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I wanted to tell you about the industrial interior design. I’ll give you 14 elements of the industrial interior design. These elements are the ones that I use in my own work as an interior designer. But you can definitely follow some of them in your own home. So if you’re interested, please keep reading this article.

If you’re not yet familiar with my interior design style that I really like is very minimal and modern with a bit of an industrial twist so let’s get started the first element that makes a space feel industrial is the open-plan usually when you already have a property. That has this industrial feel then it’s worth keeping the open-plan it.

It could be an old factory fire station a cinema or even an old auction house what you want to do is keep this open plan, the second element of the industrial interior design would be the existing architectural features.

The industrial feel is usually preserved in all these beautiful old metal framed windows or very industrial heavy doors never lose these elements. You can refresh it. You can give it a fresh coat of paint which leads me to the next point.

So the third element that would make your space have this industrial feel is to look at the existing features. Introduce new ones that match the style for example if your property has these beautiful tall metal windows try to match this style. The color and the proportion and introduce for example new glass partitions within the property.

The usual element that you can see in a lot of industrial properties, these black metal framed doors and windows, doors I loved these kind of dividers in a space because they allow you to keep some room separate but not compromising the open space the open feel of the of the property so make sure all the new features, new architectural, features match the existing ones the use of unusual objects.

These objects will give the space these unique original look musical instruments jazz bass this is actually a Telecaster so putting something like this in an industrial cool space makes it even more special any vintage collectible.

Items can be also displayed as art especially if they back-lit and one of my favorite elements the industrial lighting in any interior design project, lighting plays a huge and very important role I would suggest to use the lighting together with the architectural features for example LED nice strip lighting.

Then you can move on to the beautiful industrial lighting fixtures my absolute favorite for any industrial cool projects is a company called busting punch they have best industrial looking bulbs that you have chandeliers and single bulbs that you can mix and match.

You can hang them in a sort of cluster and this is what I did in one of my projects. I put a lot of different bulbs hanging off the ceiling and you can still see the exposed cables hanging from the ceiling. I think this is a very nice touch the second brand.

I really like is brockets it’s a brand that really pays attention to this craftsmanship and beautiful glass their range of product is very original and I actually love using them on my projects one other type of lighting.

I would recommend for industrial into your design is neon lighting, neon lighting especially cool when you can actually make it bespoke and write your own personal message on the wall the next element of the industrial interior design is black and white art black and white photographs will give the space is this nice artistic look especially.

If you make them really big in my interior design project I often put my own photographs. I take these photographs usually because of the research. I’m doing on the project. These black-and-white photographs usually add this extra level of uniqueness the seventh element of the industrial interior design is an open-plan kitchen for example.

I like to use mix with polished concrete or with some nice metal top to make it bring industrial add some cool barstools and you have perfect industrial minimal kitchen. Contrasting finishes the industrial interior feel likes contrasts, you look at this bathroom. I used only two to three colors. It’s only the black gray and white. It gives you this very strong look. This is actually connected to our next element the limited use of color in the industrial loft I don’t tend to use much color.

I tend to keep everything black and white and complement. It with the neutral colors of the wood the use of polished concrete it’s one of these seamless beautiful surfaces. That are minimal but very effective so for example, if you’re thinking of a cool industrial bathroom. You could actually make it all from .This material and it will give you this great minimal look together with dark almost black fixture stops and everything will give you this really great industrial aloft look the rough wood would make your space feel comfortable and cozy gives any property.

This nice soft touch it creates, this home-like environment the wood that. You use throughout your new industrial looking home should be rough with a lot of texture.

So you can see the vein and also it should have this slightly grayish tone to it. Be careful not to use any yellowish or like the orange woods. I think the grayish tones are the best for the lofty minimal and industrial properties plants to make an industrial love looking more like a home.

You want to add a few plants especially if you make a big cluster of them it make the space a bit more soft and inviting. I’ve put a lot of plants next to the dining area planting some helps in the kitchen or on kitchen windows. It’s a very good idea as well because you can use it. While cooking after in my experience the best window treatments that have this industrial look are roman blinds.

I used it a lot in my project. I think the roman blinds are quite a good idea because they don’t cover the window too much. I think the Roman blinds with a nice fabric. They will complement the black framed windows a lot and last but not least minimal and modern furniture in an industrial loft project I treat furniture as only kind of functional elements.

I tend to put very minimal very simple furniture designed to be a functional piece. So that’s it these are the elements of the industrial interior design. I use these elements in my interior design projects of course every project is different.

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