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Bedroom design to keep in mind when building a new building

It’s no use just a blank bedroom without windows! The bedroom is where the day begins. Here are some nice bedroom designs that will make your life switch smoothly.

Prepare a large east-facing window and let the morning sun into your bedroom:

Sunlight in the morning reduces melatonin, a sleepy ingredient in the body, resets the body clock, improves the rhythm of life, and improves morning awakening. It is also recommended to install windows in a high position so that the sunlight will come in and you will be able to protect your private life at night.

Do not place bedrooms on public roads:

Quiet space is essential for a good night’s sleep. It is natural to install soundproof and soundproof walls and windows, but do not install the bedroom itself on the noisy public space side.

Arrange a picture window to enjoy the night view:

The bedroom is basically a small room, but it is also important to install a “hole” so that you do not get choked. If the east-facing window side view is not good, install a window that allows you to enjoy the view, such as a picture window, in the direction where the wonderful view spreads.

Make your bedroom comfortable:

The bedroom should not just be too large. In a large space, one cannot instinctively relax. Choose a cozy space (about 6 tatami mats) in size. In addition, avoid spaces that are too large so that the room temperature and humidity can be easily adjusted.

Place embedded indirect lighting near the bed, at your feet, etc .:

Unlike lights that can be placed later, the light from the back of the bed and the footlights are items that make the bedroom much more gorgeous. By all means, when designing a bedroom, consider not only the shape of the room but also the lighting design with the interior designer. One wall side should be a closet: Use a closet all over the wall to manage all your clothes, such as everyday clothes and suits. “Open closets” that do not have doors like walk-in closets are also popular.

How can I improve the soundproofing and sound insulation of my bedroom?

In order to prevent sound leakage or noise, it is important to use two types, “sound insulation” that reflects sound and “sound absorption” that absorbs invading sound. If you have children, please use it to avoid troubles with your neighbors.

Soundproof wall :

Use sound-absorbing materials such as glass wool and rock wool inside the wall, and install sound insulation panels and sheets on the wall to prevent sound from entering. If you have already made a wall, just sticking a sound insulation sheet on the wall is effective enough, so please try it.

Soundproof window :

There is a limit to making a soundproof window due to the difference in materials, but instead, let’s install the window twice as “outer window” and “inner window”. Furthermore, installing soundproof boards and shutters is also effective.

How to make a small bedroom look bigger

I advised you to design your bedroom so that it doesn’t get too big, but I think many people have to make it a small bedroom. Click here for the recommended “make the room look bigger” method:

Hanging a long curtain from near the ceiling :

By extending the curtain to the building, the line of sight extends up and down, making the room feel very spacious. Also, the ceiling looks high, which makes the room more gorgeous.

Choose short interior items to ensure a view of the entire room :

No matter how large the room is, if the view is blocked by the interior, the room will feel small. Make the space look bigger by arranging interiors that are lower than your line of sight.

Make the room look bigger with a mirror :

Have you ever seen a mirrored wall in a small restaurant or bar? Covering the wall with a mirror gives the illusion that the space has doubled. It is difficult to make a wall mirror in the bedroom, but let’s make the space look bigger by installing a large mirror.

Expand floor space :

The height of the interior is important, but the size and size are also important. If you cover a lot of floor area, you will not have a place to go and the room will look small. Place a bed or chair with legs so that you can see the floor as much as possible.

Where in the bedroom should storage space be provided?

Isn’t it difficult to provide a storage space in a typical bedroom? However, depending on your ingenuity, you can unexpectedly create a storage space! For example:

Under-bed storage

Under the bed which is unexpectedly dead space. It’s a waste not to make effective use of the large vacant space! It is also a big advantage that it is easy to reach at any time and it is easy to put things in and out. Since things are placed on the floor, it is easy for dust to collect, but there is no problem if you put it in a storage box such as a clear box. We sell tall bed frames and clear boxes at reasonable prices, so it is a recommended way to improve storage space.

Storage on the bed

“On-bed” storage should not be forgotten along with under-bed storage. When designing a bedroom, you can put a board above the bed to make it a little storage space, or you can use the upper part of the bunk bed frame as a storage room. You may be concerned about dust here as well, but use a cover or storage box to store it neatly.

Wall storage

You can hang a box on the wall or place a large grid of box storage along the wall. This is also easy to install, and the price range is 5,000 yen, which is very reasonable. It is possible to store a large amount of things, it is easy to clean, and it is highly recommended!

How to choose indirect lighting in the bedroom

The bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. Relaxing in the bedroom is a very important time, reading a book or watching TV. Introducing some indirect lighting that creates such a relaxing space well:

Reading light

It illuminates a comfortable bright light from above the head of the bed. You can purchase high quality lights at a reasonable price of Rs 3000 or less.

Foot light

It is a light that automatically illuminates your feet when you suddenly want to go to the bathroom. It is an indispensable item for improving safety such as elderly people. The price is about 2000 yen and you can buy the one that works well.

Bedrooms by style & color

The bedroom design is not one. To create a comfortable space, it is also important to bring it to your favorite room. Here are some of the most common bedroom styles:

Modern design bedroom :

It is a luxury-oriented bedroom style that is created by collecting designer furniture and laying it out neatly. It is a perfect design for those who want to live in a fashionable space one step ahead. It is a style that seems to be difficult for families with children such as the strength of furniture. The general total coordination price range is often over 1 million. Must-have items: indirect lighting, large beds, dark interior colors

Minimal design bedroom :

It is a style that keeps the number of furniture as small as possible and keeps the space large. By arranging some high-quality furniture, you can reduce the loneliness and make the room look bigger. It goes very well with Scandinavian furniture and is sometimes called Scandinavian minimal style. This style is not suitable for collectors. Total coordination can start. Must-have items: white-based interior items, Scandinavian furniture

Asian style bedroom :

It is an ethnic design interior of Southeast Asian and Indian origin. It is possible to design by adding a colorful ethnic interior to the wood grain interior. By arranging many small items, the degree of beauty will increase. The price range is about 200,000 rupees and you can coordinate a basic Asian style. Must-have items: bamboo interior, indirect lighting, wood grain furniture, rugs. Coordination collection and tips for the most fashionable rooms!

Rooms Best Interior Designer near me Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Room Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Things to know to have a beautiful room

To have a beautiful, modern and comfortable house, it is necessary to have a thorough preparation right from the beginning of the rough design concept. However, for many families, even after finishing the rough part, they are very confused and do not know where to start in arranging furniture for each room and each area. This article wants to give families the basic knowledge about interior design for each space in their house to have the most complete house. And to do that, join experts to find answers to the following questions:

– What to do before starting to design a room?

– Types of materials suitable for decoration and room design.

– Things to keep in mind to maintain the beauty of a room.

First, let’s find out what to do before starting to design a room.

– Measure the area of ​​that room: This is a very simple job but extremely important because it will affect the cost of design and construction. Besides, the area of ​​the room also helps the architect to make reasonable suggestions for a space with a known area as well as to choose the appropriate furniture.

– Know what you want: Besides the beautiful element, suitable for the overall house, you should determine the style you are aiming for because you and your family will be the ones who directly use that room and no one else. I want to be in a space I don’t like. So, consult with family members and know for sure whether the room is intended to be used as a bedroom or for relaxation? For who? And what are your hobbies?

– How much money do you have for your project: A question that seems superfluous but important because it affects your choices from furniture to materials and sometimes even the style you want? If you know how much money you have, it will be much easier for the architect to come up with design ideas and thereby also save your time.

– Learn about design patterns: Nowadays there are many designs of all spaces in the home that you might like online. Or if you are enthusiastic, you can even go to practice in some beautiful projects that you like and then express that idea to your architect.

Types of materials commonly used today

– Wood: This is considered as the first choice of families about 10 years ago when decorating rooms because of its rustic, simple and environmentally friendly beauty. However, wood is a rather expensive material, prone to termites and requires regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain its original beauty, so it is no longer popular these days.

– Bamboo: It also has the advantage of bringing rustic and nature-friendly beauty, but there are a lot of beautiful decorations with different designs and models, but the price is affordable. Many families choose this material to decorate their room. However, bamboo has a huge disadvantage that is susceptible to the influence of weather factors and not durable with time of wood.

– Iron, steel: Decorative items such as lamps, art iron tables and chairs are also very popular in modern designs. The price of this material is reasonable. But iron and steel are very susceptible to rust and oxidation, so they need to be repainted and cleaned regularly.Room Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Interior Firm

– PVC synthetic resin: is one of the modern materials and has many advantages such as durability over time and other impacts such as insects, oxidation. Besides, PVC furniture has a variety of designs and colors but the price is not too expensive.

– Trees: A relaxing space, helping your whole family to integrate with nature, it is impossible to install trees. Don’t be afraid to put a few small plants in the room or larger plants in the living room space to make the space greener.

How to maintain the beauty of the terrace.

No matter what type of material it is, it will be bad and old or even damaged over time, so in addition to the very beginning, the choice of material is very important, the maintenance and maintenance of beauty for the rooms are also indispensable.

– Paint a protective layer of paint on materials that are easily oxidized and susceptible to termites such as wood, iron, steel, etc.

Regular cleaning is a simple but very effective job in maintaining the beauty of the furniture.

– Replace the decorations that are too old to ensure the overall beauty. Take care of the tree regularly to maintain the beauty of the tree.

Room design cost

Room design prices vary by size and complexity, ranging from 150,000 Rs – 200,000 Rs/m2 (this price does not include the cost of buying furniture). Today, there is a package design service from concept to completion with the price for a room of 15-20m2 is 500,000 Rs – 9000,000 Rs.

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