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Ceramics are often used to cover floors. However, after applying the coating the question arises: how to clean properly, keeping the surface without stains?

First of all, it is necessary to know that it is forbidden to use abrasive or aggressive products such as caustic soda, alcohol, kerosene, removers and solvents. Clean only with agents that have a neutral pH, so you will have your floor and wall always beautiful.

Of course, for the white coating not to get dirty it is essential to also periodically clean the walls and floors, by brushing. Basically you will use a soft bristle mop or broom and a diluted neutral detergent solution.

But to be more specific in each cleaning situation, today we have selected 6 simple tips on how to link any type of floor in the white color of your home, as well as the wall and also the garden stones.

  • Interior Design ideas for wall decoration

    | Gurgaon | Gurugram

  1. How to clean the white floor

Generally the white ceramic or porcelain tile, be it from the kitchen, living room, bathroom or any internal and external area, easily fade or become stained. For this reason, it is important to sweep the floor daily using a soft broom, vacuum cleaner or mop.

Then, with a very wet cloth, rub the entire surface. After cleaning the floor, finish with a dry cloth and use a product suitable for white floors, so you will avoid future stains. If it is an outdoor area, such as sidewalks, there is no need to dry.

Having this habit at least a few times a week helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt that, at the end of a month, turns into a more difficult grime to remove. And remember to be careful with the vacuum cleaner, using a tip that will not scratch the floor.

  1. Avoid abrasive products as much as possible

If you want to learn how to clean white floors in your living room it is important to know what materials you should have at home. As we mentioned, never wash the floor with abrasive products, as they can take the shine off the coating.

To reinforce, these products are alcohol, kerosene, caustic soda, solvents and removers. On some types of flooring, even the common disinfectant can damage. Also avoid steel sponges, the green side of the dish sponge or broom with rough bristles.

The best option on how to strip off white floors is to make a washing solution. It should contain 1 tablespoon of neutral detergent dissolved in 5 liters of water. The detergent does not cause any damage to the floor, cleans and perfumes.

In case you drop any product that could stain the floor, the most important tip is to clean it immediately with the same solution. Detergent and warm water, wiped on a clean white cloth to remove dirt. The longer you leave a product to dry in direct contact with the floor, the greater the risk that the stain will not come out. Especially on porous floors that will absorb the product.

But as you don’t always see the spot when it happened, there are also solutions that will help. For these specific cases – and not for daily use – it may be necessary to apply an abrasive. But be careful, apply only at the spot of the stain and leave it for as little time as possible.

For example, if you spill enamel on the floor, quickly remove the excess with a damp cloth and apply a little acetone to a cotton pad to remove what’s left. Then, wipe with a damp cloth with neutral detergent to remove the acetone and prevent it from having an opaque action on the floor.

Interior Design ideas for wall decoration | Gurgaon

  1. How to unleash white bathroom floors

As it is a humid environment, it is very common for the walls and floors of the bathroom to be grimy in a short time. Especially if your bathroom does not have good ventilation and light, it does not take long for the woodworms and slime to start to install themselves on the joints and floors.

So, the procedure for how to remove white bathroom floors is simple and the same goes for cleaning the walls of this room. But it must be a weekly or biweekly cleaning. The longer you leave it soiled, the harder it will be to clean.

Once again, your great ally will be the neutral detergent diluted in warm water. The water may be cold, but the warm water softens the dirt faster, making it easier to remove.

To apply, wet a cloth in this solution, wring a little and wipe all the walls first. Leave on for 10 or 15 minutes. After that time, remove the dirt with another damp cloth, just with water and well wrung.

Then look at the places where the cloth was unable to remove the dirt. Wet it once more with the detergent and water solution and then scrub with a cleaning brush with soft bristles. Finish with a clean cloth and repeat the same procedure with the floor.

  1. How to unleash white pottery from the garden

The painted wall cannot be rubbed too hard or it will damage the surface. Then, apply that same solution of water and detergent to the wall, but this time using a broom. Apply and rub lightly. Leave on for about 10 minutes and then wipe the wall with a clean cloth of pure water. You can use the broom for this rinse, if the wall is high. As it is an external area, it does not need to dry.

If the wall is ceramic, a good product for cleaning grimy white ceramic is creamy sapolium mixed with water. Simply apply the solution to the wall or floor, wait 10 minutes, scrub gently with a soft-bristled broom and rinse with plenty of warm or cold water.

  1. Grill and kitchen floor

In the barbecue area it is very easy to see the grimy floor, either because of people coming and going or because of the fat and soot that fall on the floor while the barbecue is being used. But as this space is made just for that, think carefully before placing a white floor or very sensitive to cleaning products.

But if you choose to install the white floor anyway or if the floor was already in your house when you arrived, calm down, because there is a solution.

Once again you can use sapolium, as it has the power to turn a heavy cleaning into a simple task. The first step is to choose a liquid soap to clean the floor. Then, dilute it in water, according to the instructions on the packaging. Then just apply to the floor and walls, let it act and rinse. Using the right product makes all the difference.

This same tip goes for removing the grease from the white ceramic of the kitchen. Grease is more difficult to remove, and when the decreasing detergent with warm water does not resolve, apply the scallop.

  1. Desardarize the white stones of the garden

Now, in order to keep the garden stones with their always white hue, it is necessary to put all the units in a bowl and soak for two days.

  • Dissolve 200 ml of bleach in a liter of hot water in a basin.
  • After this period, remove the stones and rinse them two or three times in warm or cold running water.
  • Let them dry in a well-spread place.
  • When they are already dry, you can put the stones back in the conservatory.

It is important to cover the floor with a blanket so as not to leave the stone in direct contact with the floor.

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