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Creative ideas for the floor of your room

The floor you choose for your living room can be the best way to deal with the issue of creating a truly harmonious and beautiful space. But these days, no one wants to come up with an easy way to use carpet! We actually appreciate the mutual and brave spirit that requires more thinking outside the box, and that’s what interior designers do. They are constantly creating new, unusual, or absolutely incredible floors for their customers. We think we’ve found five floor-to-floor ideas that will work in any room.

So you take a look at them to see if they give you the best aesthetic facility? What are you are looking for?

  1. Approved wood

In the end, we couldn’t nod to wood, one of our all-time favourite flooring options. We are not talking about new wood because it is too difficult for us. But instead, the used wood has been expertly replanted and brought back to life. Every change adds to the character and every division of heritage. And we like how it looks.

  1. Painted / coloured floor board.

Floor boards are best and are naturally adopted. But if you paint them, they become completely different! To avoid roughness, you will naturally need to smooth and sand them. But the natural changes with the shine in the wood through the paint / color coat look amazing. White looks like the perfect colour, but we can imagine any other colour as stunning and soft.

  1. Carpet on carpet!

Why mess when a skilled method can be adopted? The use of comfortable carpets in a residence is royal. So we love the idea of ​​using a lot of carpets that both old and new really play a role in giving a unique look. The idea of ​​going to the market would be the best for this.

  1. Pattern tiles.

Why should pattern tiles be used on bathroom floors? It can be a bit out there, and it’s unusual to choose dramatic floor tiles for your living room. But what harm could they do if they were to become the focal point? You can also use carpets to soften or enhance them. But we like to use them. What do you say?

  1. Polished concrete.

Exquisite and modern, polished concrete floors have gained a lot of popularity. And just because they can be effective with a little more investment than some options! Shiny Patterns You know that infrastructure works with thermally heated concrete and looks almost like art. Here are some tips for you to make the task a success!

Ideas for Wooden counter top for Kitchen | Gurgaon | Gurugram

Wood is a noble and versatile material that adapts to any style of decoration. Very common in European and North American countries, wooden kitchen counter tops have been appearing more and more in Brazilian homes. This natural element gives a warm and inviting touch and fits in an environment with a more rustic, country feel if used in more rustic and thick woods. However, if the wooden counter top is thinner and has a smoother finish, it can create an extraordinary look in harmony with the modern and contemporary line, reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

The most important thing for this type of material, both when used as a sink and stove base and as a support bench, is to ensure that the wood has adequate protection, that is, it cannot be vulnerable to moisture and chemicals. Therefore, today we have selected 10 wooden counter tops for you to completely renovate your kitchen and, at the end of the post, to decide how to choose the ideal wood and suitable waterproofing treatment. Let’s check it out!

Cosy combination

This kitchen design has an electric stove built into the wooden kitchen counter top. The wall is covered with tiles with different models, textures, and colours that combine in perfect harmony.

The heat of the wood

It combines a light wooden counter top with blue and grey built-in cabinets, in addition to the built-in stove and sink crockery. The furniture is navy blue and creates an interesting contrast with the tone of the shelves.

Kitchen with industrial footprint

This kitchen was designed with the concept of extending and integrating the area of ​​preparation and meals, through the continuation with the wooden L counter. The wooden workbench and lighting add a cosy touch.

The extensive workbench forms a work area but is also a perfect place for meals.

Several benches

This kitchen continues with the idea of ​​the previous image, because it has a worktop with a stove, then the sink and another work area. The light wood kitchen created a super cosy space that houses many people, transforming the different levels into a beautiful table for quick meals.

Country-style cuisine

This project combines a charming L-shaped bench with a beautiful brick wall lined with ash and metal shelves. A wooden table follows the same shade as the base of the sink, creating a kitchen with a country touch and full of grace.

Modern and visually clean

This modern kitchen has a beautiful wooden bench in light color. The decor is harmonious to match the furniture design in white tone, in addition to the walls and ceiling. In addition to the main workbench, the kitchen has a wall workbench that creates yet another preparation and support area.

In a rustic style

delicious cuisine that combines rustic wooden furniture with the atmosphere of the countryside. The base of the cabinet received a beautiful dark granite counter top under a wall of multicoloured tiles.

The fair boxes interspersed with shelves give the impression of having a kitchen cabinet in pine, but they are very inexpensive, loose elements that can be made easily to put utensils on display in a party area.

Classical and modern

The kitchen in the image is rectangular and has two well-defined sectors. One of them includes a bench on the wall that crosses the space from end to end. The workbench is made with wooden boards in different colours. Here we can also see a wooden kitchen sink, an electric stove, a hood, and a large work area. The counter wall was covered with white metronome type ceramic and on the other side with exposed brick.

In L format

Modern proposal that includes an L-shaped bench as well as a white porcelain sink in relief, a large work area, and an electric stove incorporated with a white enamelled hood in the centre.

Wood + dark furniture

This time, the professional bet on the combination of black and wood. Dark-tone furniture was chosen to perfectly match the wall and countertop of the wooden sink.

Choice and treatment of natural wood counter tops

Ideally, the chosen wood should be solid and non-industrialized (Formica, MDF, or MDP), especially if it is for a kitchen counter top with sink and stove and not just for support. The woods with greater hardness and less porosity are the most suitable for making the wooden kitchen counter.

You can hire a waterproofing service, or you can make your own wooden bench project yourself. In any case, it is important that you know what type of waterproofing was used so that maintenance is carried out using the proper method. There are two main ways to waterproof wood for counter tops, and we will explain how each one is made below:

Waterproofing with oil

The most common oils for waterproofing wood are linseed, walnut, and tong oil (the most difficult to find on the market). As we are talking about kitchen counter tops, it is extremely important that the oil does not have desiccant agents because these oils cannot be in contact with food.

It is possible to make an even better treatment if you mix the chosen oil with an equal measure of turpentine and half a measure of apple cider vinegar. Let’s go to the waterproofing step:

  1. Sand the entire surface with 220-grit sandpaper.
  2. Remove all sawdust and clean the wood with a dry cloth.
  3. Pour the mixture of oil, turpentine, and apple cider vinegar on a cloth (never directly on the wood) and spread it evenly on the counter in the direction of the wood fibres. Important: Use thick rubber gloves to do this procedure.
  4. After 30 minutes, wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess oil that is not sucked into the wood.
  5. After 24 hours, rub a steel wool number 0000 (less abrasive on the market);
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 two more times.

Waterproofing with natural oil takes longer, but the wood guarantees the enhancement of natural colours and a satin touch.

Waterproofing with varnish or sealer

The biggest difference between the finishes of these two materials is that the sealer will always have a shine, and the varnish can be glossy, satin, or matte. As we are talking about a kitchen with wooden counter tops, it is important that the chosen product makes the surface as waterproof as possible, which is why many professionals recommend marine varnish for this purpose.

The application steps vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, so read the product label carefully. Below is a suggested application:

  1. Sand with low-grained sandpaper in imperfections and high-grained to make it uniform;
  2. Clean thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  3. Apply a thin layer of varnish or sealer. This step can be done with a brush or roller.
  4. Wait 24 hours and sand again with the high-grain sandpaper, wipe with a dry cloth, and apply the second coat of varnish or sealer. This coat takes longer to dry because the wood will “suck” less of the product.
  5. Wait for it to dry and repeat the whole procedure again, totaling three coats.
  6. Let the wood rest for at least three days before using it.

In addition to the treatments above, it is also possible to use autoclaved wood, waterproof it with resins or liquid rubber, or even place glass on the wood, as in the project above. The options are many, but one thing is undeniable: the wooden kitchen counter top will make this environment in your home much more cosy and amazing!

Bungalows Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Single-story bungalows were a very common type of house in early Indian society. Due to the poor economic situation at that time, most people can only build a one-story house, and the old country bungalows often give people a gloomy impression. With the change of the times, most people who can only live in small apartments begin to yearn for the scenery of the past, so bungalows are also liked by many people. The ceiling height of the modern bungalows is sufficient, and modern elements are added, so they are brighter and more spacious. Next, we will introduce you to some common problems in bungalows. Let’s take a look.

What are the characteristics of bungalows?

The uniqueness of a flat house is its only single story, thus giving a practical sense close to land. For families with limited mobility or the elderly, a bungalow without stairs is an ideal choice. In addition, bungalows usually give people a rustic feel. However, the styles of modern buildings are diverse, so in addition to traditional shapes, ping houses usually also incorporate many modern elements, such as large glass floor-to-ceiling windows or high ceiling designs. Due to the land area, bungalows are usually located in relatively small cities or in quiet countryside and outskirts. The bungalows also often plan the area of ​​a small attic, which is used as a bedroom or a small study to expand the usable area of ​​the home.

What kind of style does the bungalow have?

The most common bungalows in India are triple courtyards, or quadrangles. These traditional bungalows show the rural spirit of India and are therefore very representative. Even in the modern era, many homeowners miss the old days in particular, so they will ask experts to build bungalows with a triple courtyard or quadrangular courtyard layout. A large number of bricks and traditional roof tiles are usually used in bungalows of this type, such as tribe courtyards or quadrangular courtyards, to show the rustic characteristics of the countryside. The biggest problem with the old three-in-one courtyard was the narrow and dark interior, but the modern three-in-one courtyard has improved this problem. In addition to the bungalows with Indian-style triad or quadrangle courtyards, foreigners usually like to combine modern elements, such as using a large amount of glass material, to create industrial or modern bungalows. Most bungalows are divided into completely flat roofs or mountain-shaped roofs. Generally, if the gable roof structure is adopted, a small attic will be planned under the roof with skylights.

A bungalow or a two-story house—which one is more suitable for me?

The advantage of the bungalow is that it has no steps, so it is very suitable for families with elders or members with limited mobility. However, since a bungalow has only one floor, the usable living area is, of course, smaller than that of a two-story house. So if your family has a large number of people, the land required to build a bungalow will also be large, and the cost of buying land will be relatively higher. In addition, if there are many tall buildings around your chosen construction site, your bungalow is likely to have insufficient light.

The advantage of a two-story house is that if you have a large number of members in your family, you don’t need to buy too much building land so that each family member can have an independent living space. In addition, the first floor can be used as the main public area, providing a space for the whole family and friends and relatives to interact, and the second floor can be used as an area for the whole family to sleep and rest, so the privacy is better.

How much does the bungalow cost?

Whether it is buying or building a bungalow, the cost will vary depending on the location and the building materials used. Since the bungalow has only one floor, the construction time will be relatively short, so the price of the bungalow is usually lower.

The bungalow is indeed irresistible. After reading our introduction, if you are really determined to build a bungalow, I suggest you find the most suitable expert to assist you. You only need to easily fill out our free online consultation form, list your budget and needs, and the appropriate designer will take the initiative to contact you to build the bungalow of your dreams.

Bungalows Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Different ways to use the green element in bedrooms | Gurgaon | Noida

Plants always bring freshness to every room in the house, so you should not abandon them in the bedroom. Therefore, it is recommended to use plants for bedrooms as they instill a comfortable and natural atmosphere in the area. Sometimes people are advised not to put plants in the bedroom because they emit more carbon dioxide than oxygen during the night. However, a small amount is safe. Plants provide a pleasant and healthy indoor environment, so feel free to decorate your bedroom with a natural green colour.

A pot in harmony with the colour of the room’s furniture

Placing plants in bedrooms requires only minimal attention through regular watering and fertilising, as beautiful flowers add flair and elegance to the bedroom with their green colour that attracts the eyes. The window so that it gets the right amount of light in addition to harmonising with the room’s furniture.

The lighting makes it magical

Plants and lighting in one room can completely change the room in terms of decoration and give a charming attraction in addition to the positive aspects that make indoor plants an important element in the room’s decor and are certainly healthy aspects as green plants have a high ability to purify the air

Greenery everywhere

Diversity in the choice of plants that are used to decorate the walls of the bedroom is one of the most important features that must be taken into account. Care must be taken to use a lot of different types of plants that suit the nature of the place you have in the room. It is preferable to stay away from using only one type and distribute the plant in different corners, as is the case In this room, between hanging bouquets and bouquets behind the bed and on the floor,.

Holographic wallpaper and leaves

Three-dimensional wallpaper forms decorations and designs that make everyone who sees it feel as if they are realistic. These models have penetrated various fields, starting with clothes, passing through bed linens, etc., and even carpets, floors, and walls, as in this room, where wallpaper was used in the shape of large leaves and is suitable for all lovers of plants and natural décor, as well as a bouquet of green lawn by the bedside.

Vases with the most beautiful flowers

When it comes to plants in bedrooms, there are those who like to have the plant in the bedroom, but in a thin and simple way, and the solution here is to have some white, yellow or red flowers, which allows adapting to the design of the bedroom, and you can always diversify the flowers to create interesting, distinctive colours Interesting in the bedroom So if you want to create a new flower bouquet for the bedroom, you must choose the right shade of green that is perfect for your bedroom.

wooden planter basin decorated with lavender

Although this wooden aquarium has a simple shape, lavender is one of the most popular types of plants out there and requires a lot of care. It should not be purchased unless you have the time to take care of it and maintain it. This includes a regular supply of water and optimal fertilisation, as well as the need for optimal exposure to sunlight because the more sunlight it gets, the faster it will grow.

Interwoven ropes with a touch of jasmine

Jasmine, Gardenia and Stephanotis are great plants especially in bedrooms and are flowers that can be refreshed, making them a great choice as the white-scented flowers spread throughout the room and can be arranged as pictured above to ensure a fresh and natural element in your bedroom These plants enjoy partial shade, but it is important that they get enough moisture, especially on hot days.

Hanging flower pots

You can place differently planted pots on the walls as a hanging painting by using a lot of beautiful decorative resources, such as natural wood, colourful planters, and green plants.