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What does interior Designer Do ? | Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Living room floors as beautiful as they are resistant Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Now many people are confused by this because they think – couldn’t anyone be an interior designer? Well of course many people and actually. I would argue most people could have good design sensibilities and creative ideas. But to become an interior designer, it requires much more than that.

Public safety is very important when it comes to built environments. After all- it’s where the majority of us spend our time – in homes, offices, schools, shopping centers, bars. Well hopefully not the majority of your time is spent in bars.

And while engineers and architects are responsible for many important building components – their responsibilities don’t always cover everything – especially interior components such as interior partitions, corridors, circulation, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and finishes.

Someone needs to make sure all these interior components meet egress, life safety, indoor air quality, and building code requirements, while at the same time being functionally and economically designed.

Fire safety is really important. Most of us know about fire alarm and sprinklers but there are also many other steps taken to ensure our safety in interior spaces that many people don’t see. Walls, ceilings, windows and doors have to be built with the appropriate material and assemblies in order to meet fire separation requirements.

Materials such as wood, carpet, textiles and many other things have to meet flammability and fire resistance ratings and designers need to know what ratings apply in what situations. Corridors, aisles and doors have to meet appropriate lengths, widths and clearances that adhere to stringent building codes in order to allow for proper evacuation in the event of a fire.

So unlike structural engineers, interior designers are usually not responsible in designing load-bearing walls or structures, but we still have to be responsible for the material and structural integrity of many things, such as knowing where to put deflection channels and expansion joints in materials, knowing where to put additional support and blocking for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted fixtures such as lighting, cabinets, and heavy equipment, and where to install additional bracing and support for things like suspended ceilings and demount able partitions in certain seismic zones.

When it comes to finishes, interior designers needs to have extensive knowledge in standardized testing of materials and industry requirements, sound absorbency or transmission levels of products in order to meet acoustic needs, coefficients of friction, what they mean, and how to meet flooring slip resistance requirements, and if the materials emits volatile organic compounds or toxic chemicals that could adversely affect indoor air quality.

For instance, to you it may look like the interior designer just picked out a nice looking window covering, but really he or she may also had to consider factors like light control, thermal heat gain/heat loss, privacy needs, acoustic transmission, interoperability, air circulation, material quality, durability, flammability and fire resistance, while at the same time balancing those factors with the clients budget and personal requirements.

Every step of the way, designers also need to ensure that the spaces we build are inclusive to persons with disabilities. Whether it’s planning adequately sized accessible routes, clearances, doorways, and turning circles; installing visual, auditory and tactile signage and alarm systems; and integrating automated systems that can aid the access of people with mobility limitations.

These just a few examples of the types of considerations interior designers have to make. And after doing all of that, we still have to produce accurate construction drawings, put together contract document and bidding packages so the project can be sent out to be built.

Lots of people think design is all about making something look beautiful. Whereas aesthetics is really only just a part of the equation.

Good design is about the ability to achieve safety, function, quality, and aesthetic beauty while working in a set of programmatic and budgetary constraints.

When I think about all these things – it honestly makes me very excited. To know that interior design is such a wholesome, integrated discipline that is the practical application of technical knowledge and creative thinking.

It is also an important responsibly to have – to ensure that people can live, work and entertain in spaces that are safe, secure, healthy, comfortable and fulfilling.

What does interior Designer Do ? Gurgaon NCR

Small and open house is more than wonderful

Modern environments such as to present designs that gain functionality a leading role However, this exploration of the practical nature of the spaces does not prevent the creation of an alluring ambiance rich in details that make more than the surface available. The project we present in this book of ideas is an inspiring example, a design that embraces one of the most contemporary trends to make the most of the counters it occupies in   home interior design.

This house has a wonderful perfect personality and simple designs that are very distinctive. You can see the photos and explore them now through our tour in this article together.

A space full of details

A simple look at the room in question reveals what we really expected: special attention to detail to point each corner to beautify the environment in a unique way. And within the interior design and decoration, not only the style or the compositions are the capital of an ideal atmosphere but also, each scenario has to reflect, in part, the personality of its inhabitants. However, including things that tell a story is essential to get the job done successfully.


White dominates the decoration of the living room walls and extends towards the  furniture to create a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere that is also sheltered in the warmth that, without a doubt, is the wood floors and print. The novelty of the proposal appears in the lighting or the lines of the various pieces of furniture, which, on the other hand, also include more traditional designs such as the ones we see at the bottom of the image in one cozy window-side figure.

Plants that can be seen on the balcony or numerous pillows complete a delicate and very attractive decorative proposal.


As expected at the beginning of this book of ideas, lighting plays an essential role. So much so that it becomes one of the most representative elements of this modern room. and lights integrated into false ceilings subtly accompanied by large LED strips. No accurate lighting of the shelves, which, in short only to highlight some decorative objects full of personality, escape from the viewer’s point of view.

Dining room

Facing the elegant and sophisticated decoration that we saw in the living room, the dining area reflects a certain casual taste without losing a bit of sophistication. Some of the woven pendant lights indicate the space occupied by the table and chairs group which on the other hand shows an aesthetic feature of the homes through the nautical bet on the combination of wood and very distinctive fabric. The combination of modern lights and pieces of solid wood gives character to a composition that, in short, is the most eclectic and unique.

Visual continuity

From another point of view the visual continuity of the space can be appreciated in detail. Since there are no physical boundaries in the form of traditional walls, the living room and dining room are connected in a harmonious way, as mentioned in the previous photos, partly determined by the chosen lighting. Modernity and tradition are combined in a frame with two well-differentiated environments that form a good part of the allure of this open concept house that focuses on the integration of spaces.

Wall decoration

If in the living room area the design of the walls makes the goal its biggest distinguishing feature, in the case of the dining room, the walls reach a new dimension. On the stucco effect there are various panels that dress up and decorate the flood walls with chromatic shades of the partitions of the house. In practice, the use of these decorative resources only increases their aesthetic appeal.

What does the ideal living room look like? | Gurgaon | Noida

We all have a little idea of ​​the perfect living room. However, there are a few basic rules that need to be followed in order to get the most out of your living space and that while keeping your own style in mind, of course. The atmosphere of a living room should be welcoming and calm; in order to make you feel at home there from the moment you step inside.What does the ideal living room look like? | Gurgaon | Noida


Before deciding on a certain style or theme, you have to ask yourself what kind of vibe and atmosphere you want. An oasis of privacy and serenity, or perhaps a bold statement of your penchant for eclecticism or art?

Where can I find decorating ideas for my living room?

From modern to classic, minimalist to rustic, you can find one of the inspirations in our living room category that will suit every taste. If you see a living room that tickles your fancy, you can save the photo to an idea book with just one click. Your idea books on Interior A to Z are like virtual albums; a simple, easy-to-use way for you to collect inspiration and ideas that you can update anytime.

You also have the option to add portions of text to the selected images, allowing you to take notes so as not to forget the detail that captured your attention in the chosen photos. The idea books you create are automatically stored in your profile!

What type of interior decoration for my living room?

As you know, there are different ways to design and decorate a living room. It is therefore essential to take into account your personality, your tastes and also your lifestyle. After you have decided on essential elements of the design such as the color of the walls or the floor, you can begin to wonder about the other characteristics of the space.

Do you prefer to be daring with bright colors or to play it safe with neutral tones? Functionality and long-term use are just as important as appearance, so keep in mind that your tastes can change. Also think about the future, will your living room decor keep a living room function or will you transform it into a flexible storage area over time? Of course, it is possible to combine different requirements and needs together.

However, the more you know in advance, the easier these ideas are to implement.

What color for the walls in my living room?

Before deciding on a wall color, you should consider whether you want to give the entire living room a new coat of paint or accentuate some of its sections through a feature wall.

The size of the room should play a crucial role in the decision making process. Typically, pastels and pale colors work best in small spaces, while bold, bright colors can be used much more freely in larger spaces.

Another key factor is the rate of penetration of natural light into the space. Consider testing a color on a small, inconspicuous area to see how the shade changes throughout the day.

What type of flooring should I use in my living room?

There is a wide variety of flooring available for a living room. Wooden floors are particularly popular for their aesthetics and their warmth but often require more meticulous maintenance.

To ensure that your boards are always uniform, it is essential to polish them to ensure that the scratches do not become permanent. Why not install a carpet that can be easily replaced, and that will save your life in winter! If you are the type of person who walks around without shoes inside, you will greatly appreciate the warmth and softness of a plush rug.

Ultimately, what you choose should depend on the layout of the room and your lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier, think about what effect you want to cause. Is your living room a haven of peace and comfort, or the star room in your home?

Which design is best for my living room?

Whether design, Scandinavian or Mediterranean, the furnishing style reveals a lot about the character of its inhabitants. Therefore, it is essential to understand your preferences and tastes.

It is also possible to merge a range of styles and themes together. Hire an interior designer to make sure your living room decor isn’t a disaster of mismatched elements though.

Are there any specific tips for decorating the interior of my living room?

For those looking to decorate their living room, it should always be remembered that furniture is not as easy to replace as other small moving parts. It also depends on the type of financial commitments you are prepared to make. Think about sofas and wardrobes that you can keep for the long haul.

Our tip: invest in classic pieces that have the ability to be updated and blend in with different themes. While it’s easy to adhere to current decor trends, putting up a blank canvas gives you more room to make changes if you wish in the future. You can think of the decoration of a designer living room. Again, don’t forget to take the size of your room into account.

Don’t clutter a small space with large pieces of furniture that could make it appear overcrowded. Don’t try to be ultra minimalist either, finding the right balance between the two is key.

How do I use decorative accessories in my living room?

Once you’ve considered the larger items like wall paint, floors, and furniture, you can think about smaller decorative items. Simple or whimsical, decorative elements have the capacity to totally change the ambiance of a living room, sometimes even, to modify the entire atmosphere of a house! Decorative elements such as lamps, cushions and throws are much easier to replace than furniture, you have the freedom to change them as often as fashion and the seasons change. Accessories don’t have to be practical; the idea is that they complement or emphasize the overall design.

Is there a style guide for living room interior design and decorating?

A Rural Style Living Room:  Use soft fabrics in cream tones and classic patterns to create a rural style designer living room. One thing in particular is a rural-style house: a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The most important part of this classic style is undoubtedly the use of wood.

Whether it is a coffee table or a wooden cupboard, it is a must-have when designing a rural style living room, and should by no means be missing. The interior decoration of the living room should also be fun; consider using plaid pillows, brocade or elegant touches of lace.

A minimalist style living room:

Clean lines and simple colors reign in this style. So, in a living room in a minimalist style, the main thing is what matters most. True to the motto “Less is more”, it is recommended that personal effects be exterminated; keeping only what is absolutely necessary.

On top of that, ample storage space is a must! A great way to ensure a sleek and minimalist look is to incorporate wall cupboards. In terms of wall painting, decoration and flooring: concrete, glass and wood are the most commonly used finishes.

A classic style living room:

A classic living room is timeless and elegant at the same time. The chic marriage of black and white with different shades of gray is a sure-fire way to ensure a timeless look to your living room.

The aim is to create a harmonious environment, where all the elements starting from the floor covering to the ceiling complement each other in a balanced and uniform way.

An eclectic style living room:

For fans of originality, the eclectic style living room is definitely the option to consider! Colors, shapes and patterns will know only the limits of your imagination. This style is recommended for those who are not afraid of anything. Have fun with colors, themes and patterns! What about an African-style rug under a classic Chesterfield sofa, or a wall of graffiti facing your retro 60s sideboard? No rules to follow do as you see fit to create an original living room that suits you!

A rustic style living room:

If we had to describe a rustic style living room in three words, we would stop our choice on: wood, bricks and comfort. The rustic furnishings provide a welcoming and homely atmosphere. The exposed wooden beams and brick walls are a classic in this genre. Add to that, in moderation, a few splashes of color, patterns and geometry and you will end up with a rustic style designer living room sparingly.

A modern styled living room:

A modern living room sits somewhere between classic and minimalist styles: sleek and trendy, no matter how quickly the seasons or trends change. Modern living rooms are undoubtedly the most adaptable, due to the lack of decoration. Since a more stripped-down approach is often chosen, it is possible to make changes over the years using simple decorative elements, such as wallpaper, rugs, or artwork.

An industrial style living room:

An industrial style living room takes on its full meaning when it is done in a loft or factory-type building. The hallmarks of the industrial style are brick, steel, concrete, and the predominance of colors such as white, gray and black. Items such as rugs, cushions or curtains can be added to make this style of living room more comfortable.

A Scandinavian-style living room:

The Scandinavian style is the current trend in interior design. To create a Scandinavian-style living room, you will need to limit the choice of colors and rely only on natural materials such as wood and concrete in simple, geometric shapes. While it’s possible to add color, do so sparingly. Balance and balance are the secret.

A Mediterranean-style living room:

At the mere idea of a Mediterranean-style living room, our thoughts immediately turn to the South of Europe; where terracotta tiles and various earthy color shades reign supreme. Based largely on the style of Italian, Spanish and Greek homes, the warm weather and proximity to the sea play a crucial role in the materials and decorations chosen that are meant to recall them.

What if I have a small living room?

Although arranging a small designer living room is in itself a bigger challenge than arranging a spacious living room, its design can often be better planned due to its reduced size. Just because you have more space doesn’t mean your design will be better organized.

The number of square meters you have has no influence on how comfortable a room can be, but in principle wild patterns and bold colors should be avoided if you want to visually enlarge the space as much as you can. It is possible to create intelligent optical illusions with orientation, light, furniture arrangement and color.

What does the ideal living room look like? | Gurgaon | Noida

What are the types and materials of doors? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The door can be said to be a movable partition wall as well as a doorway between the inside and outside of the building. Therefore, the opening and materials are important parts that directly affect the comfort and way of spending in the room. This time, let’s take a closer look at the types and materials of such doors. Depending on the type, the room can be made more spacious and open, or it can be a quiet room separated from the outside so as to block the line of sight and noise, so choose the door that suits each purpose. Please try it.

Performance required for doors

Its performance is also an important factor when choosing a door type. Such performance depends on the location and purpose of the door. If it is installed on an outer wall such as a front door, heat insulation, air tightness, weather resistance, etc. are important performances, and if it is an indoor door, how to open and close it and how easy it is to clean. Is more often required. Also, the requirements for indoors, living room and bathroom doors are different, so let’s think about the performance required for the installation location one by one while imagining the actual usage.

Sliding door

There are various types of doors, such as “single sliding doors” and “sliding doors,” which are “sliding doors.” Since it is a type that opens and closes by moving the door parallel to the wall, it has the advantages that it is easy for wheelchair users to open and that the amount of incoming air can be adjusted easily. It is also a type of door that can be applied to wide openings by combining two or three doors and multiple doors.

Sliding door

Among the sliding doors, I would like to take up the type of door called “sliding door”. This type of door is a sliding door that fits inside the wall when you pull the door, so when you open it, the area around the door becomes neat, and when you open it, you do not notice that the door is attached. You can erase the presence. However, dust and other debris tend to collect on the bag-shaped wall that holds the door, which is called a door pocket, so you can use a hanging type sliding door that hangs the door from above to make it a floor. You may want to choose a type that does not have rails and is easy to clean.

Swing door

The type of door that contrasts with sliding doors is the “swing door,” in which the door is opened and closed while rotating with a hinge. This type of feature is more airtight and sound-insulating than sliding doors. As a result, it is very effective not only as a front door, but also as a soundproof room, a theater room, and a toilet door where sound does not leak. The points to keep in mind are planning so that the door does not get in the way when the hinged door is opened, the arrangement of the door, and the installation location where the opened door does not hide or hit the lighting switch or outlet. is. Let’s make it an easy-to-use door while actually imagining life.

Folding door

The last type of door I would like to introduce is a “folding door” that can be opened by folding multiple connected doors. The appeal of this type of door is that it is easy to incorporate into wide openings because the doors can be folded, and even if such wide openings are closed with multiple doors, they can be folded neatly to the side when opened. It is possible to open almost the entire opening even with a wide window. For that reason, by incorporating it as a door on the outer wall that connects the indoor and outdoor areas such as a terrace, it will create a very open space.


As the material for outdoor materials such as entrance doors, metal materials with excellent durability and weather resistance such as stainless steel and aluminum are often used. In addition, there are wooden doors that provide heat insulation and the texture of wood, and glass doors that provide a bright entrance. As a material for the interior door, there is also a method of painting or finishing with a resin sheet using solid wood or plywood as a base. Of course, you can also use glass to create a bright interior, so choose the material for the door while considering the balance with the overall interior.

Realize your dream home with Interior A to Z!

Interior A to Z has a free consultation page where you can recruit architects and professionals. Fill in the details of your desired home, such as the number of floors such as one-story or two-story, roof styles such as gable roofs and single-flow roofs, and door styles such as glass doors and wooden doors . This information is delivered to architects and professionals registered with Interior A to Z. Architects and professionals who can respond will apply for such recruitment. Why don’t you realize your dream home by using Interior A to Z’s free consultation page?

What are the types and materials of doors? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What are the types and designs of windows? | Gurgaon NCR

Windows play an important role in keeping the living space comfortable by letting in plenty of sunlight and fresh wind into the room. The comfort of a living space largely depends on where and in what design the window is installed. In addition, in spaces that handle water such as bathrooms and kitchens, windows must be installed and periodically ventilated to prevent mold caused by moisture, so it is recommended to systematically plan windows with a professional.

Since windows are classified into various types according to their use and opening methods, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of these windows and install windows suitable for the structure of our house so that they can be used conveniently and functionally for a long time. Casement windows and sliding windows are the most common windows in Korea. The casement window is a form in which the hinge of the window is fixed to one side, and depending on the opening direction, it is divided into a French style casement window and an exterior casement window.

These casement windows have the advantage of being easier to ventilate because the windows are wide open, and depending on the design of the window frame and window frame, they also create a very cozy and romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, sliding windows, called sliding doors, open and close the windows by pushing them sideways. In addition, as a single sliding door can create a stylish and modern residential space, the recent interior trend is also paying attention to the sliding door. However, if you are a family with young children, be careful when using it as accidents where children’s hands get caught in sliding doors often occur.

In addition, there are various types of windows, such as a sliding window with a window moving up and down, a built-in window with a fixed window, a horizontally rotating window that moves horizontally with the central axis of the window fixed, and a louver window that can be used on a terrace by combining windows and blinds. , and windows that take into account the climate of Korea, for example, the windows of traditional windows.

What is the approximate cost of a window replacement?

The cost of window replacement varies greatly depending on the size of the window and the type of window. In particular, products with excellent insulation function have a higher price, so plan your budget in consideration of this. In general, the cost of replacing the main window in an apartment of 40 pyeong is around 1 million won. If you choose a window that focuses on the insulation function rather than the general window, you can save a lot on heating costs in winter. Plastic windows, that is, PVC windows , are the most common and popular windows.

There are a few things you should know before you start replacing your windows. If you completely remove the old window and replace it with a new one, be aware that large and small scratches may occur on the wall during the construction process. Therefore, if you are replacing windows and remodeling an apartment at the same time as in a newlywed house, setting up a window replacement schedule first is a way to reduce damage. As windows and doors must be installed by experts with meticulous construction skills, there is less chance of future defects such as water leaks, so we recommend that you get advice and estimates from several experts in advance.

What props will fill the emptiness in the window?

By installing shading products such as curtains or blinds on the window, the amount of light entering the room can be appropriately controlled and privacy can be maintained from outside gaze. If you want to create a more unique window, you can try attaching accessories such as curtain clippers or tie bags. Or, you can create a dignified space through plants that have a beautiful appearance like Oriental orchids.

What shading products are suitable for our windows?

Curtains and blinds are typical shading products for windows. Unlike in the past, recently, rather than heavy and bulky curtains, there is a trend toward layering and directing light see-through curtains with a feeling of sky and sky, or preferring easy-to-use blinds. Curtains and blinds have the same role of controlling the amount of light entering the room and blocking the view from the outside, but curtains boast a superior heating effect than blinds. Therefore, if the indoor air is cold in winter, curtains can be much more useful than blinds. On the other hand, blinds are convenient to use and create a very concise feeling in the space. In addition, it has a much more hygienic advantage in terms of management as it does not hold dust like curtains. So, if you have small children or families with dust allergies, consider installing blinds.

How to keep windows in good condition for a long time?

If you want to keep your windows in good condition for a long time, it is very important to keep them dry through regular ventilation. In particular, in winter, dew condensation occurs on windows due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside. Therefore, get into the habit of keeping your windows dry by wiping them with a dry towel as soon as you notice dew on your windows. If you already have mold on your windows and it is difficult to get rid of them completely, get advice from a Interior A to Z expert on how to troubleshoot your windows.

What are the types and designs of windows? | Gurgaon NCR