How do you spend quality time with your guests? | Gurgaon

In order to make your home hospitality fun and light for your visitors, it is necessary to prepare a tight schedule that will be like an entertainment program for the whole day as soon as they enter the house in order to ensure that they spend quality time with your small family.. Here in this article we will give you 6 simple tips that will help you spend a good time with Your guests in Ramadan and make the best use of every moment!

Share with each other some sweets

After receiving your invited guests to your home during Ramadan and welcoming them in your own way, you can take one of them with you in the kitchen to prepare some kinds of sweets together to eat after iftar and share the preparation recipes and ingredients with each other..Of course, the outcome of this participation will be delicious and amazing.

Watching one of your favorite series in an entertaining atmosphere

It is well known that Ramadan is a season of competition for series and creations.. After breakfast, you can enjoy a part of your time watching one of the most controversial series while lying in the comfortable leather chairs as shown in this photo.  

  • How do you spend quality time with your guests? | Gurgaon

Preparing a session in the lap of nature for a cold drink after breakfast

If the invited individuals are a group of young people, you can ask them in a tactful manner to help and participate in preparing an elegant session in the home garden in the lap of nature for a cold drink after breakfast. 

Take them to the terrace and enjoy the breeze

It would be nice to invite your guests as well to go to the  terrace and enjoy the breezes in the fresh air.. Or perhaps you can be alone with the most invitees closest to your heart for a few minutes in a session that sparkles with the spirituality and decoration of Ramadan and open up many interesting discussions. 

Let the kids have a little fun

To control the children in this stupor, you can allow them to go to more than one place.. The first of them is the home garden in order to practice some recreational activities among them.. In the case that young people are taking over the entire garden, then the swings set up on the terrace of your house or in its backyard will be the solution ideal! 

Enjoying the view of the pool and perhaps extending on its banks

Certainly your elderly guests in particular will love this session with the view of the pool, the  dim lighting and its amazing reflections.

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