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Things to know to have a beautiful and cost-effective dressing room

Changing rooms are not too new for modern houses in Vietnam. This space is like a separate space between the bathroom, toilet and sleeping place… However, not every family has this special room because many people still think that these rooms are only for large families or famous stars with a huge amount of clothes. This article will help you change that mindset and also give you some suggestions so that you can refer to your house with limited space. First, advises you to seek the help of experts in this field if you do not have knowledge of architectural design. The cost of hiring an architect is not too high, but it saves you quite a bit of time and has a satisfactory dressing room.


Next, pay attention to the following:

– In the condition that the area does not allow, it is not too difficult to reserve a space for the dressing room, you just need to take advantage of the small spaces or you can also choose the missing corners of the room to design the space. In this case, choose shelves, shelves, and hangers for clothes instead of bulky cabinet systems to help open space, avoid mold and create the most comfortable for users. . When thinking of ideas for a small dressing room in the rest room, you can choose a partition that is a glass wall, decorative wall or bookshelf, screen, curtain…


– An important factor when designing a dressing room is to arrange shelves fully according to the function that needs to be used in a neat and scientific manner. A dressing room should have shelves for sundries, clothes hangers, shoe racks, accessories, etc. to help keep things organized. Another extremely important factor when creating a dressing room is light and humidity. You should ensure the right lighting for the dressing room by installing lamps. Besides, please use different ways such as: anti-humidity medicine, desiccant … to balance moisture, avoid clothes and shoes from being moldy due to limited space.


Light in the dressing room

This is a very important factor in the dressing room, both making it easier for people to see when choosing and changing clothes or other accessories, and helping to make the space more open and bright to avoid diseases caused by a room. Moldy, dark make clothes and accessories easily damaged. Here are some suggestions to help you ensure the lighting in your dressing room is also economical and beautiful.


– Install more light bulbs for the drawers that you often use to make choosing clothes every day more convenient. In such places, you can use CFLs (Compac bulbs) to save electricity and get lighter.


– If this room has an outside wall, think about installing more windows to take advantage of natural light for the room. The changing room will be more airy, avoiding mold if there is natural light in.


– If your dressing room is on the top floor or attic, using solar-powered lights is the most suitable option. The lamp has a metal surface and reflects natural light from the roof to the interior of the house or closet. This type of lamp will also help you reduce your electricity costs by lighting with natural light.


– If your wardrobe and shoe cabinet is a system of many storage compartments, you should install lights inside the compartments. When the lights are arranged between the compartments, it not only makes the room more luxurious but also helps to create a convenient system for the cabinets.


– Choose light colors that are gentle and not harsh to create comfort when choosing and changing clothes.


Cost of designing a dressing room.

To have a beautiful dressing room, you do not need to spend too much because the dressing room has a simple design and furniture; mainly the cost comes from shelves and cabinets.


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