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Interior design ideas to save energy

Technology is part of our daily lives; sometimes we leave everything on before leaving home or even when we are in the comfort of our home. Then, at the end of the month comes the electric bill with a frightening value, so today we are going to focus on 7 tips to save energy.

To start the villain of the high value of your account is technology, in addition to appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, television, computer etc…

  1. Open the window during the day

Is there air conditioning in the house? Open the window a bit for natural ventilation every day, as it will certainly help in saving energy. If you open the windows  during the day, then there is no need to leave any lights on.

Natural light will renew your home’s air, as well as providing a bright environment.

  1. The gas stove

It is believed to believe that the gas stove is more energy efficient.

Tips: you can conserve the energy used when cooking; for example, use the pan correctly, in addition to paying attention if the pan is completely closed. This way, the temperature remains warm and your food will be ready faster.

  1. Use the oven

Using the oven without heating can save energy up to 20%. In addition, the oven door glass should be cleaned regularly, so you don’t have to open it often when checking whether the food or cake is ready. In fact, you can actually turn the oven off five minutes ahead of time, as the temperature will still be maintained for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Choose the television correctly

When you buy a TV, each unit will have a description of how power is needed, depending on the type of the device, the size of the screen, and so on. But in reality, LCD TVs are supported by a backlit LED screen using only 2/3 of the TV energy needed to regulate LCD.

  1. The use of computers

It turns out that a notebook and a tablet is much more energy efficient than a PC / desktop, especially for flat-screen desktops that use a lot of energy. By using your notebook you can save up to 70% energy, so when you buy a computer, you can consider whether you really need all the features of a desktop or you can simply use a notebook / laptop. In addition, any computer of your choice must be turned off completely when not in use.

  1. Using the washing machine

Contain only one piece of clothing or total in the washing machine or dryer, the energy used remains the same. Therefore, you will save a lot of electricity if you only turn on the machine when it is completely full.

  1. When to empty the refrigerator

This is what many people do not know: the refrigerator has a sufficient standard temperature so that the food does not spoil. For the interior, which is 7 ° C and -18 ° for the freezer?

When cleaning the refrigerator, be sure to keep frozen groceries in a box with ice, in addition, unplug the refrigerator to avoid wasting energy.