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Interior Designer in sector 97 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Modern designs of wooden house entrance

The must be beautiful to welcome guests home, so it is important to  decorate the outside as well as the interior of the house. The most important part of the fade is the entrance, which can be decorated according to the style, color and suitability of the house. Lots of designs and equipment can make the entrance unique.

This series of 10 ideas is presented with such unique designs and colorful plants and flowers. These wooden doors are more than one. Seeing these suggestions of our  professional experts , you also wanted to make the facade of your house like this.

  1. The first impression is the last

The white door and the glass inside and the flowers on the glass, what could be better. The pots and plants placed on either side of the door are beautiful and graceful. The simple wall at the back also looks beautiful because of these plants.

  1. Natural and simple style

Naturally, this wooden entrance looks charming with beautiful metal handles. Pots on the sides add splendor to any door, even a small wall, but pots leave a deep impression. This front door shows your sophistication.

  1. Combination of colors

There is a window with this red door and a wooden door above. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The green wooden base and lush vegetation make this door different from others.

  1. Fissure thrower

The entrance to this traditional cottage and the frame in front of it is also a beautiful expression of tradition. The wooden door and the same color windows are a great combination between the dark colored frame and the ceiling.

  1. The window inside the door

In today’s  modern age, innovation is everywhere, the use of pre-existing goods is getting better. A similar example is this door. You can turn half a door into a window whenever you want.

  1. Classic and stylish

Such classical design is a popular trend today, with glass behind the door bars being an important source of natural light. The handle is large and strong, while the black color makes the door even more prominent.

  1. Two traditional doors

This design is most commonly used, two door sills are installed in the entrance. You can create such a beautiful image while keeping this tradition alive, the mirrors on the sides are also a good addition.

  1. Don’t overlook the stairs

The stairs in front of the door have a special effect, as you enter the house you can see a certain style and speed of movement.  This idea is great with the dark door. The dog pattern attracts attention.

  1. Long corridors and tiles

It is difficult to find better tiles to decorate the corridor, the best design and the accompanying lights. This scene is no less than a royal palace. Due to the remoteness of the entrance, the path is beautifully decorated. You have never seen such a use of a sewing machine before.

  1. Lights

It is necessary to have light to enter the house in the evening and at night, this light falling on the entrance door highlights its darkness. Such a shed above the door gives you the opportunity to enjoy the weather (rain, etc.).

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