individual cannot return the loan.

Property inspection (for national use)

Submitted to the country to prove that the property is stronger than the national standard.

Brokerage fee Brokerage fee when asking a house maker Stamp Duty Tax to prove that every application is genuine.

Consumption tax

Consumption tax is also levied on the purchase of a house.

Real estate acquisition tax Tax on purchasing land

Temporary housing costs If you don’t have a place to live until you have a house, the cost of renting an apartment.

Moving cost The cost of moving to a house after it is completed.

New furniture replacement cost 2.5 Breakdown of maintenance costs:

Property tax The tax on holding land and homes, 1.4% of the standard taxable amount of land held as of January 1st of each year, is paid to the country.

City planning tax Tax on building a house in an urban area.

Wait a minute! What you need to know before building a house

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