How to make a perfect garden Best Interior Designer near me
  • How to make a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • How to make a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • | How to make a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • How to make a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How to make a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Everyone will have an idea in their head about what makes their “dream garden”. The pool is absolutely essential! In some cases, you may be satisfied with a simple herb garden. From vast open spaces to small green patches, there are some basic rules for gardening, large or small. Always keep in mind the conditions of the land and the maintenance of personal tastes and tastes. Incorporating your taste can create a positive atmosphere of being “welcome” to both guests and yourself. It is also a place where you can show your creativity by implementing your own design. But keep in mind that the garden is attached to the house and there are some connections between the two spaces. The next section will show you how and how to create your “dream garden”.How to make a perfect garden? | Best Interior Designer near me


Where can I get ideas for gardens?

From modern to Mediterranean, tropical to Japanese, our garden section has a myriad of garden photos where you can draw inspiration and ideas. There are examples for all tastes! And don’t worry, you can also find ideas for small gardens here. Once you find a garden that tickles your fancy mind, you can save the image in your idea book with just one click. Your idea book at Interior A to Z is like a virtual scrapbook. Collect your ideas in this easy and simple way. You can also add text to remember why you like this image and more. This idea book with ideas and inspiration will automatically become your profile!

What can you actually do?

There are many different styles and themes in the garden. It is advisable to reflect your home and individual style in the garden, so it is essential to find a way for you to express your personality outdoors. Then start by dividing your garden or terrace (if any) by purpose and thinking about the materials you want to use. Also consider where to put your priorities: Is you’re garden primarily for growing plants, getting cool, or a playground for children? Just as important as appearance is functionality, so be sure to consider whether your garden works. We recommend planning with gardening professional to avoid confusion. Of course, it’s possible to combine a garden with other outdoor spaces, but it’s easier to do if you think about what you really need in advance.

How do you create a functional garden?

Before you start digging the ground with a hoe, what is the ultimate goal of your garden or outdoor space? Is it necessary for barbecue and communication? Or a place where you can relax alone? Or is a playground desirable? Or is it a Zen garden? If you’re the type of person who doesn’t often stay at home, would you like a garden that’s easy to care for? Do you need a fence in your yard to ensure your privacy? You need to ask yourself all these questions in advance. Another important factor is shade. This means that plants that need the sun and, conversely, plants that are suitable for the shade should be placed in the correct locations. Even in a small garden, you can arrange spaces such as flower beds and a space to settle down. It is also necessary to consider how much the plant grows and spreads, and how much space is available for the plant to grow.

How do you plan effectively?

To plan your garden effectively, you first need to gather ideas, and if necessary, ask a gardening or landscape professional. It is advisable to consult an expert especially if you intend to make major changes to the garden. They are familiar with the careless plants and will suggest the best garden for your lifestyle. With the Interior A to Z platform, you can work on things like rooftop greening and garden ponds, regardless of the size of the garden.

How to decorate and arrange your garden?

In the case of a large garden, you can easily decorate the garden with a free feeling, just like in a house. Umbrellas, chairs, sofas and cushions add color and personality to your garden or terrace. The color of the blooming flowers is also one of the decorations. You can also easily create a garden atmosphere with garden accessories and decorations. For example, if you want a moody and romantic garden, stick to indirect lighting. Or if you prefer traditional or quirky things, something special … for example, setting up a large arch or a space for bathing birds, the ideas are endless.

How can you incorporate popular garden designs?

Nature garden close to nature

Nature Garden is a great way to combine animals and plants. Proper planting, especially with the use of local varieties, can help the local organisms, the ecology of butterflies, frogs and bees. Nature Garden does not use chemicals and waters regularly to grow plants without pruning. The idea is for the garden itself to support itself through soil minerals and insects and small animals that help seeds germinate, helping to create their own mini-ecosystem. This is a great opportunity to protect the environment and educate our children about our precious planet.

Modern style garden

Clear design and layout are paramount when designing a modern garden. It is imperative to divide the lawn, terraces and flower beds at the appropriate level and level. People who like flowers and hedges need to trim properly to keep their shape. It’s also a good idea to add steel or concrete to maximize the modern appeal.

Mediterranean garden

The Mediterranean garden is mainly composed of terracotta tiles and various brown and earth tones. It is a style that strongly emphasizes the characteristics of Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece. Colors such as natural stone, wood, white and light blue also play an important role in forming a Mediterranean-style garden.

Oriental style garden

Japanese and Asian gardens focus on relaxation and calm. Therefore, both the appearance and spirit of the garden need to reflect these feelings. Stones, water and careless plants can create harmony and tranquility. You can also easily set up waterfalls, streams, and ponds in your garden to suit your size. Bonsai and bamboo hedges are installed in the Japanese garden, and the well-planned symmetrical designs are gentle on the eyes and calm the mind.

Zen garden

Zen gardens are a form of Japanese garden that does not use water. A wooden rake is used instead of the actual water to draw a waveform that symbolizes the flow of water on sand and small pebbles. Another feature of this style is the use of the only green moss on gravel and large rocks.

Rock garden

Rock gardens are usually built on slopes and offer great views when viewed from those streets. However, it is dangerous to pile up rocks and stones unplanned, so it is highly recommended to use the help of an expert. Once you have created a complete picture of your garden using limestone, granite, stone slabs, etc. to suit your terrain, you should choose a plant that is resistant to drought.

Any ideas for patios, terraces and decks?

Most patios, terraces and decks branch off from the garden, so these designs should match the garden. There are various options and designs available for flooring. Wood has a warm and friendly effect, while stone creates cool elegance and is very easy to clean and maintain. The final choice depends on your taste and environment.

What kind of garden furniture can I use?

Garden furniture is important not only for its appearance but also for its functionality. Furniture should be comfortable and durable, and remember to pack and store space when the garden is not in use. If the sofa is too mainstream, we recommend a more relaxing hammock or deck chair. Many people choose teak, rattan, or plastic furniture that has high durability and weathering qualities. And young people (or young people) shouldn’t forget the trampoline that creates garden fun and entertainment!

How do you choose the correct plant?

Even if you have a garden design for planting vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you need to understand the soil in the garden and how much maintenance is needed in the long and short term. Do you want succulents, fruit trees, or fragrant plants? If you don’t need care and have a low budget, a rock garden is recommended.

Any other inspirational ideas?

If you have plenty of space, you may want to set up a hut or office. This will be a great space as a second living room, as a personal work room, or as your own secret base to relax! The creative possibilities are endless. You can set up a big pond or swimming pool in the “dream garden” that you always envisioned!

How to make a perfect garden? Best Interior Designer near me

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