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Room Garden Design in Gurgaon

How to Design a room Garden by an Interior Designer

Adding a garden room might be the right solution to making more livable space reception without the necessity and expense of extending. However, adding a garden room isn’t as simple as putting up a shed – there are lots you would like to understand about planning and style to urge it right. Here’s the way to choose and build yours.


Will it’s a headquarters, cinema room, home gym? Perhaps a hobby room or children’s playroom? Or even you’ll use it for outdoor dining when the weather’s cooler, or as a sheltered spot to enjoy the garden from? The answer to those questions will assist you choose practicalities, like whether it’s for year-round use or warmer months only. You’ll also got to decide how sturdily built and well insulated it’ll need to be, and whether you would like Wi-Fi, electrics, heating and lighting.

Consider storage, too. Does it got to include extra space, possibly with its own entrance, for the tools and lawnmower which may previously are stored in your shed?


Garden room costs vary consistent with their size; whether or not they are modular or bespoke; the standard of the materials used; the doors and windows specified; the extent of insulation required; and therefore the interior and exterior finishes. If you choose a bespoke option, this may be arranged for you, but confirm the worth includes connection to mains electricity.


Most garden rooms come under permitted development so don’t need planning permission. However, there are various limits; for instance:

  • Garden rooms must be single storey, with a maximum eaves height of two .5m, a maximum overall height of 4m with a dual pitched roof or 3m for the other roof;
  • They must take up no quite half the world of land round the original house;


The woodwork every two or three years. The foremost vulnerable a part of your building is perhaps its base, so when designing it, leave the movement of air beneath; this may prevent a build-up of damp which will cause rot and decay.


A garden room should be keep with the design of your home and garden, with contemporary garden rooms suiting modern, clean-cut spaces, and more traditional summerhouses perfect for period homes. To make sure the planning is spot on, you would like to urge its position, size and appearance good.


Garden rooms are often positioned anywhere flat and dry, but think twice about where to place yours if your plot is on the smaller side – and ensure its absolute best angle is visible from the house. Never integrate the garden’s only sunny spot, unless your new room has doors that open bent create a sheltered suntrap.

Instead, consider placing it during a shady area where it’s difficult to urge plants to grow; in order that it blocks a view of an unsightly building at the rear of the garden; approximately that it improves privacy within your garden. Think, too, about whether to permit space around or behind your building for access and repairs.


The size of your garden room is governed by planning regulations, but, as a general rule, it should be large enough to be useful and to evolve as your needs change, though not so large it overwhelms your garden or throws an excessive amount of it into shade. To rose visualize its proportions, mark off the proposed boundaries with string or canes.

Rethinking its size? Consider investing instead during a really well-designed garden shed. Consult out buyer’s guide to the simplest garden sheds before choosing yours.


The overall design of the building should complement that of your home and garden, but it’s going to not be practical to mimic the gradient and angles of your home’s roof. Instead, you would possibly wish to believe gently sloping a living roof towards the house in order that the foliage, flowers and wildlife are often appreciated from indoors.

Ask your supplier if they will create a green roof for you as a part of the package – if not, there are many specialist companies who can; all you’ll need may be a watertight roof construction which will take the load.


Tongue-and-groove exterior wall cladding is standard, either pretreated or stained to fit your color scheme. Consider the thickness of not just your walls, but the ground and ceiling, too – thicker or insulated constructions are going to be needed for buildings used year-round. If you would like a structure that appears more permanent, have it brick- or block built and rendered – but bear in mind these materials, alongside large amounts of glazing, will add significantly to the value.


Windows and doors shouldn’t just reflect the design of your house; their size, shape and position should even be designed around how you’ll use your room. So, if you would like much wall space for a desk and storage, for instance, glazing all rounds might not be practical. The spec of the glazing must reflect what proportion – and when – you’ll use the building; a year-round headquarters is best double-glazed, while a summer sunspot will only need single glazing.


Although you would like to reflect the design of the remainder of your range in your garden room, it must be a touch more robust. Flooring, for instance , must get up to continual access from the (often very wet) garden; curtains, blinds or shutters could be needed for shade during a south-facing room; and furnishings may have to be washable, particularly if the space are going to be used regularly by children who won’t consider about going from paddling pool to sofa. If using your garden room as a headquarters, you’ll get to consider heating; an oil-filled or halogen heater will make the foremost sense, since you’ll simply unplug it when you are not in.


Once you’ve chosen a garden room, position outdoor lights and plants to point out off and frame it. You’ll also want to think about decking – inspect our amazing decking ideas for inspiration.

A modular garden room is ordered and supplied in kit form, with some basic elements of customization available, while a bespoke option are going to be designed to suit your space then built on site. With a modular garden room, you recognize up front exactly what you’re getting and for a way much. Most companies that sell kits will offer add-ons, like insulation, door and window options, and storage areas, allowing you to make a somewhat tailored finish.

However, you’ll be fairly limited to what’s on offer in terms of the building’s size and shape – which cannot suit a clumsy plot. However, it’s employment for an experienced DIY with the proper tools – and an additional pair of hands. Bear in mind, too, that the leveling of the location and therefore the construction of the bottom – whether solid concrete, blocks, paving or timber – may be a major a part of the work.

With a bespoke design, whether dreamy up by you or an architect, you’ll get a building that exactly meets your needs, design ideas and therefore the size and shape of your plot. It’ll also allow you to be more adventurous with materials and finishes.

However, unless you’re a budding builder, this is often employment for knowledgeable, which can make the ultimate cost a touch more unpredictable.


The simplest thing about garden lighting is that you simply can focus attention on not just plants, but your garden room, too. The key, however, isn’t to overdo it – only illuminate it subtly as a touch light goes an extended way within the dark.

Inside, approach the lighting as you’d an area indoors, counting on its use. So, if you’re using yours as an additional mensurable, follow our guide to lighting a front room, for example.

Eight garden design ideas that are perfect for your home | Gurgaon

The biggest advantage of a detached house can be found in the outdoor space where you can feel the breath of nature. Among these outdoor spaces, a garden where the cool breeze and warm sunlight stay is the dream of many city dwellers. This is the reason for leaving the complex city apartments and moving to a detached house with personal space and nature.

Of course, the garden is not a space that can only be attempted in a detached house. If you add a little clever idea, you can challenge it even on the roof of an apartment or multi-family house. This is the so-called roof garden. So, this article introduces eight garden design ideas that are perfect for your home.

In addition to light and wind, you need water to grow plants in your garden. Carefully consider the amount of water your plants can grow with just the right amount of light and wind. It is also important to plant plants suitable for the climate and soil. For example, consider the northern limit of plants and choose plants that grow well in your garden.

If you are interested in horticulture, you can create a small greenhouse to artificially create climate and soil. Let’s visit the garden with your own personality and taste based on real cases along with photos.

1. Decorate your garden by building fences and walls with natural stone

The natural stone wall harmonizes with the existing village landscape to create a warm landscape. In this garden, you can prepare a vegetable garden or plant fruit trees and enjoy the joy of harvesting vegetables and fruits. Also, the design idea of ​​creating a flat terrace with a wooden deck stands out.

2. Garden design ideas with water in a small pond

How about a design idea to create a small pond in your garden? The water regulates the ambient temperature to maintain a pleasant outdoor environment. Of course, it is also a good way to grow plants such as water hyacinth and lotus, which grow well in ponds of water.

3. Garden design utilizing gaps and corners outside the house

When planning a detached house, there are bound to be gaps and corner spaces on the outside. The way to decorate such a space as a garden is not particularly special, but you can complete a beautiful and practical garden according to your design ideas, in house design in the photo, is a fence that blocks the eyes of others, creating a private outdoor space for the family. It is a garden where residents can enjoy the advantages of outdoor space while protecting their privacy.

4. Garden design that follows the shape of the site and building

In a similar vein to the method introduced above, there are cases in which the shape of the garden is naturally determined according to the shape of the site and the building. And the floor of the external space was finished with a wooden deck and grass based on the floor plan. The large opening naturally connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to comfortably move in and out of the house.

5. Office Garden Design Utilizing Rooftop Space

This time, let’s think about how to decorate the garden from a slightly different point of view. It is a garden design idea that can be used not only in detached houses but also in public spaces such as offices. It is a garden design that is not inferior to that of a space where you can relieve stress from work and relieve visual fatigue. Of course, this is an idea that can be easily challenged even on an apartment balcony.

6. Indoor Garden Design Ideas for Seniors and Bonsai

Semen and bonsai are long-standing traditions in Korea, China, and Japan. The core of the bonsai and bonsai is to encapsulate the great nature in small stones and trees. If you are a senior and bonsai hobbyist, how about decorating the indoor garden in the picture?, has an indoor garden and contains a natural landscape with cedar and bonsai. A folding glass door separates the garden from the indoor space. In addition, there is a space right next to the place where you can water the plants and wash your hands and feet.

7. Design to decorate the roof garden on the top floor of the apartment

Can’t an apartment have a garden? Although it is a slightly special case, the rooftop garden design stands out in the space on the top floor of the apartment in the photo. It is an apartment where you can enjoy the pleasure of a detached house in the heart of the city. A garden with grass and trees is not lacking as a playground for children and a space to socialize with neighbors. The front opening is connected to the living room, and an awning is installed above it to control the light.

8. Create a living space and garden on the roof of a multi-family house

The last house I visited was a case in which the top floor of a multi-family house was decorated as a space for mothers. As it is a space where mother stays alone, the size of the house was planned small, and the rest of the area was devoted to the garden.

When looking at the front, the left side is finished with stone tiles and the right side is covered with gravel. This saves weight compared to covering the entire floor with soil. The flower bed planted with trees is decorated in the shape of a large flowerpot and installed with lighting to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Ideas for decorating your garden | Gurgaon

Garden design is not all about the choice of plant species. For a perfect landscaping, lighting, furnishings and decorations all need to be in harmony. Try several garden decoration ideas for a creative outdoor space. Today’s article presents garden decoration ideas recommended by landscape architects. Now, let’s find out one by one.

Flower pot stand

Use the pedestal to literally take your garden to new heights. It’s a timeless garden decoration on its own, but works amazingly when combined with garden pots or sculptures. Planting tall plants is one way to add dimension to your garden, but pedestals can also elevate your favorite short plants to show off a proud container design.

Outdoor seating

If you plan to spend your summer working in the garden, how you enjoy it is important. Prioritizing seating in garden decoration is one way. Outdoor seating can be a swing, hammock or outdoor dining area. If only there was a space in the lounge where you can enjoy the garden view.

Soft lighting

The soft lighting enhances the atmosphere of the garden and creates a romantic feeling. It is also a way to enjoy the texture and color of the wood in the evening. If you want to make your garden more special, add soft lighting.

Unique element

Adding unique items to your garden is a great way to change the mood of your garden in no time. In the garden in the picture, a lamp with an antique design reminiscent of a European gas lamp is installed, giving it a unique charm.

Arch and gazebo

Garden arches or gazebos are an easy way to create a sight in your garden. The pavilion is rolled up by vines and can create a more beautiful view. Some garden trees are great if placed on the path or driveway.

How do plants affect your home decor? | Gurgaon

The presence of plants in your home decor has many advantages. According to the art of feng shui, which is a Chinese trend closer to the science of energy and the effect of the energy of things in the decor, plants bring you positive energy and add a touch of vitality and radiance to it. Plants are usually used in open spaces more, and in this topic We’ll show you how the presence of plants affects the appearance of your home.


A simple vase with a few flowers can create a calm and comfortable atmosphere for you in the most room in your house. You should also choose the colors of the flowers that match the colors of the room’s decor.


The kitchen is one of the areas that we must feel comfortable in, because it is a work area, so we must choose the most subtle things in its decor. You can add a vase with a type of flowers that you like in beautiful colors that radiate vitality and positive energy.

The bathroom

The bathroom is a space for relaxation and comfort, and plants make this happen for you, so why not use them in your bathroom? Small vases and simple plant branches if you use them in your bathroom will not cost you anything but will add a bright and cheerful character to your bathroom.


The most common place in the house where plants are abundant is the balcony of the house, but there are many people who do not use this space to make it better. It is not just a space to store things that are redundant, so we offer you this advice from experts so that your balcony is a beautiful space full of comfort and positive energy Put pottery pots with plants you love on your balcony, you can put many types of aromatic ones such as basil or a plant that gives you a beautiful appearance.

Living room

One of the rooms we spend most of our time in is the living room so it must be full of positive energy to affect our mood, so here in that design we find a big vase on the coffee table very clear and eye-catching, on the side we find a large planter by the window, ambiance The room is calming and the plants create a kind of light and cheerfulness for the place.

Office room

The office room is also an area of ​​work space, and it is preferable to have some plants that bring you positive energy while thinking about your business decisions or problems, the result of your decisions will definitely change for the better.

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