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Plants that bring good luck into the house

Lucky plants for your home are important for delivering a natural flow of positive energy. Household auspicious plants absorb carbon dioxide to purify the environment and relieve stress. Home auspicious plants expel stagnant and banal energy from your home. 

They subconsciously link us to green with therapeutic properties. According to Feng Shui , plants that grow healthily and those that bring you money and good luck are placed in the right direction, enhancing your ability to attract abundance of life and improve relationships. Today’s article introduces some lucky plants to have at home.

Rubber tree

Native to Asia, particularly India, Malaysia and Java, the rubber tree has rounded leaves known to symbolize abundance, happiness and wealth. Rubber trees also remove toxins and negative energy from the air. The secret to thriving rubber trees is bright, indirect sunlight and well-drained soil.


The smell of eucalyptus is associated with new beginnings and purification. Hang dried eucalyptus branches in your shower to create a luxurious spa atmosphere. Beautiful eucalyptus is good for interior decoration and is loved by interior experts as well.

Corn tree

The commonly known corn or fortune plant (dracaena fragrans) is well known as a lucky indoor plant. In some Asian countries, corn is said to be a symbol of good luck. Flowering at home means that you will get riches and riches. Corn plants purify the air by removing toxins from it. Corn plants thrive in bright but indirect light.

Money tree

The money tree is believed to bring good luck, positive energy, and reduced stress and anxiety through its braided stems and lush leaves. For best care for your money tree, it is recommended to water it sparingly and add some moisture in the winter with a gravel tray or humidifier.


Sansevieria, also called snake plant, absorbs toxins from the air at night and releases oxygen, providing good health and positive energy to those in the space. It goes well with verandas and gardens, as well as indoors, and is easy to grow, so it’s a challenge for novice gardeners.

Eco-friendly paper decoration ideas

As interest in eco- friendly interiors increases, more and more people are looking for decorations made of materials that do not harm the environment. Today, I would like to introduce decorations made of paper, especially among eco-friendly materials. Paper itself is a two-dimensional plane, but it is an interesting material that becomes three-dimensional when it is crumpled and folded.

It is easy to obtain, inexpensive, and can be simply colored or reshaped. In addition, since it is possible to express crossing curves or straight lines, infinite transformation is possible without restrictions on scale or shape. Interior accessories made of paper show various charms with the advantages of these materials and their delicate texture expression. From small decorations to lighting and props. Let’s take a look at the interior accessories made of paper in the ever-changing daily life.

Eco-friendly chair

The first product we will look at is a chair made by fitting several plates with grooves side by side so that they are interlocked with ten characters. The lower part is made in a flat shape to serve as a stable support, and the upper part has a curved shape that is lightly dented, so it is comfortable to match the curves of the body when sitting on it. It is an impressive product with a unique design and environmentally friendly materials.

Cardboard lighting

Made from corrugated cardboard by a craft expert , this light reveals the cross section of corrugated cardboard, expressing the interior pattern like a decorative pattern. It has a sturdy and simple shape like a box, while retaining the unique texture of paper. Although it is a restrained design without other decorations, the physical properties of the material and the texture itself give a rich analog sensibility.

Birch Plywood

It is a decorative object made by sandwiching colored plywood together in the shape of a horse. The irony of small flat pieces of different shapes interlocking and intertwining to complete a three-dimensional form is an attractive product. Horses are beautiful animals with smooth, voluminous muscles. In order to make use of its characteristics, the entire line was created in a delicate and detailed manner.

Hanji craft lamp

A three-dimensional hat was made by folding traditional Korean paper. According to the movement of folded, unfolded, and overlapped Korean paper, natural shades are created, making the light passing through the Korean paper pure and soft. The unique surface texture of hanji and the lighting created by the shadows add a sense of vitality.

Unique Cardboard Lights

These paper dolls made of various characters can be used as indoor lighting by creating a window on their face and inserting a light bulb. Variously expressed from superheroes to simple symbols without patterns, this standing paper light is pop art and full of personality, so it is good for decorating a hallway or bedroom that reveals itself. It is a product that allows you to feel the colorful and cute front side and the soft and fluffy texture of corrugated cardboard at the same time as it does not hide the layered part of the corrugated cardboard.

Common space decor ideas that can protect each other’s tastes

A dormitory or dormitory where several people live together is a space where it is difficult to reflect individual tastes, so it is often left without decoration. If you want to change the boring and obvious communal space interior, pay attention to today’s article! Today, we introduce the simplest ways to make a change without undue intrusion into a common space.

Plan terrier

If you fill the space with fresh plant pots, you can make a colorful decoration without like or dislike for anyone. Interior designers recommend choosing plants that not only breathe life into the space but also purify the air to decorate the communal space.

Storage shelf installation

Placing a storage shelf on the wall of the hallway is useful because it can secure a simple storage space and decorate it. Shelves in the aisles have the advantage of filling the space with neat colors, eye-catching sculptures, and eye-catching accessories like beautiful vases.

Frame decoration

If you hang a frame with photos and tastes of the residents in the hallway of the dormitory where several people are staying, you can feel a sense of bond with each other. If you want to get to know each other more, create a charming gallery wall in your hallway.

Bright hallway

The best way to express the concept of a space is to create an atmosphere with color. For example, if you want to brighten up a narrow hallway, it is better to use light colors. Horizontal stripes across the hallway can also add visual interest if desired. If you want a beautiful hallway interior , find the color that best suits your space.

point item

If you want to add a touch of sensibility to your communal space, try changing it up with specially designed furniture, accessories or color accents. Just as in the photo, you can make a special decoration that attracts attention just by collecting unique watches on the wall.

bold color

If you don’t like the dull feeling of common spaces, try bold colors. The space in the photo boasts a trendy and youthful sense of color with a faded blue-gray tone.

minimalist interior

When decorating the entrance of a space where several people live together , it is ideal to arrange furniture and decorations with a clean and simple design like the picture to make them comfortable and without likes or dislikes.

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