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Ideas that will help you choose the door of your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

More than any other element that forms part of the facade of  your home, a front door has the ability to instantly draw attention to both guests and passersby, the appearance of this front facade can do a lot to add to the overall appearance of your home, but although there are many factors that must be taken into account Keep in mind when buying a front door, but you should also remember the rules and regulations, living in a historic building for example, will present limitations in terms of the size, style and materials of your door, the same goes for the characteristics of where you live especially if it is a street lined with similar homes The big mistake that can be made is adding an ancient contemporary door to a building in a traditional style, so today we through this article we will give you a set of tips that you should pay attention to before choosing external doors for your home.

1- Quality and price

Although it is wise to always have a budget, focusing your efforts on costs is one of the basics to consider, but quality must come first. Low-quality materials and poor construction are factors you don’t want to associate with your front door, so choose wisely.


Safer doors have a solid design, making them more difficult to smash or collapse. To improve your door security, replace any hollow door with a door that has a solid core. Don’t overlook locks for your door. When choosing or replacing a lock, choose one that is anti-slip and anti-slip. For punctures and vibration, we definitely recommend installing the wide-angle viewing holes, allowing you to know if a person is knocking alone or carrying any tools, and don’t forget the back door!

3- Door size

Many of the most common mistakes when choosing a front door are thought that they are all the same size. They are not! In addition to measuring the doorway and door gap before looking at the doors, be sure to communicate it to a door specialist so they can help you find the perfect door, and remember that it’s not just around the door but you should also focus on the interior floor height and door width.

4- The color of the door

The fun part Once you’ve decided on the right material, size, and style, you might want to consider changing its look. After all, your front door will be one of the first things your guests will see, so how do you make it a lasting impression?

First, choose a tone that complements your home. Even if red is your color of choice, think about how it would go with wood, brick, or any other material in your facade.

Second: the style of your home For example, pastel greens look exotic in a traditional English Tudor house, while a Mediterranean style home looks very inviting with a bright turquoise door. Also consider the materials, colors and style of your existing facade, as well about the surrounding landscape.

5- Paint

Glossy and glossy doors are one of the most popular types of paint for exterior doors. Exterior paints are usually either oil-based or latex-based. In terms of finishes, it really comes down to personal preference. Matt paints are excellent for a rustic, weather-resistant look. And they are easy to clean when choosing between oil and latex paints, first think about what type of paint is already on the door, if you plan to paint directly on the paint on the door, use the same, the oil and latex don’t mix well, or you’ll need to strip the entire door of paint Old before applying a different type of paint. Although oil-based paints take longer to dry, they have a softer coating than latex paints.

Great loft bathroom ideas

Bathrooms are the most clean room in the house associated with cleanliness, luster and pure whiteness. When we enter a bathroom with dull walls or wet floors, we are in a hurry to get out of it quickly and never take our comfort in it, so we urgently need to enter a comfortable clean bathroom with good lighting and everything is in its place in perfect colors. But in the event that space is tight and you think that you cannot get the perfect bathroom, we collected all the questions you send and wrote this article with all the solutions that enable you to have the perfect bathroom.

Organize the space

When space is the problem, this design is the perfect solution for it. This bathroom is very ideal if you have a small space and you want to organize everything in it thanks to the well-distributed light in the bathroom in addition to the mirror hanging on the wall, in addition to the white paint that covers the walls, in addition to To wood and glass it gave a classic effect.

What materials will you use?

Paper and paint are materials that are dangerous to bathrooms in case of poor ventilation due to moisture, that’s why we suggest that you either continue with classic and elegance and use marble, wood and hydraulic tiles, or you can

Shower or bathtub?

The eternal inner conflict that makes us confused: Should we rely on a bathtub or a shower is better? The answer to this question really depends on the space we have in the bathroom, and the way you prefer to distribute it, use the shower room in the event that our space is quite large, and in the event that you like to relax, you must rely on the bathtub.


If there are windows in your bathroom, you are very lucky because the options will be open to you to choose different colors and materials in your bathroom, but in the event that you have one window and the space is small, then you should take this example as an option for you where white color dominates in all the room.

Industrial lighting

The room may not have direct windows, so you can then rely on white light because it provides you with the effect of natural lighting with some mirrors and the use of white color that provides you with the effect of natural lighting as well, in this bathroom inspired by the simple style, where experts relied on the use of colors and shapes Different from the tiles clearly and modern.


Although we have already mentioned it before, we emphasize to you once again the importance of mirrors in the  room, as  they are necessary for good lighting in addition to being necessary in the bathroom from a functional and aesthetic point of view as well, and in this bathroom the large mirror above the two sinks was chosen without excessive decoration.

Alternative solutions to take advantage of space

We want to give you the most original ideas that we can use, regardless of the size or shape of your home, you can apply this idea in the loft bedroom for you, a classic bathroom inside the bedroom is very practical and the partition of the space with a sliding door made there is continuity of vision and did not affect the space.

| Ideas that will help you choose the door of your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR |

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