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Things to know when designing a roof

The roof is one of the important parts of the house, both to help shield the house under the effects of the weather, and to beautify the house. However, to have a roof that matches the style of the house as well as the choice of materials to be durable is not an easy matter. Let’s find out with the experts .

Things to keep in mind before choosing a roof.

– Style of the house: Determine the style of the house you are aiming for before choosing the roof style accordingly. If it is a villa-type house, the style of interwoven roofs will bring elegance to the house. If a house is in a classic style, a wooden roof or a dark tile roof will be more suitable. Understanding the style of the house will also save you money and time in choosing materials and building styles.

– How much money you have for the roof: Determining your finances will help you make faster decisions that will save you time. This also helps architects design for you in the most suitable direction.

If you have time, you can go online to find out about roof design styles as well as materials that suit your family’s needs and financial capabilities. If not, then ask the architect to design your house directly, they will surely give you useful suggestions along with suggestions on where to buy reliable materials.

Types of roofs

– Slanted roof: A slanted roof is a single roof, one side is attached to the wall of a building and higher than the other, creating a slope for the roof. This type of roof is quite common in warehouse constructions, wanting to expand the porch or have more huts below a high-rise building. Because the roof has a certain slope, it is easy for rain and snow to flow down, not settling on the roof, suitable for places with frequent rain and snow.

– Hipped roof, also known as tower-shaped roof, is a roof type with 4 sides sloping down, with the same slope and relatively slight slope to create balance for the building. Usually a tower-shaped roof will have 2 triangular faces and two trapezoidal faces. The tower-shaped roof is popular in European countries and in India; architects often use this roof for villas or garden houses.

– Flat roof: Today, this type of roof is less popular in residential buildings because it does not bring the luxurious beauty to the house like the two types of roof above and because it is a flat roof, it absorbs more heat, causing heat to the house.

Types of materials when making the roof.


– Advantages:

* Wood is a fairly common material in the design of tower roofs because the material and color of wood bring natural beauty and attraction to help increase the value of the house.

* Wood is known as a durable roof material, compared to the longevity of Asphalt roofing. Wooden roofs have a lifespan of up to 60 years if maintained and cleaned periodically. In addition, being environmentally friendly is another advantage of wood materials because they can decompose on their own without chemical action.

– Defect:

* The first weakness of wooden materials has to do with cost. The cost of a wooden roof can be 5 or 6 times higher than that of a Composite or Asphalt plastic roof.

* Moreover, wood roofing requires a lot of skill to install, so homeowners need to spend money to hire qualified professionals to finish the roof.

* Wood is a material that is susceptible to termites and insects if it is not properly protected, so the cost of regular maintenance and maintenance to prolong the life of the roof is also a problem that homeowners should care.

Asphalt Roofing:

– Advantages:

* Low cost is the biggest advantage of this type of roofing so this is a reasonable choice in the short term for families because this roofing has a lifespan of 12-17 years.

* The installation is easy, does not require a high level of expertise and training, any contractor can finish the roof with Asphalt roofing sheets, so the installation cost is not high.

* Lightness is another advantage of this roofing sheet that can be roofed without any fancy help.

* Various colors and shapes.

– Defect:

*Easily damaged if installed at low temperature.

* Can’t withstand excessive heat because it can cause stretch and crack the roofing sheet.

* Lifespan is not high.

* Not environmentally friendly as it is a petroleum based product. The manufacturing process of this material creates a lot of bad energy that causes the greenhouse effect. This material is also not recyclable or biodegradable.

Ceramic roof

– Advantages:

* Not burned, not harmed by insects.

* Durable over time and cost-free for maintenance.

* Variety of types and colors.

* Defect:

* Very high cost, this is probably the most expensive type of roofing today due to many outstanding advantages.

* Heavy, this material is very heavy and requires a strong roof frame before installation.

* Color fades easily over time.

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