Great ideas for dressing rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The current spaces of the apartments are getting smaller, but we can create from some unused spaces a dressing room , to provide us with a part of the bedroom space, you will not need a large space, all you have to do is analyze and distribute the spaces well.

For example, you can use one of the corners in the bedroom and design it as a dressing room. Study your home well and decide where you will design it and look at these designs, perhaps they will inspire you with something.

1- A dressing room with magic touches

What do you think of this design?, Practical and comfortable to the maximum, and despite its simplicity, it has its own charm. The functional shelves were decorated very skillfully, as the experts used boxes to keep clothes inside, in addition to the wooden hangers that broke the white dominance of the room .

2- Very trendy

Another design is completely contrasting with the previous one, a very modern dressing room that relied on different materials from the previous design such as concrete walls and metal shelves, but always remember if you want to rely on this design in your home, you must choose transparent materials for some shelves so that the result is not too rough.

3- A room or a basement?

This gate reveals to us the dressing room that looks like a basement in the house, but this design ensures that your clothes stay away from dirt and dust. This is not the thing that attracts attention, but the wallpaper on the wall as you enter it is consistent with the colors of the design.

4- Completely white

Was renovated floor can certainly not to their former owners to imagine after 50 years that one of their rooms will accommodate a dressing area wonderful that we see on these lines, although the space depended on the white full , it is not boring, nor sterile nor cold. The shapes and materials have been duly chosen and the result is amazing.

5- Another room in the house

If your house is large and you have a room that you don’t use, you can use this picture to design it as a dressing room, you just need to use your old furniture and design a set of very simple shelves.

Great ideas for dressing rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Great ideas for dressing rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Great ideas for dressing rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • || Great ideas for dressing rooms ||

  • Great ideas for dressing rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Great ideas for dressing rooms | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Amazing ideas for decorating your dinner table on New Years Eve

A pretty Christmas tree with glowing lights and scattered gifts is one thing, but a perfectly designed Christmas dinner table is quite another. After all, you want this celebration to be a highlight of the holiday season, right? Then it all boils down to how to treat that table and its accompanying decorations, so, to make your Christmas dinner even more special this year, let’s see how to decorate your table in style like the professionals.

Use fabrics

Don’t leave the table until the last minute, we understand you may need it for Christmas prep ie gift wrapping, but always make sure to beat the rush by finalizing it before Christmas Eve. This will ensure you have enough time to focus on last minute issues like realizing that you don’t have enough chairs or boards, for example.

Start by covering your table with a cloth and this is not only for the aesthetic value, but also to protect the dining table from spills. And remember, you don’t need to choose the best bedding to make your Christmas table look great. Even something as simple as a piece of paper cloth can be stunning with the right colors and accessories. Just make sure whatever cloth you use is properly ironed even the paper for a neat look.

Technical details

Here you can start sketching out the look of your dining table using charger plates or place mats. For a quick handling solution, take a sheet of A3 size white paper. Fold this in half and fold it again. Cut small shapes out of the paper through the layers before unfolding. Cut out the cut sheet in order to set up the decorative snow effect.

Trip arrangement

After adding the main dish knife and fork knives on both sides of the charger plate, starter knife and fork on the outside, dessert fork on top with handle showing left, and spoon on top of that with handle right, slide on centerpiece.

Festive wreaths are always a winner and can grace the dinner table in style by providing color, texture, and pattern to their centerpiece. Don’t forget to add some strong arch candles of different sizes and place a heat resistant mat under the centerpiece. And always keep foliage away from flames. If you’d rather not watch a fire during Christmas dinner, we recommend battery-powered candles which can look just as amazing as the real version.


Another more contemporary idea is to place mirror tiles in the center of your table and decorate it with a variety of glass candles in different shapes and sizes This mirror is perfect for accentuating the soft glow of candlelight for a magical ambiance Surround this centerpiece with some ornaments that enhance your color palette Some festive foliage Optional If you don’t want the setup to be too subtle and minimalist, got a seating chart in mind?

Place cards are a great way to ensure strangers are seated next to each other, creating the potential for new friendships. But instead of a simple place card, attach a name card to each Christmas cracker, or write each guest’s name on a trinket with a light-up marker before placing it on a plate.

Napkins and tapes

As for the napkins, you can be as delicate or delicate as you like, which is the great thing about being the host! To keep it simple, wrap those napkins with napkin rings or tie each one with a pretty ribbon. To impress your viewers, we suggest looking for a YouTube video of incorporating your napkins into elaborate shapes like hats or turkeys.


We understand Christmas crackers are traditional, and that for some people, a Christmas dinner table might look like a variety of underdone crackers, but if you don’t want the extra cracking noise, just take a chocolate bar dipped or linen covered to mimic a cracker. traditional. No matter which route you go, just make sure your real or fake cracks coordinate with your color scheme and color scheme.

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