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How to create a living room that everyone envy | Gurgaon | Delhi NCR

How to create a living room that everyone envy

The living room, located in the center of the house, is one of the representative spaces that tell the atmosphere of the whole house. So many people pay special attention to decorating the living room and completing the interior. In the large space of the living room, the interior style can be represented as a representative, and various attempts can be made to create a house with a special atmosphere. Among the various interior styles, you can create a space that shows the location and characteristics of the living room well. So today, I’m going to introduce you to how you can create a living room that everyone envy. From the living room where the use of accessories and furniture stand out, to the living room with special materials and designs, let’s explore various styles and try new changes in our living room.

Separating space

If the living room, dining room, and kitchen are not well separated, a proper separation is necessary. This is because each space has a role suitable for that space, and when properly divided, the practicality and function of the space increase. So, if you have a wide open space like the picture, it is better to divide the space naturally by using furniture. This is because you can divide the space naturally without feeling too artificial, and you can also have a space that seems to be separated but connected. You can use a sofa to separate them, or if you don’t have a dining room in particular, you can separate it by placing a dining table between the kitchen and living room.

Monotone interior

A newly emerging interior style for a stable and warm atmosphere is space production using monotones. If white interiors were the trend, it could be said to be a new rising leader. Overall, it is modern, but it gives a luxurious atmosphere, and it is a style that does not get tired, so many people prefer it. Gray or navy blue is mainly used as the main color to set the overall atmosphere. In addition, if you use small items such as special lighting, you can complete the space with a luxurious atmosphere. If you are curious about the interior of a more diverse monotone living room.

Take advantage of panoramic windows

Nature and scenery are like special gifts that can never be artificially created. When decorating a house, you can create a different atmosphere by using nature and the exterior of the house. The large window in the living room is used to complete a special interior. This is because the natural scenery along with the light entering the living room makes the house more cozy and warm. You can complete a natural interior without forcing yourself to decorate, and it is good to use unusual props and furniture like the picture along with a large window frame.

Take advantage of natural light

Place the living room in a sunny spot with a large window. Sunlight is also an invaluable element that makes a home even more special. Not only does it make your home more cozy and warm, but it also makes your home shine when the interior and sunlight meet. So, when choosing a house, pay special attention to its location. Therefore, make a living roomhttps://interioratoz.com/living-room-design-ideas-2/ where the sun shines, and make good use of the windows to make the house bright and shiny.

Two living rooms, free space

In most homes, the living room is located in the middle of the house. This is because it is common to use a large space as a living room. However, it is not necessary to have only one space in the center of the living room where families can gather and spend time together and relax. a company in the photo , you can complete two living rooms as a naturally separated space. You can create a more unique home and enjoy a separate free space. If you want to free up space or want to create a different atmosphere for a resting place, you can use this space.

Use of furniture

You can also decorate the living room by setting the main furniture in the living room to complete an eye-catching space. Most of the furniture in the living room is often thought of as a sofa. Of course, the sofa is located in the center of the living room, giving us a rest, and plays an important role. However, in addition to the sofa, you can complete a unique space by choosing a point accessory and placing it in the living room. As shown in the picture, you can set a chest of drawers or cabinets as the main living room and decorate it with accessories. The arrangement of various props and objects also makes the living room stand out.


You can decorate your living room in a simple and minimal way. It is to complete a minimalist living room without excessive interior attempts. In fact, a minimalist, simple interior is not easy. This is because you need to create a special impression with few points. In fact, it is difficult to create a unique living room with minimalism unless you have a special sense. That’s why it’s good to browse a lot of pictures and gather information. If you are trying a minimalist interior first, it is better to try an overall white interior. It is to complete the image of a clean space in simplicity. And it is good to give one or two points that are not excessive like the picture. Small props, flower pots, fabrics, etc. can be a point.

Solid wood wall

Mostly solid wood is the material used for flooring in living rooms. But let’s use wood for a new living room. If you want to try a luxurious and atmospheric interior, try using dark wood on the wall in the living room. You can create the atmosphere of a model house or a foreign country at once. A special attempt still makes a special interior possible. You can complete a house that looks like something out of a magazine by using a point frame, lighting, and furniture along with a wooden wall.

Ideas for a Charming Living Room

Where would you like to create an eye-catching space in your home? When trying various changes for the interior, it is important to choose a space that not only can decorate the space freely, but also does not cause discomfort. In order to do that, you can enjoy a break, but it is good to have a space where you can stay for a long time and do various activities. Since the living room is a space where you can spend time without any major restrictions, it is good to try an experimental interior. It also tells the atmosphere of the whole house in a unique living room . Therefore, if you want to complete an interior that makes a deep impression, it is better to pay special attention to the living room. So today, we’d like to introduce you to some of the most inspiring and eye-catching living room interior styles. Let’s take a look at the eye-catching spaces that decorate the living room with accessories along with styles differentiated in materials, colors, and furniture.

Wood material

What can you try for an attractive living room that is different from other living rooms? Imagine that cozy wood, solid wood, adds warmth to your home. It also helps to create an exotic atmosphere. As shown in the photo, the entire floor and frame were made of solid wood to match the light-toned furniture and wallpaper, and the interior was completed with the advantage of fresh wood without feeling dark and stuffy. There are various colors and types of wood, but if you want a warm feeling like this, it is better to match it with a bright color.

Point wallpaper

If you want to decorate your living room with a special concept or express your individuality, look at the wallpaper. It is one of the best ways to express your own style in a large area. It is also a good way to show and imprint the entire concept of the living room at a glance. If you want to express a special concept, it is still effective. As in the photo, it represents a unique tropical atmosphere, so wallpaper can serve as a point.


Plants can also be used to complete a unique living room. Decorating the entire living room using plants is one of the easiest ways to do it. However, as plants start to appear as point interior accessories, the ways in which plants can be used in interiors are becoming more and more diverse. In fact, this method can decorate not only the living room, but also the office space, which is a business space.

Retro style

A retro style can change a monotonous and boring living room in an instant. By matching bright colors, you can not only catch the eye, but also complete a unique and individual space. The atmosphere that can only be felt in the past can create an atmosphere that is different from the current interior style in the house. Let’s try your own retro style through bold attempts and harmony of various props and colors.

Monotone living room

The living room doesn’t always have to be bright and the same vibe. If you like dark colors and want a luxurious living room atmosphere, you can create a dark living room. Rather than being unconditionally dark, it is better to have a clear concept with a point element in it. It is also possible to create a different atmosphere by using various shades of gray even in the gray series. If you are curious about more various monotone living room interiors.

Picture, picture frame

There is nothing better than a picture or a picture frame to decorate a living room. In particular, it is good not only to express your own taste as it is in a picture or frame, but also to transfer memories and the like to the living room as it is. If there is a style or artist you particularly like, of course, it is great to be able to reflect your mood.


Create a unique atmosphere by using wallpapers on one side of the living room. The wallpaper in the photo is a styling that stands out from the direction company. In one corner of the living room, a mysterious and cosmic wallpaper that goes well with the gray sofa has been placed to make the boring space more unique and special. You can express your own individuality by using wallpapers of various designs and styles like this.

Vivid color

Is there anything else that can express the individuality and sense of the owner as much as the use of color? In fact, it is not easy to freely match and use multiple colors. This is because it is important to find a color harmony that suits our home among many colors. In particular, you need to be more careful when choosing vivid colors as your main interior style. However, through bold styling, you can complete a bold and unique living room. Let’s use these vivid colors harmoniously to express your individuality in the living room.

Unparalleled living room paint ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Unparalleled living room paint ideas

We all know how color can drastically change the look of a  room, but did you also know that it also affects your mood? Color psychology teaches us that our heartbeats, stress ratings, and even hunger levels can be influenced by a room’s main color palette, which is usually arranged all over the walls.

But of course, a room’s color scheme is determined by other additions like furniture and decor, which are used to beautifully enhance the main color palette (and, unconsciously, affect how we feel and think). And since our bedrooms are the main spaces meant to energize and calm us, we thought: Why not put together an article on the most popular bedroom color ideas? Not only are these color choices meant to stimulate one’s senses, they’ll also ensure a modern look – after all, who wants an old-fashioned sleeping space?

Blue and gray

Who says whites and sunny yellows are the only options for the bedroom? If modern bedroom color ideas have taught us anything, it can definitely be going a little bold with darker hues.

So how did he transform your bedroom into a sophisticated and large space by crossing over to the darker side of the color spectrum? Navy, charcoal, olive, dark gray and even all-black are all popular choices when it comes to flaunting a stylish look, no matter the space.

Warm and neutral

Unparalleled living room paint ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wood isn’t just for rustic-style spaces. One of the most popular material options for any design, wood is especially welcome in minimalist, modern and Scandinavian styles.

To give your bedroom a warm, woody look, pair these wood surfaces (such as walnut veneer headboard, oak bedside tables, etc.) with warm, earthy, neutral colors such as beige and soft brown. Like knitted throws and touch pillows). Complete the look with a white (or off-white) throw here and there in the form of a decorative scatter pillow or light rug.

The green

Like any color under the sun, green is available in thousands of different hues, each with its own character. Just think about how strong and powerful emerald green looks, while mint green has a softer, gentler attitude. Whether you choose to stick with crisp white with green accents or splash your entire room in a palette of green, the end result will definitely be a bedroom that comes out on top. Alive. For a summery look, get some splashes of vibrant pinks and subtle yellows in this bedroom’s color palette.


Pink can be girly (bright pink) or elegant (crepe pink) as you wish. Creamy accents, blush and flange pair up for a romantic touch, plus its beige base color keeps it from being overly shocking.

Make these modern colors more modern by teaming up with fresh white furniture and furnishings. How about drawing white and pink bold stripes on the walls of your room for style and personality? To complement this blush color, add some copper accents in the form of bedside tables. With these bedroom color ideas in mind, you’re well on your way to achieving a modern and grand look for your bedroom.

Insist on white’s association with hospitals when done right, an all-white bedroom scheme will exude glamour.

Start with a large lace pattern wallpaper (if those motifs are too soft, or almost watermarked, you can go too big without making the room look occupied). Next, bring in a giant (medium density) MDF board, painted glossy white for an intense shine. To free up space, we recommend using floating shelves as side tables and low pendants. Then add all-white bed linen, but be sure to layer it thin, pillows, and throws with lace or crochet details. Different textures and patterns are the main components that will take your all-white bedroom from clinical to elegant.

Discover the sofa colors that color your living room

Don’t be scared of color! who specifically like impartial and non-blurry hues, regularly have a indistinct worry of selecting formidable hues for garb or furnishings. However, when you have extra braveness and pick out furnishings with bright hues, you could create a extra colorful space. In trendy article, we are able to examine sofas of diverse hues that alternate the environment of the residing room . Let’s visit the arena of colorful sofas that create an environment of the distance and emerge as a factor in itself.

Green tone interior

Do you want the cushy inexperienced color? In the photo, you may see the formidable indoors completed in inexperienced tones, from the partitions to the ground to the couch. The wood legs of the couch and the facet desk are nearly the simplest contrasts on this space. In particular, the smooth colored couch blends fantastically into the gap like a piece of art.

Gray and yellow combination

Yellow and grey have been selected because the Pan tone Colors of 2021, displaying the maximum contemporary-day combination. The low-saturated yellow couch with inside the image is a contemporary-day assessment to the mild grey carpet and cushions. If you pick out a settee with brilliant shades like this, you rarely want every other accessories.

Modular sofa

If you cannot determine on a color, do not worry. A couch that may be in my opinion decided on and blended with modules and coloring is right as it lets in you to attempt out numerous things. It is likewise a favorite of indoors designers as it lets in you to be creative, select your favored color, and without difficulty extrude it.

Soft pink sofa

The low-saturation indie pink sofa creates a very elegant yet sweet atmosphere. Indie pink has the advantage of being unobtrusive and not out of fashion because of its low saturation, and it perfectly matches well with brightly lit rooms and brightly colored interiors.

Yellow like the sun

Let’s pass the solar into the residing room! You do not want something to mild up your residing room apart from this brilliant yellow couch. The brilliant yellow couch right away fills the gap with a sparkling and energetic atmosphere. If you’re a minimalist who likes easy interiors, it is a great concept to update the ornament with color factors like this.

Elegant color

The dark emerald green sofa has an elegant luster and is in luxurious harmony with the silver wallpaper. The deep green tone has an old-fashioned feel, so it blends perfectly with the colorful design lighting on the ceiling.

Deep blue color

If you need the entirety from traditional to elegant, how approximately a deep blue color? The couch with inside the image suggests blue tones of diverse coloration at the side of cushions, and it flawlessly blends into the old school and heavy-responsibility interior, including weight to the space.

Light gray color

If you are still hesitant to try boldly, it is not bad to choose a sofa in a light gray color that is also not bad. However, at this time, it is a good idea to choose cushions, blankets, and carpets of contrasting colors to remove the monotonous impression and add a natural and sophisticated point.

Ivory sofa

Ivory destination has the gain of brightening up a area and giving it life, however it may get grimy easily, so it’s far a destination that makes you hesitate to pick out. If you’re worried approximately contamination, pick out a settee fabricated from a fabric this is less difficult to manage.

Black leather sofa

A sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in a living room. Therefore, it expresses the concept of space and plays a role of holding the center between furniture and accessories. As shown in the photo, if you choose a sofa made of black leather, you can fill the space with elegant luster and overwhelming presence.

Items to Fill Your Living Room Choose the Right One Without Mistakes

The living room, a space shared not only with the family but also with the guests who come to the house, is one of the interior spaces that are most concerned about the interior. Today, I share tips on how to properly choose 7 items that fill your living room without making a mistake. Let’s take a look right now.

1. The first item to fill your living room: which lighting fixture to choose?

If you pay attention to the interior, you will find that there are quite a variety of products in a single lighting fixture. Each attracts attention with different charms, but it is sometimes difficult to determine which lighting equipment will suit the living room of our house.

Tip:  First you need to know exactly how big your living space is. Check the length, width, and even the height to the ceiling carefully. If the ceiling is high, like the living room in the photo, you can fill the space with a long hanging lighting fixture, but be careful because if the ceiling is low and the lighting fixture goes down long, the space can become stuffy. The lighting design is then chosen to best match the basic interior style that fills the living space.

2. The second item to fill your living room: What type of cabinet should you have?

Since the living room is a space that the family uses together, there are many things to store. Having a large storage cabinet seems to make the space narrow, but omitting the storage cabinet will make it difficult to organize items.

Tip: As with choosing your lighting fixtures, it’s basically a matter of getting the right size for your living room. Picking a cabinet that matches the style of your living room is a good idea, but the first thing to consider is that you need to be clear about what kind of cabinet you’re looking for. In addition, a good storage space is actually a space that can be hidden well because it is not easily exposed to the naked eye. This makes the entire space appear larger. It is also a good way to create a storage space integrated with the wall like the storage space in the living room.

3. The third item that fills the living room: What shape and design of the seating area should be created?

The living room is a space that should welcome not only family but also occasional guests. That means you need plenty of seating space.

Tip: Decide whether to sit or stand up. The space is small, but there is no need for a sofa. If the space is small and filled with sofas, it can have the opposite effect.

4. The fourth item to fill your living room: What would be a good wall hanging accessory?

I don’t know what kind of painting would look good on a flat wall, hanging a painting, and I have no idea what kind of painting would look good on an ornament.

Tip: First, calculate how much of an empty wall you want to fill with props. The pictures are good, and the decorations are good. Once you have figured out the size, let’s think about the color and material that can be filled into the empty wall. In this case, it is better to choose a color that can become a point in the living room. It can be a good idea to hang items that reflect your family’s tastes and preferences, like the wall in the picture.

5. Fifth item to fill your living room: Should I leave the floor alone or carpet it?

I spent a lot of money on choosing a flooring material, but why do I have to put a carpet on it?

Tip: The nice thing about having carpets or rugs is that they can improve sound insulation and insulation. In particular, in the case of a family living in an apartment or multi-family house, there may be concerns about the noise between floors. In that case, you may want to consider laying a carpet to reduce the noise that leaks to the floor. However, if you do not regularly clean carpets and rugs, be aware that mites may develop. In addition, the color of the carpet should be chosen as a color that can be a small point in the living room without being too flashy.

6. The sixth item to fill the living room: How to choose fabric accessories such as cushions and blankets?

Whether sitting or standing, cushions are an essential accessory in living rooms with seating areas. Also, blankets appear from late autumn to winter. How should I choose?

Tip: It is better to prepare fabric accessories such as cushions and blankets according to the season. For example, in summer, a light blue fabric cover is good, and in winter, a red thick fabric cover is good and warm and cozy.

7. The seventh item to fill the living room: which wallpaper would be better?

In fact, wallpaper is one of the interior items that can change the atmosphere of the living room the easiest. But what kind of wallpaper do you like best?

Tip: The first thing you should know is that you should never overdo it. If the pattern is too cluttered or mixed with a variety of strong colors, be aware that the view may be cluttered and even the living space may look cluttered.

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