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What makes a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The perfect garden is one that homeowners love to use, but there is no single model of perfection. There are thousands of different ways to create lovely gardens, popular places to relax and entertain. Generally, the best gardens are designed to make the best use of available space. You can count on flowers and shrubs to create clearings of color and can contain tastefully ordered garden furniture. Alternatively, they can be simply minimalist and designed for comfort. The key thing to remember is that by deftly planning a garden using the right styles and a little imagination, anyone can create the perfect garden for their own taste.



Where can I find ideas for creating a garden?

You don’t need to rely on expert gardeners or landscaping television shows to get ideas on how to create a garden. Instead, Interior A to Z has created a very easy way to explore different types of gardens, allowing anyone to plan and build their dream garden. All you need to do is search the Interior A to Z catalogue, choosing the garden design that is most in keeping with you. These can be inserted in the user’s own “idea book”, which saves your favorites so you can see them again later. The “idea book” also allow you to take notes while searching, so that no moment of inspiration is lost.

What exactly can I do with my garden?

What you decide to do with your garden depends entirely on your own imagination, and Interior A to Z recommends that you try to understand your own vision as much as possible. However, all gardens tend to have certain elements in common, whether they are artificial gardens or more natural ones. Almost all gardeners will have to choose which mix of plants they want to include. Do you want tropical flowers to create an exotic Asian garden for the Hong Kong climate, or would you rather try plants from other parts of the world? Popular choices also include ornamental fish ponds and water features such as fountains, but rock gardens, vines or terraces are also common. The perfect mix will depend on you. If you love organizing barbecues, a terrace-kitchen is essential. For garden parties,

How can I create a functional garden area?

The most important thing to remember when planning your garden is what use that space is going to have. Are you going to organize parties and events for children or are you just going to use the garden to relax after a long day at work? Will you have the luxury of a swimming pool, which will require extra pavement? Nature lovers will also want to include features that help animals and plants thrive.

For all gardens, shade and sunlight are key aspects to consider. Think about which parts of your garden get the most sun. These can be suitable areas for terraces or plants that need heat. There may also be space for covered areas to help protect from rain.

What about garden fences?

It’s not the most glamorous aspect of garden design, but all gardens need to be surrounded by strong fences to protect their plants and separate them from neighboring properties. Fortunately, there are plenty of attractive and stylish materials that can be painted to fit your chosen garden style, and skilled gardeners can also train your attractive plants like passion fruit vines to intertwine in your fence. Fences can also be used to create privacy in some areas of the garden, particularly in places like Hong Kong where properties may be too close together.

How do I get effective garden planning?

Planning is crucial to achieving a harmonious and successful garden design, so take some time to analyze the various styles in Interior A to Z before committing to a final design goal. You may also want to get in touch with experts like horticulturists, who can advise you on which plants will work best in your garden, while landscapers can offer aesthetic suggestions to make your garden look its best. If you have a busy life, planning a garden can ensure that its maintenance is kept to a minimum. If you choose the right plants, they can look fabulous, require little water and take up very little of your time.

In what ways can I improve my garden decor?

Of course, there are many ways to use garden decor to make your outdoor areas look great, so explore your options and make the right accessories a key aspect of your garden design. Seating places are a crucial consideration for anyone intending to entertain friends or have a family to accommodate, so invest in the right sofas, benches and hammocks to make your garden terrace as comfortable as possible. In hot climates like Hong Kong, running water is a great way to create a refreshing and relaxing effect, so consider installing a fountain. Garden sculptures are another quick and creative way to make your garden decor superb.

What about ideas for patios, terraces and garden decks?

Good gardens balance natural features like grass and flowers with spaces to sit and enjoy the outdoors, so patios, terraces and decks are great ideas for most garden designs. Decking can be used to smooth the home’s transition to the natural world if you use materials such as hardwoods. However, there is also a chance of stone surfaces or even gravel in some circumstances.

What garden furniture can I use?

Choose chairs, sofas and benches that fit your chosen garden style, but always pay attention to their durability. You can easily find beautiful garden furniture that is made from durable materials like wicker or steel, which will work well and last for years, providing a safe and comfortable way for everyone to enjoy your garden. If you want to make the most of the sun, a strategically hung hammock is a wonderful option for relaxing, along with sun loungers and deck chairs. Two-seats sofas and rocking chairs are a romantic option – especially if they have the advantage of facing your prized flowers.

What other ideas can I use as inspiration to create a beautiful garden?

For some people, the garden space can be a place that helps to stock the kitchen, of horticulture. You may be interested in creating an herb garden to make your dishes even fresher, although shrubs and trees are also easy to grow and the source of delicious healthy food. Other ideas might include storage for your tools, as well as more recreational additions like a swimming pool, a “tree house” or a children’s swing. Essentially, the place you should use for inspiration is your own imagination, so think carefully about that garden you’ve always dreamed of.

How can I recreate some of the most popular garden designs?

How to get it: Nature gardens

Nature gardens are becoming more and more popular. These gardens aim to build the right selection of flowers to attract animals and create wild scenes full of flowers and indigenous colors. Successfully accomplished, these nature gardens can alleviate the need for watering as local plants must be adapted to Hong Kong’s temperatures and rainfall levels. These are also great ways to contribute to the health of your local ecosystem.

How to get it: Modern Gardens

The modern gardens tend to be highly planned, with a high use of lawn and austere lines created by fences and walls of the house. They often include schematic divisions between the different areas of the garden, from the seating area right outside the house to the lawn and flower beds, and they can also include decorative features such as modern art sculptures. Order and clarity are key aspects of achieving a successful modern garden.

How to get it: Mediterranean-style gardens

The  Mediterranean – style gardens typically feature large seating areas and terraces, with prominent use of spotlights as hanging lamps and crossed the vines, giving the garden a tavern environment or oratorio Mediterranean. You’ll have places to lean back, with comfortable places to sit, and other places to take advantage of the sunlight. Expect to see palm leaves in abundance, garden stones with cactus and Mediterranean plants such as prickly pears.

How to get: Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are famous for their artistic use of colorful foliage and for the garden furniture that creates elegant spaces that are as much art as conventional garden pieces. This type of garden tends to have large areas of wooden deck, as well as wooden vases that clearly separate the different floral elements. Gravel and pebbles are also common options for creating borders that highlight every part of a well-designed Japanese garden.

How to get it: Zen Gardens

Zen is all about letting go and contemplation – and Zen gardens are spaces for relaxation. They usually include prominent decks or terraces, with comfortable seating areas and the use of materials that avoid bright, bright colors. Instead, the focus is on purity and clarity. Water can be a key element of a Zen garden, symbolizing the endless flow of life.

How to get it: Gardens with rocks

Rock gardens can be a fantastic way to create colorful arrangements when space is limited. Even in smaller gardens (such as those attached to Hong Kong apartments), a well-planned rock garden can host a wide array of pretty flowers. The types of flowers that thrive in rock gardens also tend to need very little water, making them a less maintenance alternative than other styles.

What makes a perfect garden? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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