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Very sort but impressive kitchen

The kitchen has attracted the attention of decoration and interior designers from all over the world and it is that over time the field has become very important and has become a sacred specimen of creativity in terms of service and work in which the expert All creative experiences and unforgettable moments are captured.

This new character does not match its size and volume, so small kitchens offer a wonderful view without wasting their functionality. In today’s article, we will show you more than twenty such small but charming and functional kitchens. Explain in detail which will be a favorite for any person of any taste.

So get ready to learn about these five star kitchens!

One and a half meter kitchen

This model is very good at storing your valuables in a small jar so that no matter how small your kitchen is, everything will look neat and beautiful. Different colors can be painted on the wall but we will suggest you white because this color has a lot of sophistication and charm.

With beautiful black color

This is not one of the most common colors in terms of kitchen size, but the fact is that  black gives incredible beauty. This design provides an additional psychological perspective due to its attractiveness and luster.

You can give new life to your small kitchen by introducing attractive colors on the walls, furniture or accessories.

The blue color of the shelves has a special place in the kitchen, while the black color of the counters and the gray color of the walls add to the charm of the kitchen.

Collection of colors for charming kitchen

One way to test the design of a kitchen is to choose its colors. Adding unusual colors or even a variety of color combinations  can give the kitchen incredible results, such as the yellow color in the kitchen. The time is tied up.

The magic of simplicity

To make your kitchen spacious and beautiful, it is important to keep the number of furniture  in it to a minimum. This method will create a special sophistication and charm in your kitchen with the necessary and minimal use of furniture.

Don’t forget to add storage to keep your small kitchen completely clean and spacious.

Bet on the best colors.

Small spaces whose  decoration is a difficult task need to focus on their small size. However, paying attention to it can completely change this place. The introduction of attractive colors has succeeded in creating beauty and charm on the main wall of this kitchen.

With different material combinations

Another interesting idea to make your kitchen attractive and beautiful is the combination of different materials in it. For example, decorative bells, attractive counters and beautiful color choices, for the success of your kitchen design. This collection may be the best.

American style kitchens are the best solution in lack of space.

With traditional innovation

We have already mentioned that due to lack of space, use furniture minimally to achieve amazing results. The interesting combination of modern lines of furniture as a touch with  the traditional stone wall has given this kitchen a charming look with decor.

With the charm of wood

Wood is one of the most versatile materials we can find in the market. It has the ability to transform spaces into comfortable and warm spaces. That said, its special feature is that it is a raw material for decorating all kinds of kitchens.

A narrow and flexible kitchen offers multi-functional possibilities for maximum use.

Finding the right place.

Hibenless is a process of decorating a small kitchen that requires a lot of attention and patience, but the results are commendable. If the length and width of your kitchen is not much, then everything in it needs to be decorated very carefully.

Use wood with finesse

In this Scandinavian style, the wood is finely chopped and painted white. Its design reflects the simplicity and thanks to the natural light that makes this furniture shine, giving this kitchen style a functional and unique style.

Black and white colors are a beautiful and safe choice when we talk about kitchen interior and interior design.

U- shaped kitchen

When we  talk about small rooms  , the distribution of the kitchen is basic. The U- shaped kitchen, as shown in this picture, despite its lack of dimensions, has enough levels to promote all your creative ideas.

The traditional style in this kitchen has been introduced with a new innovation that opens up to the living room.

Island-like kitchen

Much of the space available in the kitchen determines what we include elements in it. If you are an unconditional fan of kitchen islands, you should know that perhaps, it is your small kitchen. There is no better way to create a functional and attractive space. A practical and aesthetically similar alternative kitchen that has a wide and beautiful peninsula space, this type of kitchen can be included in this design.

Exquisite kitchen

In this kitchen we introduce colors in a special way. Although usually dominated by brown, wardrobes and drawers have a unique charismatic. So we have a green shade at the entrance that gives this kitchen a unique personality.

Lighting system. In the foundations

Lighting is  a key element in any decorative project . In the case of an ideal small kitchen, natural light is the element that allows the room to visually make the room more spacious. However, artificial lighting is just as important, especially as the lights installed in spaces during work can be seen in this picture.

Full red is a bright and vibrant color and can give a clear and transparent look to your kitchen.

Interior Design mistakes to be avoided | Gurgaon Design Firm

There are a lot of common mistakes that many people may when designing their interiors in this article. I will share with you the seven most common mistakes in interior design. I will provide you tips and information and how to avoid it. And fix it immediately and interior designer founder top designers if it’s your first time here welcome to our design community.

I’m very glad to have you here I want to invite you to subscribe to join our community and turn-on notifications well so you don’t miss out on our next guys you know that I love to know more about you so let me know in a comment below which of these mistakes you have had or you have at home right now no matter which one or how many they are remember.

That we all make mistakes the important thing is to fix them let’s get start people tend to hang art closer to the ceiling. Than it should be our work should be hung at about eye level to appreciate in a natural way the piece of art maintain the visual order of the words of art by following these diagrams and basic rules.

the best way to ensure that there are no mistakes and nasty holes to feel is to trace and cut out the frame outline on paper simply tape the paper cutouts on your wall try in numerous placements options until you have the desired outcome corns and blinds can make or break a home what’s the mass common mistakes people make.

When it comes to window treatments accent wait tall windows with high coordinates make a room look more spacious.

when you mount the cording Road close to the ceiling instead of at the window frame the floor length coordinates draw the eyes upward along the entire length of the accordance creating an illusion of height and spaciousness[Music]ensure the rod is wide enough.

so that when the coordinates are open the inner edges just covered the windows firm but note the glass for an elegant look coordinates panels should be wide enough that even when closed there’s fullness to them to achieve.

That the width of the panels look full and elegant the width of the curtain should be three times wider than the window guys I have a special gift for all of you in the description box below and leave a link where a guy and a checklist this way you can fix those mistakes at home in an easier way don’t forget to download it because I prepare it with much love for all of you since rocks are essential for creating boundaries for your furniture and defining spaces.

You must make sure your rug is the appropriate size you should invest in the correct one for your space to find the right size rug you must consider the size and spacing of the furniture in the room it’s important to make sure that all the furniture fits on the rock or at least the front legs of all of the sitting in the space let’s see some layouts and sun-dew and on how to choose rock size and placement all details count in interior design another common mistakes that effects persecution and order in a space is having a visible cables that run through walls and other surfaces it’s important to hide.

These cables and wires especially those of the TV lamps or other electrical features if you can hide the TV cables inside a wall choose to use our core hider it’s very easy to install and you will have a better appearance instantly mistake number 5having one light source as I’d say in almost all my videos lighting is key in interior design and it’s an aspect.

that people often forget having a single light source in each room may allow you to see in the dark but it’s not doing your take or any favors only one light source is not enough because it doesn’t help create contrast depth or defined shapes and make the colors pop fix this mistake by adding different lighting sources in this space you need to have layer lighting sources such as ambient lighting for overall illumination through table wall and floor lamps hanging or ceiling lamps accent lights to highlight a specific object or area and to draw attention to feature through three sixth spot ceiling lights truck lights or wall Mountain lights add task lighting for particular task or activity such as freedom writing or eating a good lighting plan for interior home decoration will combine all three sources and at different heights.

if you want to learn more about lighting design and to make a real change at home that right here mistake number six is not measuring the space before sledding furniture and decor elements not planning a space usage is a common interior design mistakes that people make don’t rely on your eyes to measure a space before purchasing furniture or decorative accents measure all the dimensions to map out your space to avoid overcrowding on under furnishing think about a space for circulation.

That you need measure the heights available take measurements of your walls to select an R word in scale and proportion of the area and soon mistake number seven designing your home without considering your styles and needs one of the biggest mistakes at the time of designing a space is that people don’t stop to think and to ask themselves what they really want and need instead of following trends and use copying ideas first ask yourself what you admire about the rooms and what you like about those inspirations is it the colors the textures the materials the lighting the kind of furniture once.

You have personal preferences then you can begin your own interior home decoration with confidence remember that good design is not only about beauty you should live in your space and identify how your family uses it before your remodel because it is a great way to learn about the details you will want to include in your design plans remember.

Interior Design mistakes to be avoided in Gurgaon NCR

Common mistakes when designing your home

I will talk about the common mistakes made when starting to design the spaces of a home. I decided to create this article because I get many questions about it and I have identified some things that people forget that it can be expensive to fix them.

I will share with you five tips that I consider when designing space whether for a client or my own home these tips will help you organize your ideas establish a plan and prioritize things according to their contribution to a space.

This way you can create your dream home efficiently by the way if you are new here I’m saying an architect interior and lighting designer founder of designers.

if you have any questions after reading this don’t forget to leave your questions in a comment below don’t forget to click the like button it’s the best thing you can do to support I will appreciate.

I like to mention again how happy that it reflects the way of life of the individual who live in that space it is important to understand that each of uses unique and we use a space indifferent ways according to our habits therefore it is important to know what we really like and what works in our daily lives.

It is important to evaluate our spaces functional aspects that consist of evaluating how we use the different rooms to establish a list of the furniture.  Its quantity and the distribution within our home also we must organize our ideas and taste regarding the aesthetics of the space.

We must know what attract us and makes us feel good taking inspiration is very important but it doesn’t end there instead of following trends and coping ideas first ask yourself what you admire about the rooms and what do you like about this inspirations this the textures the color palette the materials the lighting plan or the style of the furniture once.

You have your personal preferences you can start your own interior design process with confidence to organize ideas of those things that we need and like.

It is important to make mood board consists of looking for images of reference projects furniture’s lamps colors deck reef objects fabrics or anything else you like and capturing the moon a canvas you are interested in learning more on how to create your own mood boards let me know in the comments if you want to see about this in the future mood boards is something that designers do to be able to visualize all ideas more efficiently.

It is also important to make decisions when buying as it helps to keep up with the aesthetics we have defined those avoiding spending on things that are not in harmony with the idea and general appearance of our space mistake number two not having a defined color palette not setting a color palette is another common mistake.

After knowing the style or styles that we like it is important to establish a general color palette that will serve as a guide to choose our furniture lamps rocks wall art etc to choose a suitable color palette evaluate your style and spaces details such as floor color doors coverings natural and artificial lighting set neutral colors for the overall space and the accent colors that will define your color palette obviously this color palette can evolve or include other colors in the future still.

It is important to have it as a base to know if a particular item you want to buy now or in the future harmonizes with your space and the colors you are ready to find planning the colors and materials inessential to ensure that your home is cohesive by the way will leave you two excellent about colors in one of hemi explained how to combine colors using the color wheel and in the other.

I talk about neutral colors and how to choose them correctly I’ll leave the link up here and in the description box mistake number three not investing in alighting plane prevalent mistake is not investing infighting imagine you suspected that I was going to talk to you about lighting yes I will never get tired of saying it lighting is everything in design.

architecture we do nothing spending on pretty details or establish perfect color palette if we don’t properly illuminate our spaces why is lighting so important because it dramatically changes how we perceive a space and how we feel in it besides good lighting makes our furnishings and decorative elements stand out since the relationship of matter and light creates contrast in the space.

Which allows us better to define the volumes and geometry of the composition it adds depth and makes the space much more interesting and aesthetic in my lighting I explain and reveal how to illuminate the spaces correctly work with layering lighting and choose the color temperature of a lamp among other fundamental concepts.

Mistake number four forgetting that details are part of the composition the details’ referring to are the general details of a space such adsorb knobs faucets handles cornices moldings etc I call these details rules of the space and I like to compare it with fashion for example an outfit becomes even more special when it is complemented with beautiful arranges rings a brush or a belt right those details are what add personality a style and make the difference the same happens with interior design details are a fundamental part of the composition.

and are responsible for making a common space something extraordinary it should be noted that these details must adhere to the style and color palette that you have defined another mistake people often make is buying on impulse to take advantage of special price in the long term these impulse purchases can be costly buying on impulse to take advantage of a discount on a specific item can lead you to buying things that you don’t really need or don’t add anything to a space because it doesn’t go with the style of the things.

You already have at home maybe the color of this piece doesn’t harmonize with your color palette it’s not functional because it is too big or small for your room and so on these purchases are often expensive because once you add this new element that you found acceptable for its price it can totally break the harmony.

You have already created and subtracted beauty and functionality from everything you have invested so when you buy have your mood board in hand your color palette and a clear idea of the items you really need due to their function.

so that you don’t regret or ruin all the effort you have made so far so remember define your style and what you really need create a mood board that will help you make decisions according to your wishes and taste define your color palette invest in lighting don’t forget the details because they are a fundamental part of a spaces composition don’t buy on impulse stick to your style and the things that really add to the comfort and beauty of your space.

Doors Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

The world of doors is immense. There are many types:  interior, entrance, those that connect with the garden, elegant, bathroom, even furniture. And depending on the style you are looking for and the level of demand that you ask at the door, you can opt for the following types.

Door materials

Wood . It is used both indoors and outdoors and is a favorite in many homes. There are solid wood ones, especially in the entrance doors or those that have high security requirements, or the hollow wooden doors, which are those that have a wood finish but their interior is made of honeycomb cardboard and sheet metal. Both are of affordable prices if not noble wood. If we want a high quality one, the price can exceed 15000 rupees. On the contrary, if it is smooth oak you can find it for 6000 rupees.

Steel . It is also used for indoors and outdoors and stands out for its robustness and safety. They are present in single-family and multi-family homes, but also in shops and office buildings. That is why some have specific functions, such as firewalls, smoke barriers, security doors or acoustic doors.

Fiberglass . This material makes the doors very light, but also strong and durable. For this reason they are ideal for outdoors subjected to extreme conditions. You can find a very extensive catalog of fiberglass doors, with designs with different textures and patterns imitating all kinds of natural materials.

Crystal . They are used almost exclusively indoors. They are very common between rooms in which it is intended to give way to light because one of them is too dark. They can be glass doors in whole or only in part.

Aluminum . This is a safe, durable and waterproof material. Its use is currently focused on the interiors as a material for the leaf, although if we talk about the profiles, aluminum is the most used material also in exterior doors.

Hollow metal . They are recommended for both indoors and outdoors. They work very well in extreme climates, but they tend to age poorly. They are also not good thermal insulators.

Types of bolts

For the entrance doors to the house, one of the requirements that we have to ask is protection. Therefore, when thinking about its design, we must take into account the three most used types of bolts:

Low security : The latch. It is typical of old doors, although in our country it is still present as an additional complement.

Medium security : Lock with standard security bolt.

High security : Lock with double action cylinder bolt.

Types of doors

Traditional doors:  They are those that present some type of ornament on their surface. They can be made of wood, metal, PVC … Among them are French doors, which are those that generally have two leaves with a wooden frame composed of small glass squares defined by the profiles.

Handmade doors : They are generally solid made of wood or you can also find them made of fiberglass. In English they are called craftsman doors, and they are those that have a window or a fixed glass in the upper part.

Modern doors : They are those with simple lines and smooth finishes. You can find them made of wood, metal, or PVC in all kinds of colors and finishes and textures imitating natural materials.

Rustic doors : Generally made of wood, heavy and robust. They are usually ornamented and carved, and are handicrafts made by experienced carpenters . Among them you can find artistic and Moorish-style doors.

Arched doors : They are used in special environments such as old farmhouses or country houses with a lot of history. They usually end in a semicircular arch although they can be found with a pointed arch, lowered…

How long does it take to install a door?

The assembly time, which must be carried out by an expert, naturally depends on the size and weight of the unit, but also on its location or if it is a new installation or a change.

In the case of wanting to replace the entrance door, have an approximate time of about 3 hours with a worker. For interior doors, the assembly time is estimated at 1 hour or an hour and a half, including taking measurements, disassembling the previous door, installing the new one with flashing and hardware, sanding the sub-frame and lowering the doors to make it fit. at the height with respect to the pavement.

How much does the door installation cost?

Well, like the assembly time, the price depends on the characteristics of the door itself and also on the conditions of the place and the transport time. It will also depend on its leaves; It will not be the same if it is a single or double-leaf door, even if the frame size is the same.