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Terrace Interior Design Ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Terrace Interior Design Ideas | Best Interior Designer near me

A terrace is a green wonderland for people who cannot live in nature. Therefore, in recent years, many people prefer to buy houses with terraces or penthouse apartments when buying houses. However, when buying a building with a terrace, there are things to pay attention to in terms of price and regulations. In addition, terraces can be divided into open and closed types. Because the weather in India is rainy and humid, and the summer is hot, the building materials used for the terrace are also a science. In order to ensure that everyone is not clueless when buying and designing a terrace, we have compiled some common sense of the terrace, let’s take a look.

What problems should be paid attention to when buying a terrace?

The price of the terrace

Many people think that the terrace is not included in the certificate of entitlement and should be included in the price, but in fact this is incorrect. When selling houses, terraces are also priced.

Terrace floor

Before buying a terrace, be sure to consider the floor of the terrace owner. For example, if the location of the terrace is on a low floor, the items or cigarette butts of the residents upstairs may fall on your terrace, causing damage to the size and the original purpose of enjoying outdoor life happily. Tune.

Terrace contract issues

When buying a terrace, you also need to pay attention to whether the terrace is dedicated, so you must pay attention to whether the contract clearly states that the terrace is only for your household. In addition, it is recommended that you confirm the contract of other households with the builder, and read carefully whether they have signed the agreement on the contract. The terrace you buy is only limited to your household to prevent future rights damage the situation happened.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of open terraces and closed terraces?

Advantages of open terraces

The open terrace has better air circulation, and it is not too hot and stuffy compared to the closed terrace. In addition, the design without barriers allows people on the terrace to enjoy a wider view, and there is less sense of congestion in a cage.

Disadvantages of open terraces

The disadvantage of an open terrace is safety. If the height of the fence is not high enough, and your terrace is on a high floor, then there is a high possibility of a tragedy of people falling. In addition, although the ventilation of the open terrace is better, if the air pollution in the city is serious, it will make people feel uncomfortable on the terrace. In addition, the open terrace has no covering, and outdoor furniture will get wet when it rains. Therefore, waterproof building materials and furniture must be used.

Advantages of enclosed terraces

The biggest advantage of the enclosed terrace is safety. Most experts or homeowners will choose to turn the enclosed terrace into a glass room, which can be used as a clothes drying area as needed. Even if it rains, the homeowner does not have to worry about going home to collect clothes, and the sun can still shine on the terrace area.

Disadvantages of enclosed terraces

The disadvantage of a closed terrace is that it is not as close to the atmosphere as an open terrace. After all, the closed terrace is a bit semi-indoor concept, and has a covered roof, so the sense of space is naturally not as open as an open terrace.

There are hundreds of styles of terraces, how to choose suitable outdoor furniture?

The terrace is like any space, you can give this area a different appearance and soul. If you have chosen the style of your terrace, you must choose the right furniture to create the style you want. We will provide you with the most suitable outdoor furniture in five different styles.

Modern style

If you like the prosperous city with tall buildings and want to turn your terrace into a modern little bar, then the modern style is the best for you. The texture of metal and glass can successfully create a modern terrace, so we recommend that you choose furniture of these two materials. You can choose a metal or glass table with plastic shaped chairs or stylish outdoor sofa chairs to create your own private small bar!

Country style

The rustic style exudes a simple and lovely taste, allowing people living in the city to imagine that they are in the beautiful countryside, both comfortable and cozy. The most signature elements of the rustic style are the floral fabrics and nostalgic furniture. To create a rustic terrace, you can choose wood antique furniture, or even cracked wooden tables, to create a rustic taste of casual routes.

South Sea Wind

Do you like the laziness and ocean atmosphere of the South Island? Then plan your terrace into a Nanyang style! Wood carvings and stone are the two main points of the Nanyang style, and the materials used in the Nanyang style include logs, rattan, and hemp , Teak, bamboo, bamboo leaves, banana leaves, bark, seaweed and other natural materials, so rattan seats with comfortable cushions and a log table are excellent choices. If your terrace has plenty of space, a wood four-poster bed with a light curtain can make the overall space more flavorful.

Mediterranean wind

The Mediterranean style has captured the hearts of many Indian. If you still have a fantasy of the Mediterranean, it is better to turn your terrace into a blue and white outdoor paradise! The Mediterranean style emphasizes nature and a sense of simplicity. Be sure to avoid too many complicated designs. Wooden floors, wooden furniture, rattan furniture, or hand-made products made of natural materials are all indispensable elements in a Mediterranean-style space. If you want to create a Mediterranean-style terrace, you can choose wood or rattan furniture, or mix and match the two elements.

Japanese Zen style

Japanese Zen style mainly focuses on the concept of life Zen, and its main features are simple lines and deep wood.

Wooden furniture will be the most basic choice. If you want to use other materials, you can try to match bamboo furniture to create a peaceful Japanese-style Zen-style terrace.

What kind of lighting equipment can you set up for your terrace?

Like indoor spaces, the choice of lighting will affect the overall atmosphere of the outdoor space, so this should not be neglected when planning and designing terraces. Next, we will introduce several outdoor lighting options for you. You can look at the characteristics of various outdoor lighting, and then choose the most matching lighting equipment for your terrace.

1. Garden lights

In addition to providing lighting and making people feel more secure, the advantage of courtyard lights is that they can make the entire terrace space more beautiful and highlight the highlights of the surrounding city views. Its height is about 2.5-5 meters.

2. Landscape lights

If you want to make the lighting become artistic and ornamental, then you can choose landscape lights that emphasize the design of artistic lights to make your terrace more distinctive.

3. LED tree light

As the name suggests, LED tree lights look like a tree. The colorful LED tree lights are not only environmentally friendly and have a long life span, they are also very beautiful.

4. Lawn lights

Lawn lights are very important landscape facilities, so if your terrace has a planned lawn area, you can use its unique design and soft lighting to make the whole space safer and more beautiful. If you choose lawn lights, it is recommended to use 36 W or 70 W metal halide sodium lamps with an interval of about 6-10 meters.

5. Wall lamp

The lines of the strong headlights are simple and beautiful, and there are many types to choose from. In addition, the installation process of the wall lamp is very simple, and the maintenance is also very convenient, and does not consume electricity, so it is a very popular choice.

6. Wall lamp

Wall lamps are often used for indoor decoration. If you install the wall lamp on the wall of the terrace, you can choose a bulb of about 15-40 watts to let it emit light and harmonious light, and decorate your terrace elegantly and splendidly.

7. Buried lights

Buried lights are usually buried in the ground, used for decoration or indicating lighting, and are very flexible. Buried lights are available in square and round shapes, so you can choose according to your preferences.

8. Spotlight

Spotlights are used like flashlights, and spotlights are also available in different styles.

9. Spotlight

The spotlight can be aimed in any direction and is not very affected by weather conditions. The beam angle of the spotlight is wide or narrow, and the range of variation is between 0° and 180°.

10. Underwater lights

Underwater lights are mainly used underwater, so they have good water resistance and can only use low-voltage current. Used in conjunction with fountains.

After reading the common problems of these terraces and the little knowledge of design, do you have a more conceptual idea? If you want to have an excellent resting space, we strongly recommend that you decorate this area well for you Decompression of busy life.

Terrace design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

To design a terrace there are several aspects that you must take into account: the materials you are going to use, the shape it will have, how many people will use it and how it will be produced: should it be prepared for barbecues on Sundays or rather for have tea during the afternoons of the week? If you are thinking of building a terrace in your house or you already have one but you hardly use it, this article is for you. Here we collect the essential points so that you can redesign this space and get the most out of it.

Keys to designing a small terrace

Do not worry if you do not have many square meters for your terrace, as this way you can personalize it and make it more welcoming. Before buying the furniture, keep in mind that you will first need:

1.- Delimit the area : As here every centimetre counts, you must perfectly measure the space where you are going to build the new terrace to avoid having to return a grill, a table or a chair because they are larger than they should.

2.- Choose the right materials for the floor and furniture : This is essential: both the floor and the furniture will be exposed to the elements day and night, so they must be made with materials resistant to different weather conditions. If not, they can become discolored or rot, and you will have to change them sooner rather than later. In this case, we recommend you not skimp on expenses and bet on quality.

3.- Protection : Being an area exposed to the outside, it is essential to have an umbrella, pergola or protection against rain, sun or wind. This will prevent you from canceling your plans for not predicting the forecast.

4.- Good lighting : The terraces need, especially at night, lighting that makes them cozy and gives them charm. With the correct use and amount of light, you can create different environments according to what you are looking for for each occasion; for example, a corner with soft lanterns or dimmers for romantic nights or garlands and lanterns for celebrations.

What materials are more resistant to inclement weather?

Before we mentioned the importance of choosing good materials for the furniture and the floor of our terrace if we want them to last us over time. Here is a list of the most resistant materials so that you can choose the ones that best suit your pocket and your lifestyle:

Wood :

This wood native to Asia is known to be very hard and resistant to any type of weather. To maintain a teak furniture the process is very simple: you just have to clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap and every so often apply teak oil to revive the color. Its “but” is the price, but at Interior A to Z we consider that it is an investment that is worth it, especially if you live in a warm place (it can withstand heat very well).

Bamboo : Bamboo is one of the most sustainable woods you can find: its roots block desertification, reduce the greenhouse effect and do not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers for its growth. Furniture made from this material is quite durable, and has the advantage that it does not need to be lacquered or painted. However, its price is also quite high compared to synthetic materials.

Rattan : Its elegant and modern designs have made this material one of the most demanded for the manufacture of outdoor furniture today. Its price makes it a little more accessible than teak and bamboo, but its resistance is also lower: we must avoid exposing them to excessive rain or sun because they lose their shine and deteriorate. We can also find the synthetic version, which does not require so much care and you can hardly see the difference with the natural one, but it is much cheaper.

Metals :

Aluminum : Aluminum is well loved for its versatility and pocket accessibility. In addition, nowadays you can find an infinite number of designs and colors of outdoor furniture in this material, so it can be adjusted to all styles. However, you have to be careful because it gets very hot and cold in summer and winter respectively, so the use of a cushion or cushion that protects us from direct contact is practically mandatory.

Wrought iron : Its composition makes it resistant to rain and snow but not so much to humidity, which means that it requires continuous maintenance with liquid wax and antioxidant. Their industrial appearance is perfect for modern terraces, but it must be taken into account that they tend to be quite heavy in general and that they overheat very easily in summer.

Steel : This material is recommended for exteriors due to its durability, although it can be a bit expensive for the average. It is heavy and antioxidant protection must be applied frequently to keep it looking new.

Synthetic materials :

PVC : It is the cheapest in materials for terrace furniture, but also the least resistant to the elements. It is usually used mainly in pool and beach furniture, since it requires little maintenance. Check the quality with your supplier – we don’t want them to melt in the sun!

How to decorate a terrace on a budget

Many people consider that designing a terrace requires a significant investment, but here are a couple of decorating tips that show that not only do you not need a lot of money to do it but you can also help the environment with it:

Furniture with pallets : This type of furniture has become increasingly popular in recent times and the good thing about it is that you can make it yourself. The pallets can be obtained very easily, even without any type of cost. Just ask in factories and warehouses or in your trusted store; Surely before closing time, you will find something.

Flowerpots made with glass jars or plastic bottles : This is another idea that lovers of recycling love. You can recycle glass jars and transform them into pots for your terrace or create an original vertical garden using only plastic bottles.

If you liked these ideas, visit  our DIY (Do It Yourself) section of the magazine for other inexpensive terrace decorating tricks.

Terrace design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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