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To take advantage of a small bedroom space

Nowadays floors are getting smaller. So many times we don’t have enough space for our  bedroom . But don’t worry, we have a solution to improve the space in a bedroom. Like we always want to encourage you with these 10 (or something else) ideas so you can take possible action to improve your small bedroom.

We know that many times you have a cost to manage everything, as there is always something between you and what you feel. We hope you enjoy reading this Idea Book.

Mirrors are not just a decorative element that shows how beautiful we are; it is an element that can do a lot for the aesthetics of our  bedroom . Decorating the cabinets with a mirror will instantly add more visual depth to our bedroom. …

They are beautiful

It depends on how you install the mirror in the bedroom so you will get a style or something else. As it may be, it always adds beauty, functionality and sophistication as we have already talked about before it will increase its depth; if you have a small bedroom then the mirror in it for you. mandatory.

  1. Furniture for everything

It is clear that the bedroom is one of those rooms in the house which needs more elements. We need closets, beds and maybe a fegame w pairs of tables, ، If we’re talking about a teen’s room, the need for space increases.

Keep in mind that they need their own space with desks, books, and consoles with which to enjoy both. Furniture bets that bring everything together in one place for you. You will clean, concentrate everything, and make the bedroom a more comfortable and functional space.


A good way to get the feeling in your bedroom is to choose the same material as the bed center, and the desk ha wardrobe. Aesthetic harmony will always be welcome.

  1. Good organized lighting

Having artificial light in your bedroom is  very important for it to look great. Distributes different points of light or back light parts like bed header.

You can consult our designers and interior decorators. …

Mostly natural

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an outdoor house, in which natural light enters. But if the windows in your bedroom have windows, then come to light, so having a much more pleasant bedroom, you will have a bedroom that will look much bigger and more beautiful. The miracle of natural light works.

  1. Multi-purpose furniture

Before we talk about furniture we  think that it takes up a lot of storage. But there is also furniture that does many things at the same time: furniture that serves both bed and table, brackets that have two beds and drawers; thus improving the maximum available space. …

Beautiful besides the flow

Check out this beautiful  bedroom;  in just a few square meters and thanks to the use of multi-furniture it has gained the most welcome and well-used space. Ah, we also see how they incorporated the mirror!

  1. Take advantage of everywhere

Everywhere in your bedroom is important. Keep in mind that when we have a small corridor we should not leave even a milometer of space; so if you have space under the bed, it’s time to take advantage. You can pack a suitcase full of clothes in it for another season, the shoes you are going to wear the next day, or what you think will help you keep order.

  1. Small furniture

We don’t always need a double bed if we are alone. If you have a small bedroom, you can make a beautiful decision for it as a single bed. Also, if you choose a model with a canopy, make the most of the space, use it to keep your clothes or shoes in it.

Also note the furniture on the right is great, with a hole under a table, with both furniture stools,… Great!

  1. White color

White will always be your best ally for any small space. Darker colors get rid of the full potential of your bedroom; and yet white reflects light and makes your bedroom look much more spacious.

  1. Beds that disappear

When the bedroom is used for a series other than daily activities, one of the best options is to install a concealed or folding bed. That way you will only be able to use the bedroom for other things during the rest of the day, when you need to take the bed. It’s a great alternative for kids at home, don’t you think?

  1. Fair and necessary

When we don’t have enough space we can’t bother to fill the bedroom for our furniture. There are things that are basic to bed-based, and even include a bedside table. With just these three elements and some decorative details, we can get a room as this bedroom.

  1. Bedrooms that look like parlors

In the white picture we see the furniture, it is a folding bed. But to be able to take advantage of the room, the rest of the time the sofa is placed very easily to remove and put on. And this alternative is great for guest rooms. So you can take advantage of it in your day!

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Interior designer ideas for closet in bedroom

Organization is an indispensable feature inside any room in the house, but in the bedroom it takes on a special dimension. Given that it is a space reserved for intimacy and rest, order is essential to generate an inspiring and pleasant atmosphere in which to find a refuge at the end of the day. The closets are great allies in this sense in which keep the clothing, footwear, accessories and textiles to the house sorted.

In this book of ideas, we share with you 7 inspiring projects that show us how to integrate the closet in the bedroom in an original and practical way.

Where and how

Before starting to build a closet in the bedroom, several questions need to be considered. The first is to know if there is space to attach an element like this. Sometimes it is enough to have a well-planned closet to keep the area organized, especially if you do not have a particularly generous surface. Nevertheless, with creativity and ingenuity, great results can be generated, as shown in this project, where the head of the bed also serves to define a beautiful closet.

2. A closet as a room

A subtle and wise way to integrate a closet in the bedroom is to use it as a room separator. Using a cupboard to share spaces without the need to use traditional walls will lend your home a contemporary character and a lot of functionality. The transition between different scenarios is thus done in a delicate and effective way with this volume which, on the one hand, has doors, and on the other hand acts as a wall.

3. Sliding doors in the closet

There are many ways to integrate the closet in the bedroom, but one of the most used – and modern! – is to use sliding doors. This system avoids sacrificing a single useful centimeter of the room (since no space is required to open the doors), in addition to giving the complex a very attractive aesthetic. In this case, the lacquered leaves of the doors on a dark structure are particularly interesting.

4. The importance of materials

Another aspect to keep in mind when it comes to integrating the closet into the bedroom – or any other space in the house – is the choice of materials. There are materials that are better adapted to certain needs or style and others that are totally at odds with the area where they are inserted. Wood, for example, is one of the most versatile materials and a safe long-term choice.

5. A perfect organization

Regardless of size, the ultimate purpose of any closet, whether integrated into the bedroom or not, is to bring order to the home. The organization inside is important for this, so it is advisable to integrate all types of systems and compartments so that each piece is properly accommodated and easier to find.

6. Good lighting

Lighting is another factor to take into account when planning your closet. The ideal is to include a source of natural light in it, but given that, generally, these spaces appear integrated into the room without the possibility of having windows, the solution is to place some points of artificial light inside. Illuminate drawers, shelves and mirrors correctly. Your closet will be more functional and inspiring.

7. Customize the interior

Despite its nature as a storage space, nothing prevents it from giving your closet a unique character. The lighting will contribute to the decorative aspect, as well as the materials. Along with them, you can incorporate wallpaper, a decorative vinyl, a beautiful design carpet or lamp, an  armchair or stool for your comfort, special handles for drawers, curtains (if you have a window), among other things.

Interior design ideas for home entrance

The entrance is the connection between the interior and exterior of the house, the passage that introduces us to the heart of the domestic space, announcing its character and helping us to determine what atmosphere we will find in it. Basically, it is a kind of business card.

In this book of ideas, we have gathered 10 entries that you can take inspiration to decorate yours and make it unique. After all, you want to make the best impression on your guests ever, right? Light is essential for the success of home environments and the entrance is no exception. All the entrances that follow are luminous either because they receive natural light or because they have a good installation of artificial light or because the clear color palette lends them this quality. Furthermore, as you will have the opportunity to see, these are spaces that are both functional and beautiful and comfortable.

 1. Style and plans

A console with three feet and a small stool, both in neoclassical style and with elegant lines, make up this entrance with charm. The space has a window that allows a generous entry of natural light. The plants give life, color and freshness to the environment and reveal attention to detail. As you can see, a lot can be achieved with little.

2. White and color notes

Characterizing this simple and luminous entrance is the presence of white, a color that reflects light, and which, in this project, dominates the walls and the main structure of the console. The drawers of this furniture introduce color at the entrance and stand out next to the neutrality of white. The wooden floor mitigates the coldness of the white and ensures comfort.

3. Functionality and elegance at the entrance

In our third and modern entrance, we have two armchairs arranged symmetrically next to a console with a structure in wrought iron. On the other hand, in the center of the composition, there is a mirror with asymmetrically distributed planes whose reflective surfaces distribute the light at the entrance that enters the glass panel that integrates the door.

4. Niches at the entrance

Here is a simple and effective solution for the entrance that appears separated from the room by a dividing wall with niches used to exhibit some decorative objects. The entrance is luminous, a characteristic that is favored by the light that arrives from the social nucleus of the house and the LEDs embedded in the ceiling that diffuse a soft light.

5. Transparent and reflective surfaces

A simple and luminous entrance that benefits from the presence of transparent and reflective surfaces, starting with the glass panel next to the entrance door and ending with the sliding door that makes the space more intimate and composed while preserving a fluid connection with the rest of the House. The luxurious marble floor also reflects the light and provides elegance to the environment.

6. Mirrored surfaces

Our sixth entrance has a built-in closet whose mirrored doors increase the perception of space. Mirrors produce this effect, which, although illusory, is effective in making environments appear larger.

7. With few furniture and minimalist lines

The simple and luminous entrance that we see in this image is characterized by the choice of few pieces of furniture and the minimalist approach. The wood of the bench is accompanied by that of the floor and that of the console with an iron structure. The oval mirror and the paintings on the walls are the only concessions to the decoration.

8. Transparent and ornate door

When we see this entrance, our attention is immediately focused on the door crossed by lines with sinuous shapes. The typical console has been replaced here by a wooden slab with a small semi-circular glass cover. In the background, we see a built-in cabinet with glass doors decorated with striped sticky paper – an ingenious idea, right?

9. Light, geometry and functionality

Almost finished, we share a luminous entrance with simple elegance. The full-length backbit mirror adds shine and depth to the space. The small white box-like piece of furniture allows you to store some shoes and the rug makes up the decoration and assures comfort.

10. Vintage style floor and mirrored wall

This project is for all those who feel the appeal of vintage and retro style. The purposeful worn walls harmonize with the tile floor with hexagonal pieces. The left side wall is completely mirrored, which makes the space look bigger than it really is.