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The task of choosing home decor may seem easy and simple, but as soon as you go through the first stages of selection, you discover that reality is not as easy as expected, and the reason behind this difficulty is the constant confusion between the practical or the most elegant choices of people, but who said that you have to sacrifice one of them in the stage of choosing the decor? There are some modern ideas that give the opportunity to reach the perfect interior design through the perfect equation between the aesthetic aspect and the functional aspect. Today we will show you practical and elegant decorations that will inspire you to renovate your home without the huge costs.

Extended gypsum formation

The form of gypsum is a large part of the modern interior decoration industry because of its flexibility that enables you to achieve different shapes without the need for large sums of money, and today it is possible to use gypsum boards extending between the ceiling and the wall as we see in this design.

What this idea achieves is to add a visual dimension to the space and create a link between the different decor elements with a simple touch that doesn’t cost much.

Distinctive distribution of open space

The open space has become a feature of many apartments recently due to the wideness of vision it allows and the spaciousness left in small spaces, but methods have emerged to employ this method on the void to reach the most distinctive and dynamic decorations, in order to reach a distinct void you have to give up any restrictions and do By studying the distribution of furniture freely, such as the bedroom here, which followed a new form of open space.

  • Practical and elegant decorations that inspire you to renovate your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR
  • | Practical and elegant decorations that inspire you to renovate your home | Gurgaon | Noida
  • Practical and elegant decorations that inspire you to renovate your home | Gurgaon

The spaciousness of the white

Kitchen units in white color are one of the most decorations that combine practicality and beauty, because they fit small spaces and always add spaciousness, which makes the space appear more joyful and brilliance, and this is one of the decoration phenomena that will not be outdated because of its ability to adapt to all styles. different.


The dining room here was created by the  designer when he decided to hide it behind a hidden sliding door, and this is a great idea for anyone who prefers homes that preserve the privacy of individuals as a primary goal in his design, and the goal was achieved here with a modern touch that raises eyebrows as soon as the door is opened from the word of the design.

Smart bed structure

Who wouldn’t prefer having extra storage space without having to compromise on room space? It is a task that may seem impossible, but in the bedroom in particular he finds clever ways to achieve it by using the furniture to be a double sofa, like this bed that turns in seconds into a large storage unit when opening the drawers.

Double wall

This distinctive wall visually separates two different functions without blocking the natural light from either, and is a smart and easy way to implement many different functions.

The return of the integrated cupboard

The cupboard extends until it covers all the walls in the morning and always strongly in the bedrooms, but this ball came back with simple modern designs that do not cause visual disturbance with the presence of different materials that fit the character of the void.

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