Curtains that control the light and temperature of a space

Curtains that control the light and temperature of a space | Gurgaon |

Curtains have a variety of functions besides creating the atmosphere of a room. Curtains, for example, control the wind to keep the space cozy, control the daylight, and maintain sound insulation and privacy. It is no surprise that these curtains have become an absolute must in modern spaces . Today, let’s take a look at the curtain designs chosen by interior designers and their functions.

Not all curtains are equally suitable for all rooms. First, the size of the room and the angle of incidence of light play an important role in choosing the perfect curtain. If you want to make a small, dark room look brighter and more spacious, light-colored fabrics are the right choice. On the other hand, if you want to give a spacious room a sense of coziness, you can choose heavy, dark curtains.

In the living space in the photo , dark berry tone curtains and soft pink curtains are stretched to the floor, giving elegance and warmth at the same time. The dark shade of blackberry and the strong raspberry red harmonize perfectly with the delicate green and white atmosphere of the space.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to feel like waking up every morning in a turquoise cave somewhere in the Caribbean? As you can see in the photo, you can achieve this effect by using large windows and mirrors, curtains and bed sheets in various shades of blue and green. When the glass, mirrors and curtains are installed in the right place, the light is reflected gracefully, creating a unique atmosphere as if you are in turquoise water.

In industrial spaces and lofts with a factory-like feel, the rough bricks and uneven floor surfaces may not look good on curtains, but this photo shows a very refined harmony.

By installing subtle gradient curtains, you can create a natural spectacle in your room every day. Impressive with the most delicate pink tones and subdued gradations of orange, this magical fabric dyes every room as beautiful as dawn.

The choice of fabric for curtains depends on the room and personal preferences. Curtains in the kitchen or bathroom should be easy to clean and resistant to moisture. If you’re looking for blackout curtains for your bedroom, you can opt for thick cotton fabrics. If you like easy-to-maintain fabrics, we recommend linen or cotton. If silk or other high-quality materials are used, they should be taken to the laundromat as maintenance is complicated.

The choice of curtain colors and patterns is almost limitless. From romantic flower prints to noble gold fabrics, from simple plain looks to wild pattern mixes, choose according to your personal taste and ideas to decorate your space.

A classic option for hanging curtains is curtain rods and rails. Especially for thick fabrics, pay attention to stable rods and rails, and prepare nails suitable for walls and ceilings. Let’s prepare the perfect curtain interior by selecting a hanging method according to the conditions of the space .

Who said curtains should be confined to the interior of our house? Curtains are practical, stylish and can also be used outdoors to set a surprising point. For example, the curtains on the terrace in the photo protect the interior from the cool wind, hot heat and the gaze of others.

If you don’t like stuffy curtains, let’s decorate the space in a modern way through combinations like in the photo. Subtle geo prints and stunning black-and-white contrasts bring any space to life while ensuring coziness.

Curtains not only make exposed windows look friendlier, but are also ideal for highlighting your personal furniture style. In the photo, you can see a space with playful patterned curtains installed on furniture arranged in a country style. The comfortable and natural interior effect was emphasized by using the floral elements of cushions and carpets.

Matching the color, pattern and material of the curtains with other home fabrics such as pillows, blankets and carpets makes the overall look very consistent and harmonious. You can also set a certain point in the room and catch the eye with exotic or colorful curtains.

Curtains and curtain combinations are ideal for rooms with constant visibility from the outside. It can be covered with light curtains during the day and completely covered with blackout curtains in the evening. Light curtains in light colors can be easily combined with other curtains, so even beginners can create a great look.

Translucent or transparent curtains are mainly used in living and dining rooms. Opaque curtains, on the other hand, tend to be more of a choice for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Prefab curtains with holes are installed on curtain rods like roof curtains. Eyelet curtains sometimes have the advantage of being easier to open and close. Roof curtains are sometimes not suitable for regular opening and closing, but rather it is good to be understood as part of a decorative and soft window sill.

  • Curtains that control the light and temperature of a space | Gurgaon |
  • Curtains that control the light and temperature of a space | Gurgaon | NCR
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