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Kitchen decor

In modern times, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking. You can even use your kitchen to spend time with your loved ones. Whether it’s for dinner or enjoying cooking with the kids,. And if you invite your friends over for dinner, you can chat with them all in your kitchen while you cook. But for those who are in a big family and living together,. Your kitchen can also be unusual with a little attention.

This requires that your kitchen be more open so that people do not bump into each other while cooking and talking. That’s why built-in appliances help you make the most efficient use of space in your kitchen. A spacious and stylish kitchen with great functionality can be a pleasant addition to your life. You decorated and cleaned the kitchen Here are some suggestions on how to look for or get an appointment for a built-in kitchen.

Built-in kitchen

So the question arises as to whether the built-in kitchens are able to meet your standards. Because these kitchens are difficult to expand over and over again. So your kitchen should already be such that you don’t have to worry about it in the future. So if you’re worried about your built-in kitchen, stop worrying now. Because built-in kitchens are also designed to easily meet your future needs,.

Keep the kitchen clean

The most important thing is to keep any kitchen clean. And one of the special features of built-in kitchens is that they are easy to keep clean. Built-in kitchens are easy to keep clean thanks to their smooth design. Their walls have low-tip and crane designs, where there is a high risk of dirt accumulation. So it’s easy to keep it clean.

Nowadays, in the modern era

Nowadays, kitchen utensils have also increased in modern times. Everyone wants to have everything they need in their kitchen. While these need to be present in the kitchen, it is also important to have a suitable place to keep them. Most housewives seem to be concerned about the lack of space in their kitchens, which makes it difficult to keep essentials. This is why it is unsafe to build a built-in kitchen in your home, whether it meets the kitchen utensils or not, especially if you use an oven and oven in your kitchen. If so, don’t make it difficult to adjust. So we tell you that the built-in kitchens are designed with all your needs in mind.

Spacious kitchen

If your home is spacious,. And if you want your kitchen to fit your home and the appliances in it to suit your home appliances, then these kitchens meet your needs. The kitchen of this house is of special importance when it comes to buying or selling any house. This is a room whose texture and decoration are of special importance. Making dishwashers and cabinets in these kitchens is a good idea.

Your kitchen

If you own a small kitchen. And if you need encouragement for cooking, an oven under construction can be appreciated. This simplifies all the steps, from making a new dish to heating it. In addition, built-in kitchens can be fitted with a wall-mounted oven to increase their efficiency. It also uses less space in the kitchen. And you don’t have to worry about using it.

Can you imagine a house without a roof? Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

Can you imagine a house without a roof?

Place a piece of white paper on the desk and hold the pen. And let’s draw the simplest house. Most likely, many people will paint the roof and walls without exception. As such, the roof is an essential element when constructing a building. From the moment humans came out of the cave and started building their houses, the roof has been the most important element in shaping the living space.

The roof blocks rain and snow and creates a pleasant indoor environment. When the primary purpose of a house is to protect the human body and property from the harsh natural environment, the proportion of the roof in the house increases. Can you imagine a house without a roof, for example? So, when we distinguish the inside and outside of a house, we judge it by the presence or absence of a roof and walls.

Of course, roof designs can be divided into certain categories according to their numerous shapes. Furthermore, depending on the structure of the building, the shape of the roof may change. And in today’s construction market, roofs are used to realise green house ideas. Think of the roof as a space and use it sparingly.

In fact, technological advances change the order in which buildings are built. Whereas in the past, the roof was the last decorative element of a building, in today’s prefabricated houses, the roof can be pre-assembled and joined to the body with a crane. Furthermore, in atypical architecture, the wall becomes the roof, and the boundary blurs. And yet, every house still needs a roof.

What kind of roof will suit my house?

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of roofs. In Korea, the roofs are usually used as a standard to classify them, but the interesting thing is that similar roof types can be found all over the world. Now, of course, computer programmes can easily create undulating roofs.

So what kind of roof is right for your house? The most common roof that can be considered is a gable roof with rafters interwoven in the letter S. In most cases, you may have drawn a gabled roof on paper in the first question. Or you can think of a right-angled roof with the top of the gable slightly tilted.

However, there are also numerous roofs, such as octagonal roofs, outer roofs, and flat roofs. So, first, think about what your house is like. For example, in reinforced concrete structures, a flat roof may be a simpler solution than other roofs. Which is a kind of heavy wood structure, the octagonal roof can show off its elegant appearance.

Next, consider the overall surrounding landscape. If there is a beautiful mountain spread around it, it is better to reduce the size of the roof and harmonise with the landscape rather than covering it. Also, rather than a roof that gives a sense of intimidation to an adjacent building, a small roof with a natural expression approaches it affectionately.

What precautions should be taken when installing a roof?

There are a few things to keep in mind when constructing a roof while completing your own home. First of all, the height and shape of the roof are important. For example, on a site with height restrictions, the height of the roof is important. Usually, the height limit or roof shape is determined by the surrounding landscape or the direction of sunlight.

In India’s building law, there is a provision for the establishment of the North Korean government. This is a provision of law that guarantees that houses located in the north receive sunlight from the south. Therefore, it is easy to find a case where the north corner of the high-rise buildings in a residential village where houses are densely clustered is cut off at an angle.

Next, the weight and purpose of the roof should be carefully checked. The amount of snow and rain that falls varies from region to region. In areas with a lot of snow, it is necessary to calculate the load according to the amount of snow and plan the roof with a strong structure that can withstand it. Of course, depending on the situation, it is also good to install a snow guard (a type of clamp that prevents the hard ice or snow from suddenly pouring on the roof) to ensure the safety of users.

In addition, if you are in an area where it rains a lot, you need to finish the roof more meticulously. This is because the roof is the first place where rainwater falls and where it leaks first. Therefore, it is important to accurately understand the climate and weather and choose the material of the roof. Consult an expert on whether to put a tile on the roof or install a single one.

In addition, the space under the roof tends to become a warehouse for storing unnecessary items. In this case, add some clever design ideas to the space under the roof. For example, set up a media room for your family or a space for your hobbies. In a house with small children, the attic is also perfect as a children’s room.

How do I find a roofing expert for my home?

How can I find a roofing expert for my house among so many experts? If there are people around you who have built houses, let them introduce you to a professional. What’s more, it’s even better if the person is a relative or trusted friend. Explain your design to a roofing expert and complete the beautiful home.

Anyone can feel that the realm of roof construction experts and general construction technicians is ambiguous. However, a roofing expert is a person who completes the perfect roof based on his knowledge and experience. What’s more, the local roofing expert will have an accurate picture of the climate and weather.

Sometimes a phone book and an Internet search are good answers. Contact a building contractor in your phone book or find a roofing expert. Of course, the simplest way is to connect with an expert here on Interior A to Z. Why not seek expert advice at this link?

Energy-saving home design challenges with a roof

There are some good design ideas to try with the roof. The roof is the space that gets the most sunlight in the house. Therefore, the design idea of ​​creating a skylight on the roof is applied in a narrow house that utilizes a niche space. But there are ways to go one step further and complete an energy-saving home.

Nowadays, it is easy to find houses with solar panels installed on their roofs. How about using solar panels installed on the roof to warm indoor spaces, provide water, or generate electricity? Let’s use the infinite solar energy to save on heating and electricity bills. Of course, installation costs are high in the short term, but it is a way to save money in the long run.

In addition, the roof must secure high thermal insulation performance and induce smooth ventilation. Indoor hot air collects on the highest roof, and if it is not properly discharged, it is likely to create a stuffy and unpleasant indoor environment. Of course, if the outside temperature is transmitted as it is, the inside will be cold in winter. Let’s focus a little more on the roof and try to design an energy-saving home.

Design ideas to create the perfect roof

A perfect design for any space comes from thorough planning. First, think about what the house you want to complete will look like. Sometimes, you also need the wisdom to record this with sketches and writing. The accumulated ideas are a great help in communicating with experts. Similarly, consider a perfect roof.

Why not meet an expert on interiors from A to Z? They will give you generous advice on getting one step closer to the perfect roof. From the basic roof shape to legal considerations, the world’s most perfect roof is created by adding delicate design sensibilities and meticulous touches. Search for a wide range of roofs right here and contact an expert directly.

Can you imagine a house without a roof? Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

How to apply feng shui tricks in your home decor | Gurgaon | Noida

You’ve probably heard of feng shui, and you may be drawn to the idea of ​​applying it to your home, but don’t know exactly where to start. To do so, we decided to dedicate an entire article of thoughts on the rules suggested by this Eastern philosophy for bringing positive energy into the interior spaces of your home.

Feng shui originated in ancient China about three thousand years ago, and its literal translation is wind and water, the two basic elements in nature. Discover with us some simple ways to implement it in your home through this book of ideas.

1. Transcend narrowness and leave spaces

The Feng Shui philosophy suggests organising spaces and arranging the space so that it is not overloaded with furniture or decorIt is important to make room for circulation and movement, which will serve to ensure the flow of energy, avoiding causing visual pollution to the residence. Then the energy will circulate freely in our homes, and people will feel pleasure and comfort.

2. Botanical elements

The presence of plant elements in the home is a good sign of feng shui philosophy. Flowers, plants, and living things help to create an atmosphere of positive energy. In addition to being wonderful decorative elements, feng shui elements have been attributed to the plant’s ability to absorb negative energy that may be present in the home. Therefore, feel free to place some plants in the living room, at the entrance to the house, or in the kitchen.

3. A luminous space

We must not neglect the lighting of the house. Feng shui also plays a major role in trying to avoid dark areas in the house, and it includes bright lights in those different places in the house. Feng shui urges us to adopt the natural lighting of the room and allow sunlight to pass through windows and doors, so it is good to put transparent curtains to decorate the room and let in light shadows.

4. Colour Care

You probably know the powerful influence of colour on our emotional and psychological state, and therefore it is important to know how we apply colour in different areas of our homeFeng Shui also takes into account the psychological factor of colour when making the rules for decorating different rooms in the house based on their exact reflection and which one is best to use in different environments.

5. Plural balances

Feng Shui recommends the use of light and neutral colours as a base for decorating spaces and is able to bring peace and tranquilly to the environment; however, it also indicates that it may be appropriate to give freshness, liveliness and character to a stay as proof of more vibrant colours on  furniture  and decorative items (pillows, blankets, utensils pottery, ornaments, etc.)

6. Keep the house tidy

An organised house means ensuring that the house is filled with the energy that Feng Shui seeks to achieve, so we must get rid of everything redundant or unnecessary. You can take the opportunity to sell or donate it so that the space in all rooms of the house becomes clear and you can get a lot of energy. It has been put into practice that less is more for your home, in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui.

7. Space..!

The Feng Shui philosophy is based on the conscious functional and harmonious harmony of space and then applied in decoration. It seeks to achieve a positive impact on the people who occupy it, and to have a full house full of positive energy, it must always be clean and tidy, considering the positive and negative effects of space.

8. Sanitary ware

The techniques proposed by Feng Shui affect the place we see, in addition to well-organizing the space, design elements, and colours, and seek to ensure the well-being of the people who live in the house. The application of these rules to improve emotional, financial, and health occupational problems, according to eastern belief,.

Wood is also a very valuable natural material for feng shui to use in different parts of the home.

9. Have a pet!

Finally, note that feng shui supports the idea of ​​having a pet in the house and considers it a guarantee of a good increase in energy. Thus, this philosophy holds that the atmosphere at home would be better if we had a cat, dog, rabbit, or other pet in it. So, if you are an animal lover and want to have them around the house, you will now have another reason to live with them.

Interior Design ideas regarding Kitchen | Gurgaon | Gurugram

One of the most delicious activities at home is cooking. Gathering loved ones in the kitchen, organising lunches with friends, and trying culinary novelties is always a great way to create memorable, if not special, experiences that will certainly be part of the history of the home.

And for these culinary experiences to be cultivated, nothing is more essential than choosing to have at your disposal a rustic, cosy, and functional kitchen, which can create an even more pleasant atmosphere whenever the meetings have a date and time.

Therefore, today we have separated a small list of 7 rustic-style kitchens, where, in addition to finding great references for the organisation of space, you will also observe perfect solutions for decoration, where every detail employed by professionals made all the difference.

Creative and economical

We started our list with this kitchen that takes the sighs out of anyone who is passionate about creativity. With smart and economical solutions, the project takes advantage of great cycling and DIY solutions so that the rustic look is incredible.

Bottles with a cut-out bottom, walls of chalkboard paint, bricks, and a counter designed with demolition wood are some of the points that make the result absolutely inspiring.

Well organised

A well-organized environment is the main secret to making culinary activities as pleasant as possible in the kitchen. And as a great example of this, we have this beautiful project, where the bar divides the spaces, the light colours allow excellent use of natural light, and the wooden details reinforce the rustic aesthetic of the project. The result is simple, but wonderful.

Ready for everything

Whoever has a large family or loves to invite a large number of friends to share culinary experiences knows how important it is to have enough space to house a good number of people without the kitchen going into chaos.

Therefore, we brought this beautiful rustic project where wood uses all its personality in the furniture and ceiling. The earthy ceramic floor complements the scenery very well. Another point worth mentioning is the result of excellent planning for the counter.

With barbecue

Every self-respecting person loves a good barbecue. Therefore, the idea of ​​having a gourmet kitchen or balcony equipped with a good barbecue is always welcome. So knowing this, we brought this project where the red brick walls and space with counter and sink configured a perfect result for integrated spaces outdoors.

With colourful touches

Small details make all the difference in the kitchen decor. As we know, the choice of light-coloured elements is an excellent solution to take advantage of natural lighting, and the presence of wood is perfect to enhance the rustic style.

But, for those looking for vibrancy and creativity, the solutions with coloured coverings or pendants, as noted in this project, are excellent. With this, the kitchen gains a cooler look and certainly provides an even more interesting environment for any activity.

Well lit

The more naturally lit the kitchen, the more airy it is and the more pleasant it is to use it. So we chose this beautiful project to show how important that choice can be. The use of doors in blue contrasting with the yellow counter ensures vibration and creativity in the scenario, which, with the printed floor coverings and backslash, is even more special.

Covered with wicker

Finally, we highlight the use of alternative, light, and elegant materials to create a good rustic kitchen. This is the case of this beautiful project, where the wicker cover provides lightness and complements the scenery very well with coverings combining ceramics and red bricks. The open and perfectly ventilated space brings an impeccable result for gathering family and friends on memorable occasions!