Make your home roof a paradise with these ideas

Make your home roof a paradise with these ideas | Gurgaon

The upper roof in your home can be the best place inside the house that you can use and turn into a dream of beauty. Indeed, the roof area in the house is a very strategic area, if used in a right and good way, it can become a dream inside the house, how is this what we will present to you today in Ideas to make the roof of the house a dream of beauty and distinctive design in your home.

1- Spa for relaxation

The roof may be an area for recreation and spending special moments by designing it in the form of a spa or a health resort, all you have to do is to close the roof and design a distinct spa bathtub , the roof here, as it is clear, has been exploited and closed entirely from wood, and the design of this spa bathtub is also made of wood, And for more storage space and to add all the special tools you need in your spa.

2- Secret Living

The roof may also be a good living area, and allocate a small living room by exploiting it, here the designer made the roof area a living room, he closed it and added that sofa for a comfortable sitting, and the designer also added that small library and provided it with a set of books so that you can enjoy a comfortable sitting while reading your book Preferably, ceiling openings allow natural light to enter the room.

3- To sleep

Another idea that the designer made to exploit the roof area, which is to use it to be a sleeping area, add this comfortable bed and some simple decorations. The roof has become a more than wonderful and very quiet sleeping area. Quiet lighting He always provided these simple lampshades on the sides of the bed to ensure that there is always a source of soft light in the room

4- To work

And another idea for the roof and using it by closing it to be a private area for work, and here, for example, the designer closed it completely and added that small table in the middle, which was surrounded by chairs and this lamp for good lighting, the ceiling, as we can see, the designer closed it through wood and glass to allow natural lighting to pass with Those artificial lights are from down lights.

5- Entertainment

The roof may also become a good area for entertainment, here the designer closed the roof area and used it to be a place where entertainment is priced, he added that billiard table in the middle and also added some comfortable chairs to sit with some artistic touches for decorations.


A galley kitchen derives its name from an extended, narrow kitchen typically found on a train, plane or ship. These small kitchens can sometimes feel crowded and claustrophobic. You can, however, make a galley kitchen seem bigger and improve its efficiency without razing walls. Use professional decorating tips to assist transform your galley kitchen into an area that appears and feels more spacious.


Apply a light-weight paint color to the walls, creating the visual illusion of a more spacious room. Barely beige, soft white or light gray are light paint colors that provide a neutral backdrop for nearly any color scheme. Paints with a satin or semi gloss finish tend to reflect more light, making an area feel more open and airy. Also, you’ll visually raise a coffee ceiling by painting it a few of shades lighter than the wall color. Paint a kitchen ceiling during a shade of white to form it appears even loftier.


Hardwood floors installed lengthwise during a galley kitchen can make the space look bigger. Placing the ground planks horizontally can give the space a smaller, “chopped up” look. Light colored floors, especially people who match the walls and cabinetry, tend to form a narrow galley kitchen appear wider. Avoid patterned floors which will visually shrink the space.

Natural or artificial light that’s reflected on shiny surfaces, like glossy floors or stainless-steel appliances, can make your kitchen seem large and luminescent. Skylights, windows, recessed ceiling lights and track lighting are ideal for providing bright illumination.


Integrated appliances built into kitchen walls and cabinetry provides a seamless look to offer the impression of a bigger space. Stainless-steel appliances provide shiny surfaces to reflect light, emphasizing the sensation of more room. Cabinetry finished in light-colored paint or stain can help create a perception of openness. Glass cabinet doors and open wall shelves help to avoid a boxy, cramped feel.


Keeping your kitchen freed from clutter may be a necessity to form it feels larger. Remove seldom used appliances, dishes and other kitchen items that take up valuable counter space. Accessorizing with a couple of items can leave your counter tops looking neater and your kitchen feeling bigger.

Choose accessories that are useful or aesthetically appealing. For instance, a frequently used kitchen appliance or espresso machine, a bowl of fresh fruit and a vase of fresh flowers make ideal accents for your kitchen counter top.

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