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The entrance to the house | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The entrance to the house | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The entrance to the architecture from the outside is what gives your visitors an initial impression of what they will see from the inside, so you should never neglect its design, choosing the appropriate materials for it, and even hiring a specialist so as not to waste that important space of your home. In this article, we offer you 20 ideas for designing the entrance to the house from the outside. We hope that they will help you to choose what suits you.

1- concrete staircase

Concrete staircase design is one of the easiest stair designs, all you have to do is shape it as you want and leave it to dry! But what you must take into account is that the shape of the ladder should be suitable for the design of your home or the design of the building from the outside, whether it is modern (modern), minimalist (minimalist) or whatever style is used.

2- Granite stairs

The second idea is granite, which is one of the most durable and resistant materials and the most light on the legs when used because of that resistance, in addition to its beautiful and elegant shape.

3- stone entrance

The entrance made of natural stone provides you with a durable and weather-resistant floor, and is very suitable for the facades of houses with a rustic or rustic design.

4- A mixture of different materials

You can combine different materials in the entrance to the house as in this photo. The designer combined the cement floor, stones and granite in the floor of the entrance and the staircase.

5- Wooden entrance

You might think that laminate flooring is only suitable for indoors, but in fact there are certain types of wood and treated wood that can be used outdoors and are recommended by experts . But you will need to maintain it from time to time and take into account the presence of adequate drainage of rain water, especially if you are in an area that rains a lot of the year.

6- Plants and stones

One of the most common entrance designs is  planting it  with a path of fluttering stones to walk on without spoiling the plants.

7- Stone Tablet

Slate stone is a type of black granite, and due to its dark color, it adds elegance and luxury to entryways in a wonderful way.

8- steel plates

If your house is modern and designed in industrial style, then putting steel panels in the entrance will be a great and suitable choice for you! You can change its dimensions according to the entrance area and its dynamics.

9- Stairs of aluminum and steel

Stairs made of steel or forged aluminum are another good way to get a modern or industrial style entryway.

10- Concrete molds

You can buy concrete molds ready for installation, all you have to do is arrange them in the way that suits you and leave them to dry, and you will have a strong floor for the entrance to your house.

11- Overlapping designs

You can choose different shades and designs from the same material if you are a fan of variation and unique designs that suit your style. You can choose.

12- tiles

Tiles, especially white and cream, show the entrance to your house in an orderly manner because of its light color, which makes you feel clean, especially if you take care of it and gives the impression of an organized and tidy home.

13- Glossy tiles

Glossy, sunlight-reflecting tiles in your entryway add joy to it, but be sure to choose anti-slip tiles to avoid horrific accidents!

14- Porcelain with elegant drawings

Choose from the many patterns and designs of porcelain that make the entrance look more luxurious.

15- antique wood

Antique-look wood makes your home look warmer especially in rustic and antique facades.

16- Plants only

You don’t need to put anything other than plants to get a one hundred percent natural entrance.

17- Alzalt

Small gravel is another choice for creating a path to the door of the house, and you can choose between many different colors for it.

18- Wood again

The painted wood in the entryway will be your pet’s favorite spot as it is cool in the shade and just right in the sun!

19- Tiles for the car only

If you want a functional and durable driveway but the rest of the entrance is made of natural materials, perhaps you can install tiles in the driveway only and leave the rest of the entrance planted with plants.

20- A mix of everything

Don’t limit your choices to just one or two items! In this design the entrance is made of various materials between plants, concrete and tiles that form a beautiful pattern. Don’t be afraid to go out of the way!

The entrance to the house | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

6 ideas for separating the open kitchen from the living room

In the current days, living rooms open to kitchens have become widespread among the designs of our homes. If you are designing your apartment at the beginning and are thinking of an open kitchen, you must think if this choice suits your needs, sometimes we may resort to this design for a better and larger visual vision, the open design living room It makes the house more lively and increases the ease of movement within the space itself, and gradually turns the living room into the center of the house already, and the crisis of small space gradually fades away..

But if you are looking to combine the two options together, that is, gain an open view inside your home through an open kitchen and shared living rooms together, but while maintaining the order of the rooms and inserting practical dividers to organize the spaces inside your home, there are many ideas that help you to implement this easily, today we will take you to see 6 great ideas for separating the kitchen from the living room with ease

  1. A stylish bar in the kitchen as a stylish break..

The refrigerator, stove, sink, and a small food preparation area. In the old days, the kitchen was a simple cooking space that allowed the presence of one person, but with the progress of time and the development of the world of decoration, the kitchen became a common space or a central point for all family members, and its uses increased in terms of eating some meals with Friends, so recently the use of open kitchens with the living room has increased to facilitate the integration of activities that take place in the two spaces, and the designers came with the bar or the kitchen island as they call it as a decorative partition or an element that separates the two spaces so that the kitchen appears in the end as an independent space with clear borders..

  1. A wall with openings between the kitchen and the living room..

The wall with openings is more prevalent in the open areas, but the use of one of them is made of stone inside the house as a separator between the open rooms. This design provides you with keeping a clear and open view always despite your attempts to separate the rooms in a practical and simple way. This design is characterized by comfort, calm, ease of implementation and allowing passage from Room to room, you can take advantage of the columns separating the wall openings in a striking way and you will definitely like it ..

  1. A dining space that separates the kitchen and the living room..

As a simple trick recommended by experts to separate the living room and the kitchen, the designer used a dining table as a preliminary area between the two spaces, similar to the bar or the kitchen island. This idea comes, choose a design that is practical and adds beauty to your home, and meets your needs in terms of eating your meals with family members. Because of its advantages in maintaining the space for movement, as for the circular and square ones, they consume many areas, which makes it difficult to move around them.

  1. A library with open shelves for books as a decorative divider..

Another very simple way to separate the kitchen and the living room is by designing an elegant library with open shelves to arrange books with a neat and beautiful visual vision. Provides you with a great service that provides you with an effective and distinguished service at a limited cost..

  1. A traditional kitchen design that serves as a separator between the two rooms.

If the rooms are already separate and separated, thinking in this case is not necessary, you already have a separate living room and a kitchen that is completely separated and enjoys complete privacy, but if you are looking for a divider for the living room itself, you can divide it through a simple classic wall and turn it into two or three spaces according to Desire, and the most advantage of the traditional full dividers is that you also have a sensory divider, there is no vision or smell in addition to privacy for sure, and you can use glass or sliding doors and extractors to preserve the smell of the house with better vision and comfortable movement..

  1. Great reasons to combine the dining area with the kitchen..

In the past, the best solution for separating rooms was classic walls, closed doors and kitchen door curtains, but now the choice comes to openness and spaciousness, but for interior designers and architects another saying, living spaces are the brightest and most used, and above all you need freedom of movement and comfort in use, the idea of ​​partition The functional spaces provide a great opportunity for the optimal use of the spaces, and to practice their activities in comfort and reassurance to the fullest, such as divine, watching television and reading. You can certainly live the experience of open spaces, which are separated in simple ways and small details, and in this way you will succeed in combining the two directions and live a wonderful shared experience, And if on a boring day and you need a change, you will find the road easy and smooth..

The doors | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Top Design firm

Doors are one of the most important elements of communication and movement inside the building. They have an effective functional role as a link inside and outside the building, as well as connecting the internal spaces to each other.

The doors vary in their shapes, sizes, and materials made of them. Other functions may be added to the doors for secondary purposes, sound and heat insulation and freedom resistance in addition to their effective role. In privacy, before choosing the appropriate door for each space, you need to get acquainted with the types of doors and the differences between them in order to choose on a sound basis.

Doors are basic units in buildings. In addition to being a means of entering and exiting buildings, some important determinants must be met, and some types of sub-functions are added to them for special purposes, and this is summarized in the following: –


The door must be made of a strong material to withstand the weight of itself or any shocks on it.

Fixed shape

The door must be solid and stable in order to withstand frequent use, and the door throat must be completely compatible with it so as not to be affected by moisture, rain or the temperature difference between inside and outside the building.


The door should work to give personal privacy inside the room or building when it is locked, such as walls or partitions, and it should control the sound and vision through it, or if necessary, by controlling the materials manufactured from it.


The security of the door and its ring depends on the materials they are manufactured from and on the type of hardware used. Therefore, the most appropriate ones must be chosen for each case.


It is preferable when using thermal insulation for walls and partitions for a building that the used door is made of an insulating material as well, but in some cases we find that the outer door area is small when compared to the large outer wall area. Therefore, the value of the door area is not taken into account in the thermal insulation calculations. In general, the heat transfer coefficient of the wooden door is very small, for example: the filling door gives a heat transfer coefficient of about (u=3.5), and the laminate door gives (u=2.5), and this depends on the quantity and type of the internal filling in the door. To prevent heat leakage from the door ports, it must be Putting barriers around its outlets.


The door shall reduce the intensity of sound for the purpose of personal isolation inside and outside the building. Whenever the door is heavy and thick, it reduces the passage of sound through it and acts as a sound barrier as well. Therefore, it is preferable that such doors be equipped with sound-blocking buttons around their outlets.


A special fire-resistance door may be made so that it is fixed in the wall and used as a fire barrier when necessary to stop the process of spreading flames and smoke. Besides that, the door is considered an escape outlet through the building and fire-resistant doors are constructed to give the door immunity against fire penetration for a certain time according to building laws followed in some countries Foreign and commonly used fire-resistant doors give a resistance of between 0.5 and 3 hours.

Weather resistant

The outer door must resist external weather factors such as wind, rain, air or even ice, depending on the weather difference from one place to another and some doors may be used for ventilation and to look through.

Ease of formation

Some types of special doors may be used to divide large halls temporarily for private use, and therefore it must be easy to configure according to use and use.

Door openings

The construction of external and internal doors inside the openings of the walls and partitions prepared for this. The doors may be made of soft woods such as the commonly used musky wood, solid wood, metal or glass.

The size of the height of the doors is very important in the construction of buildings, where many proportions are determined in the building, such as the height of the window opening or the height of the interior finishing materials such as suspended ceilings.

There are several factors that determine the height of doors, including:

The average height of a person is 1.6, and then the length of the arm is added to it while it is raised to the top.

The height of the building unit used in buildings, such as the height of bricks, blocks, stone or otherwise, as it is common in buildings built with red bricks, the height of the door is 2.10 cm. 35 course * 0.6 cm means equal to 2.10, and buildings built with concrete bricks are 2.20, as 11 courses * 0.2 = 2.20 poison.

As for the width of the door opening, it varies according to the use of the door itself, and the minimum width of the door must be 70 cm, which is greater than the size of the human width, which is 60 cm.

Types of doors

There are many types of doors for different uses; we will mention the common types here:

Normal doors

The normal door is made up of one single leaf, as it is found in most homes and administrative offices, for example, as it opens the door to a maximum of 90 degrees and there are four positions for this door

Left door..The hinge is on the left..

Right door..The hinge is on the right..

The hinge door is on the left side, but the door is reversed.

The hinge door is on the right, but from the outside.

There is another type of double-leaf doors, and each sash opens individually, and each sash is attached to a wall, as well as opens at a 90 degree

Special types

Hinge door

Door fan

Sliding door

Applicable door,

Revolving door

Door mat.

Types of doors according to the material used.

Wooden doors

It is one of the most widely used doors in the manufacture of interior and exterior doors, including filler doors, binding doors, solar doors (rolling shutters for home balconies), summer doors, spruce doors, and steel doors.

Metal doors

Including the so-called hollow, including sound-insulated doors, fire-resistant doors, and bullet-resistant armored exterior doors).

Hollow metal doors and grooves are commonly used in many commercial and industrial buildings (perhaps because steel performs better than wood), and there are a number of options available among metal doors in the local market. In recent years, metal gratings have been used with pre-finished wooden doors in many buildings. Metal rings are more durable and suitable for installation in the holes of gypsum partitions. Pre-finished wooden doors are attractive and economical. It is also common to use wooden rings with the installation of a bur around the throat. The wooden hinges are usually installed on the site, followed by the installation of the sash, except for doors that are fixed in the hinges with non-removable hinges.

Aluminum doors

It is characterized by light weight, durability, rust resistance, ease of formation, and it is a metal that can be reused more than once, so it is an ideal choice in green architecture. And the exterior and interior glass facades that contain doors made of aluminum and glass are often used in commercial buildings.

Stainless steel doors

One of the innovative materials used in the manufacture of exterior doors is stainless steel, which is characterized by its resistance to rust, its beautiful elegant appearance, and its resistance to various weather factors. There are doors in which glass is mixed with stainless steel; to give it an elegant and innovative look.

Iron doors

The wrought iron is used for the entrances to the houses, as long as the perforce is preferred, or the outer walls contain some elements made of it. The iron door is characterized by the diversity of its decorations, and the multiplicity of its decorations, some of which contain small and elegant glass windows, and some of them contain gilded frames, and the architectural design must be taken into account. For the house, when choosing an exterior door; In order for there to be a clear consistency between them.

Glass doors:

Doors made of glass are considered one of the most beautiful types of doors that give different homes and buildings very elegant shapes, including transparent, painted, colored and frosted glass doors, among others.

Vinyl Doors (UPVC)

It is characterized by ease of formation and its superior ability to isolate heat (whether extreme cold or high heat), absolute tightness in terms of preventing the leakage of dust, air and water, fire resistance and non-inflammable, and to double rates of sound and heat insulation compared to other materials used, which contributed to achieving a wider spread It is found in all cold and hot countries of the world. It has become the most appropriate solution for the residents of coastal areas because the material is not affected by salts loaded with water vapor, which allowed them to use doors that protect them from severe weather changes and at the same time have a long life span.

Use one of experts who specialize in carpentry work and designs of doors.

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