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Interior Designer in Sector 36 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm Wooden doors design ideas Do you know of wooden exterior or main door? In fact, you know the importance of this door. It should be beautiful, interesting to look at and strong, wood used for doors is a great material. Isn’t it So before choosing a door, decide how you want to make the exterior door  of the house  , whether it is made of wood, or made of iron, or whether you have a door at the entrance. Want to add a magnificent garden? In today’s article we will talk about wooden doors. What are the important things to keep in mind when choosing these doors. From which designs and colors you want to choose. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

Why choose wood for doors?

The answer is very simple. The fact is that wooden doors are the most important element of the charm of the house. They not only highlight the beauty but also make it easy to draw their designs and beautiful designs on them. They are our precious treasure as our historical heritage. Yes! Remember your old and historic palaces, places of worship and kingdoms that are full of charming woodwork and historical heritage. That work on wood proves to be a masterpiece. That’s why we suggest you make wooden doors for the main front door of the house.


Not all home doors are as heavy and colorful as we have presented in this model. The fact is that wooden doors have many styles and charms. But here we are presenting many designs. The most important and beautiful style that is shown in this model. Built on a very simple wooden vertical surface, the door is built without edges and ornaments and is made in a very strong shape. 21st century wood craftsmen are working on similar contemporary designs and Introduced several modern geometric and colorful styles. Which are very beautiful and strong in terms of their texture and shape.

Advantages of wooden exterior doors

There are many reasons to install a wooden exterior door in a home. This is definitely the first place that exhibits our home. Among the elements that play an important role in the beauty and charm of the house, the wooden exterior door is of special importance and gives a warm welcome to the guests. The wooden door has a special feel to it when we talk about the charm of the front of our house. Especially when you enter the garden  through this beautiful door . However, the charm of this wooden door gives a warm welcome to the guests, but the charm and beauty of this type of door can only be seen by the guests coming from outside while the occupants of this house can see the view from the other side of this door. Which is not as interesting and beautiful as the view from the outside.

Disadvantages of wooden doors

There are usually two disadvantages to wooden doors that can be easily removed. In the first case, if the wooden door is not properly cared for, a wood-eating worm develops which destroys the beauty and strength of the door. In addition, due to excess moisture, it can be attacked by mildew. Applying appropriate paint and oil and pesticide on this door at the appropriate time protects it from harmful insects which makes this door attractive. And the strength remains. The other downside is its safety. In general, over time, the strength of wood decreases compared to other materials such as iron and steel. In view of this danger, you can add an iron and steel element to the door, which preserves the natural beauty of the wood in the door and also strengthens it like iron. You can even build a garage out  of this kind of wood .

Types of wood for outdoor entry

Forest wood is very popular for the exterior door of the house and the traditional blunt wood of the forest is especially preferred for these doors. For this reason, sesame, beer and palm are generally preferred in these traditional woods for doors. Even in areas where these varieties are not found, there is a great demand for this wood. In addition to these woods, pine and pine wood doors are also very popular as they also have strong strength and great resistance to climate change.

Necessary maintenance for exterior doors

The maintenance of a wooden exterior door depends on the choice of wood. What kind of wooden door did you make? Also what kind of paint and finishing did the woodworker do on the door? In fact, only skilled craftsmen can determine the duration of its proper maintenance. However, the maintenance work is the same and it is only about the security of the door. Safety through this care is based on natural ingredients such as flax seed or oatmeal oil. In addition, chemical varnish is also used on it. If you do not want to paint on wood for any reason, use water resistant varnish on it to protect it. It is more effective and beautiful than traditional varnish. In short, thanks to these products, wood can be properly cared for and repaired, protected from the effects of the weather, and its charm and beauty can be maintained for a long time while maintaining its strength.

Example of a country gate

We have seen many unique and charming style wooden doors above, but this is a picture of a very simple but  rustic style door. This door consists of square wooden cracks which are attached in a vertical style. This two-tiered door is installed in an oval frame. We call it a rustic style door in terms of its shape and style. That it is arranged on pure wood without paint. If we want to introduce an element of innovation in this door, we can add glass or steel glass in its design. For more beauty and innovation, it can be painted with attractive colors, its hook can be replaced with modern style handles, which will make it a beautiful blend of new and old styles and maintain its strength. Will

An example of a modern wooden door

In terms of country doors, we have many styles and different styles of designs. But when it comes to modern style doors, we now have twice as many designs as the old doors. According to local traditions, we see design and style with new innovations. Usually these designs follow two basic principles. The simplicity of these doors and Their function. Both of these things we see in the door that is presented in this picture. A house with a wooden facade  and, of course, no material other than wood was used in its door. In its design, vertical cracks of wood have been used. Undoubtedly, no other simple design like this can be made. The use of varnish has filled the door with charm and beauty.

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The living room is just that—the spacewe live in! It is used for many purposes, e.g., watching TV, family game nights, hanging out with friends, reading alone in the afternoon, and everything in between. This means that the living room should be both beautiful and functional. The sofa should be both something to look at and something to snuggle up on when it’s cold! For these reasons, it is hard to imagine a style more welcoming than rustic.You may have a preconceived notion of what rustic living room decor looks like when you hear it. Many people think of it as shabby chic or even log cabin style, and while rustic embodies both, it’s by no means limited. The rustic interior design emphasises natural beauty with a touch of austerity. This is evident in wooden furniture that is not overly finished or decorated and in natural fabrics such as cotton and jute. You can really tailor a rusticliving room toany spectrum, but understanding the principles of this design style is a helpful place to start! Rustic design has grown in popularity over the past decade, thanks to Joanna Gaines and the growing movement for cosier spaces. If you collect rustic living room decorating ideas, you’ll find everything from a modern farmhouse to a rustic industrial building—and everything in between! Rustic living room ideas are alsopopular with families with children and pets, as rustic furniture is often durable and cosy. You’ll find deep sofas, comfy armchairs, mood lighting, and warm accents that will make coming home a real hug! When it comes to rustic living room furnishings, it depends on the function and shape of the room in question. Creating a space for comfortable living, a place to relax and something that fits the rhythm of your home is key to. Is a rustic living room design right for you? If you’re drawn to earthy or neutral tones, nature-inspired textures, unpretentious interiors, and a sense of calm, then yes! A rustic living room could be the right choice for you! We’ve rounded up our favourite rustic living room design inspiration to help you get started on your design journey, so enjoy!

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When it comes to interior design, less is often more. A messy apartment can feel smaller and more cramped than it actually is, making it feel less inviting and less comfortable. The key is to choose furniture that serves a purpose and will be used regularly. A computer desk can be useful, for example, if you work from home or have children who need their own space for homework. However, if you don’t use your computer at home often orprefer to work on your laptop while relaxingon the sofa, you may not need a separate office.Instead, choose furniture that offers both form and function, such as a sofa bed. a coffee table, which also serves as storage space. By carefully considering your needs, you can create a home that is both stylish and practical.

Wall Decorations Creative and Inspirational | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wall Decorations Creative and Inspirational

Wallpaper, paint, stones… that seems to be the sum total of the ways you can give your walls a bit of personality, right? Well, that is true to some extent, but we wonder if you are aware of the number of amazing patterns of these materials that you can choose from.. In case you are not, we will show you some unusual and funky wall decoration ideas in this article, which She is like a parasite by transforming any interior space into a completely more beautiful one.

wallpaper in the form of wood

There are two ways to use wood in the walls to give your home amazing effects, the first is the acquisition of wallpaper, and the second is the installation of wood panels, and here the first method was resorted to, which made the room warm and vibrant.

Colored inscriptions

If you are a fan of patterns and colors, you will definitely love this design that relied on the use of embossed wallpaper on the back wall of the bed. Yes .. You do not have to install wallpaper on the entire wall, but you can only have it in a small part of the wall, as is the case here.


Concrete in a fresh look through the interior design of this bathroom, here it is not the gray we are used to seeing, but rather, it combines different shades of gray and brown together in an intertwined way that gives this space amazing autumnal influences.

Mosaic with a touch of glass

With this idea, you will realize that you can make the best use of broken glass in designing a stunning wall in your home with a touch of mosaic or mosaic as it is called.

An enchanting glass wall

In this model, a set of stunning glass blocks were acquired, creating interesting interior walls, which did a great role in separating the spaces, and giving each one more privacy!

Between glass and wood

If you love the idea of ​​glass walls, but not in their entirety, check out this cool design! It’s very elegant, the natural wood in it feels warm, and it gives this space a modern look too!

Interactive design

Do you want to design one of the interior walls in your house out of the ordinary? Check out this idea, which is based on an interactive blackboard design that is usually used to write some phrases, quotes and maybe some drawings if there is an artist in the family!

Glossy ceramic

This glossy wall tile looks perfect for the bathroom, as the colors almost mimic the tones of the sea and blend into a gorgeous aqua theme room!

Wooden panels

We previously talked about that you can have wood touches in the walls of your house in two ways, this is the second way, which is to install wooden panels on one of the walls, and perhaps all of them, according to your preference.

Natural stones

It might be a slightly bigger task, but what about replacing the regular interior wall paints with natural stone blocks? Natural stone will surely add to your home an eye-catching decorative touch and will give it a new dimension of elegance.

Painted bricks

If you like the aesthetics of bricks and would like to decorate one of the walls of your house with it but want to tie it into the existing color scheme, the solution would simply be to paint it like here with the model shown.. but you have to bear in mind that this will give your room a little rustic look The thing with an idyllic romantic feel!